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"With Vikings on the backs of dragons, the world just got a whole lot bigger."
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock[src]

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This is the second DVD of DreamWorks Dragons: The Series.

Two disk set includes

  • Disk 1
When Lightning Strikes
What Flies Beneath
Defiant One
  • Disk 2
Breakneck Bog
Gem of a Different Color
We Are Family, Part 1
We Are Family, Part 2

Riders of Berk, Part 1 <-Last in the series ¦ Next in the series-> Defenders of Berk, Part 1


  • This DVD contains two different music videos of the song "Fly High"; one featuring scenes from  How to Train Your Dragon, and the other from Riders of Berk.
  • As with Riders of Berk Part 1, the Dragon Tracker is narrated by an uncredited voice actor playing the part of Hiccup.
  • Despite being a "sneak peek" in the Dragon Tracker, we never see or hear anything else about the Timberjack.

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