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Dragons: Wild Skies is a game released on the 27th of August for the Riders of Berk series. Play it here.


Think you've got what it takes to be a rider of Berk? Put your skills to the test! Blaze your own path as a dragon trainer. Explore the island, train wild dragons, and take flight in awesome aerial challenges! Ride the dragons you love from the movies: Gronckle, Deadly Nadder, Monstrous Nightmare, Hideous Zippleback, and Night Fury! Plus, watch for new dragon species from the series. Every time a new dragon appears in the show, you'll be able to train it in the game! — Cartoon Network


  • Berk Village
  • Unlandable Cove
  • The Woods That Howled
  • Black Heart Bay
  • Lava-Lout Island
  • Badmist Mountain
  • The Great West Ocean
  • Wrecker's Reef


  • And So It Begins
  • Odins Help
  • Can You Hear Me Now
  • Blind Spots
  • Wake The Rock
  • Double Trouble
  • Stop Drop And Roll
  • Heads Up
  • You Do Have Teeth
  • Heads Up For 3 O'clock
  • In Hot Water
  • Thunder Drummer
  • Flaming Cyclone
  • Make Sure To Floss
  • Pickpocket
  • Keen Sight
  • Viking Newcomer
  • Ferocious Viking
  • Mighty Viking
  • Taming Master
  • Deadly And Better
  • Slow But Steady
  • Two Heads Are Better Than One
  • Explosive Nightmare
  • Fast and Furious
  • Sweet Terrific Home
  • Dirty but Pleasant
  • Look to the Horizon
  • Cold but Gold
  • Morning View
  • To the Mountains
  • Hot and Cozy
  • Our Favortie Spot
  • Shoot-o-matic
  • Idol Collector
  • My Precious
  • Riders of Berk
  • The Spender
  • The Hitchhiker
  • Thanks for all the Fish
  • On the Road Again
  • Behhhhhh
  • Looking Good
  • No Turning Back
  • Sweet Tooth
  • Dragon Breath
  • Watch Our For The Claws
  • Take Time to Smell the Flowers
  • The Real Skilled
  • Where's the Food?
  • Powerful Flying Whale
  • Ferocious Thunderstorm
  • Effective Boomerang
  • Furious Digger
  • Hasty Smoke
  • Master of Disguise


  • Deadly Nadder
  • Gronckle
  • Hideous Zippleback
  • Monstrous Nightmare
  • Night Fury

Up-Coming Dragons

  • Typhoomerang? (achievment 'Flaming Cyclone')???
  • Thunderdrum (achivement 'Thunder Drummer')
  • Skrill? (achievement 'Ferocious Thunderstorm')???
  • Changewing? (achievement 'Master of Disguise')???
  • Scauldron? (achivement 'Giant Flying Whale')???
  • Whispering Death? ( achievement 'Be Sure To Floss')???
  • Unknown Dragon- Hasty Smoke (source: comic-con panel said a Halloween ep would have a 'smoke monster' possibly a new dragon?)
  • Unknown other dragons for (Effective Boomerang??, Furious Digger??)
  • Shitter(make the dragon poop)
  • Pussy(fuck another dragon)

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