Dragons: Defenders of Berk Part 2 DVD is the second DVD set of Defenders of Berk, and the fourth in the DreamWorks Dragons: The Series. It includes two disks.

Defenders of Berk, Part 2

Two disk set includes:

Episode List

  • Disk 1
A View to a Skrill, Part 2
The Flight Stuff
Free Scauldy
A Tale of Two Dragons
  • Disk 2
The Eel Effect
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Bing! Bam! Boom!
Cast Out, Part 1
Cast Out, Part 2


Defenders of Berk, Part 1
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  • As with the other Dragon Trackers on the previous DVDs, an uncredited voice actor does Hiccup's narration
  • "Hiccup" calls the Snaptrapper the "Snapper Trapper" in the Dragon Tracker
    • Despite being a "sneak peek", we never see or hear anything else about the Snaptrapper.