Note: This character is not from How to Train Your Dragon.

The Dronkeys are characters from the Shrek franchise. But they appear in Dragons: Rise of Berk

Official Description

"There's nothing like these half-dragon, half-donkeys from Far Far Away! While the Dronkeys are trying their best to stay out of trouble, Berk's Vikings are trying their best not to stare!"


Being half a donkey and dragon, these five Dronkeys inherited traits from both parents. They have four hoofed feet and a short donkey-like face with a snout and buck teeth. They possess two small pink wings, green eyes and a neat row of hair. They have a thick tail like their Mother, Dragon. One of the five siblings have a faint shade of pink that he (or she) has inherited from their mother.


  • Dragon (Shrek) and Dronkeys are the only characters to appear in the How to Train Your Dragon franchise that is from another franchise, in this case, Shrek.