Eret's Thunderdrum is mentioned briefly only once, in the game School of Dragons.


At some unknown point during the School of Dragons timeline (after How to Train Your Dragon 2), Eret, Son of Eret trains a Thunderdrum presumably at the School of Dragons. During the care of his Thunderdrum, Eret gets carrots from Trader Johann to offer his dragon, presumably as a snack.

Physical Appearance

There is no description of Eret's Thunderdrum. Not even a name or gender are given.



School of Dragons

Eret's Thunderdrum is mentioned in a Farm Quest given to players. The player needs to grow and harvest 18 carrots on their farms to trade to Johann for a coin rewards and Farming activity points.

Eret demands carrots for his Thunderdrum! I must oblige.
  — Johann in School of Dragons  


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