Eruptodon Island was introduced in the game, School of Dragons, in the release of the Expansion "Return to Dragon Island". It is here that the Franchise showed the first "live" Eruptodon Dragon, as the expansion was released just after the ending of Race to the Edge Season 3, which ended with viewers seeing a statue of an Eruptodon.


Eruptodon Island is a volcanic island with an active volcano, presumably kept in check by a resident Eruptodon. It is rocky, presumably with basalt and other volcanic rock, and dark. There is red, purple, and orange glow around various parts of the island. There does not appear to be any other flora or fauna.

The island is also surrounded by smoke or mist and is rather dark, presumably because of volcanic ash in the air.



School of Dragons

In the School of Dragons Expansion "Return to Dragon Island", the player is asked to find an Eruptodon to help quell the volcanic activity on Dragon Island. The NPC character Eret takes the player to Eruptodon Island.

After completing several more quests, the player is rewarded with the adult "trained" Eruptodon.



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