"Once you have looked into the eyes of an Exterminator, it is impossible to forget them. The look in an Exterminator's eyes, of pure, concentrated, white hot FURY, The irises vibrating with pinpoint anger, is a look that haunts a person through their waking hours and in their nightmares forever after."
How to Twist a Dragon's Tale

Exterminators are a very dangerous species of dragon featured in How to Twist a Dragon's Tale. A group of Exterminators can decimate a landscape with fire alone, and enjoy doing so.

Exterminators sided with the dragons in the Dragon Rebellion, assuming any were left after the ending of How to Twist a Dragon's Tale.

Traits and Abilities

Exterminators are known for their semi-transparent, but black skin, through which can be seen two hearts. Throughout book 5, they are variously compared to large wild cats: "sinister leopard-like shapes", "large black winged panthers", or "three times as big as a lion", showing just how sinewy, strong, and predatory they are.

Another key feature Exterminators have are their extremely long, extremely sharp retractable talons, as big as swords. Evidently they can have these claws out individually or all at once. Exterminators have either five or six digits on each paw: "Six talons came shooting out of the ends of its stubby reptilian fingers," and "ten sword-claws leaped from the ends of their fingers like switchblades" (five to a paw).

There is some contention as to how many limbs Exterminators have - two or four (not including wings). Alvin's Exterminator is described:

"Its tail and its horns appeared to be on fire. It reared up on its hind legs, slicing through the air with its ten terrible sword claws."
How to Twist a Dragon's Tale

And a few paragraphs later:

"With the other arm he lashed at the Exterminator's sides with a great black whip until the dragon brought down its great front legs, and bowed down in snarling, pacing, barely controlled submission."
How to Twist a Dragon's Tale

Clearly the large Exterminator that Alvin rode had both front and rear legs. However, a little later in the book, when thousands of Exterminator babies were hatching from their shells, the author provides a picture that clearly shows only two legs.


This may simply be author error. Or perhaps, young Exterminators only have two visible legs, while larger, adult exterminators have four. Also of note is that Alvin's exterminator is described as having horns, whereas no drawing of exterminator shows horns.