Family on the Edge (transcript)
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Scene 1: Hiccup's Hut

Hiccup: Aaaaaaand GO!

[The Riders and their dragons fly off a cliff and race along over a group of small boats that have been set up for training purposes.]

Hiccup: 3 ... 2 ... 1!!

[Hiccup reaches out his arms and drops two jars onto the boats below. Toothless sets the jars on fire on the way down and they drop onto one of the boats, blowing it up. Astrid follows close behind, repeating Hiccup’s actions and blowing up the next boat. The twins and Snotlout come after Astrid, but all three end up missing their targets. The gang lands on another sea stack, and Hiccup checks their times on a small sundial, looking annoyed. He turns to Ruffnut and Tuffnut as they land on the sea stack behind him.]

Hiccup: Slow and inaccurate. That’s, uh, quite a combo.

Tuffnut: It was also our parents’ nicknames for us! My nickname was “Slow”, which I thought was inaccurate.

Hiccup: (looking serious) Viggo doesn’t know we found his shipyard yet. We’ll only have one chance at knocking out his fleet. We have to get it right.

[The scene changes – Hiccup is landing Toothless in front of his hut. He yawns and hops off Toothless, both of them looking exhausted.]

Hiccup: Come on, Bud. Let’s get some shut-eye before dinner.

[Hiccup opens his hut door, only to see Dagur inside his hut, holding Inferno.]

Dagur: (staring at the fire sword) This is cool!

[Hiccup yells and steps back in horror. Dagur turns to see Hiccup standing there.]

Dagur: (reaches his arms out) BROTHER!! Wait, where are you going?! It’s me! Where’s my hug?!

[Dagur walks toward Hiccup in delight with his arms still outstretched. Hiccup backs off hurriedly, seeing as Dagur is still holding Inferno!]

Hiccup: AaaaAAAAHHH!!!

[Dagur realizes he’s basically holding Inferno in Hiccup’s face and backs off, examining the sword]

Dagur: Oh. Sorry. Uh, How do you turn this thing off?!

[Dagur tries to turn Inferno off by wiggling the switch on the sword’s handle, but is unsuccessful. Hiccup turn around and shuts his hut door before snatching Inferno off Dagur in annoyance.]

Hiccup: Give me that.

Dagur: I see you’ve been keeping busy.

[Dagur reaches his arms out to Toothless, who hisses at him. Dagur looks disappointed.]

Dagur: Hey, come on, Toothless! Where’s the love, man?

[Toothless walks over to Hiccup and blows out Inferno’s flame. Hiccup sits on a chest and puts his sword down, turning to Dagur.]

Hiccup: What the Thor are you doing here?!

Dagur: Heather! I haven’t seen a trace of her. It’s so ... frustrating!

Hiccup: (looks slightly guilty) Yeah, I’ll bet.

Dagur: (gets in Hiccup’s face) I gotta have a dragon!

Hiccup: What?!

Dagur: To find Heather, I need to cover more ground faster! Dragony fast!

[Hiccup gets up and begins to walk away]

Hiccup: Yeah, I-I don’t think so-

[Dagur grabs Hiccup’s arm]

Dagur: Hiccup! You and Toothless owe me. I saved your lives!

[Hiccup tears his arm out of Dagur’s grip]

Hiccup: You also tried to kill us.

Dagur: Did I ... really?! I think maybe in here (puts his hand on his chest) ... I never really wanted to!

Hiccup: (rolls his eyes and mutters to himself) Oh gods.

[Hiccup walks away again and turns back to Dagur]

Hiccup: I-I can’t train you to ride a dragon.

Dagur: Why not?!

Hiccup: (looks guilty again) I ... don’t have the time ...

Dagur: Look, you’re too busy. I get it. Sorry. Get I’ll be goin’. First maybe I’ll, you know, take a stroll around the base. See a few old friends. Make a few apologies.

[As Dagur speaks, Hiccup becomes more and more alarmed. When Dagur finishes speaking, Hiccup runs forward and jumps in front of him, blocking his way out.]

Hiccup: Uh, No-No-No-No-No-No!! Uh, you can’t!

Dagur: (looks frustrated and confused) Why NOT?!

Hiccup: (tries not to look at Dagur) Because, uh, you-you’ve got to be up early tomorrow, uh ... to start your training!

Dagur: Are you serious?! But I thought-

Hiccup: (interrupts) Ok, well, we’ll meet first thing in the morning on the far side of the island. (puts his hand on Dagur’s shoulder) That’s where the best wild dragons are.

[Dagur looks suspiciously at Hiccup]

Hiccup: Actually, you should go there right now and camp out for the night!

Dagur: (after a moment of disbelief) Great idea!

[Dagur throws his arms around Hiccup and hugs him tight]

Dagur: Thank you, Hiccup! Thank you!!

Hiccup: Don’t-Don’t mention it.

Dagur: You’re so small and ... cuddly.

[Hiccup slips out of Dagur’s bear hug]

Hiccup: Please never say that again. Uh, so I’ll see you later.

[Dagur walks out and Hiccup calls after him]

Hiccup: Remember! On the far, FAR side of the island ...

[Hiccup walks away holding his arm where Dagur squeezed him]

Scene 2: The Clubhouse

Scene 3: The Far Side of the Island

Scene 4: Back at the Edge

Scene 5: Training

Scene 6: The Clubhouse Again

Scene 7: Dagur's Escape

Scene 8: The Letter

(Heater picks up letter and reads it )

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