The Fat Consul is the leader of the Roman troops stationed at Fort Sinister and. As his name says, he is so fat that a slave must support his stomach. He eats constantly, including but not limited to: baby Puff Nadders, dragon tongues, pickled Slitherhawks, shark's eyeballs, piccalilli penguins, live frogs, Monstrous Nightmare dessert, dormice, and sticky toffee Nadders.

He is mentioned in How to Speak Dragonese, the third book in the How To Train Your Dragon book series. The Fat Consul is in league with the Thin Prefect (aka Alvin the Treacherous) and plots to distract the tribes of the Barbaric Archipelago by kidnapping Camicazi the Bog Burglar and blaming it on the Hairy Hooligans. While they are fighting amongst themselves, the Romans will capture all the dragons in the islands.[1]


How to Speak Dragonese

The Fat Consul appears in Book 3, How to Speak Dragonese as the fat leader of the romans. Hiccup found him when he was trying to find a helpless Peaceable boat, but found instead a giant roman ship with 300 roman soldiers. The Consul had joined forces with Alvin the Treacherous, known at the moment as the thin prefect.

His Menu

The fat consul had the peculiar habit of eating dragons. Some of his meals were:

Roasted baby Puff Nadders in garlicky Dreamserpent sauce.
Larks tongue soup with crunchy nanodragon heads on the side.

Whole roast ox marinated in pickled Slitherhawk and shark's eyeballs.
Double Reptoburger with extra cheese and picallilli penguins.
Live Frog-and-Dormouse soufflees in Common or Garden sauce.

Pause for a vomit

Monstrous Nightmare Crème Brulee with smoked haddock and chocolate mousse
Sticky toffee Nadder and whelk pudding.

Physical Appearance




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