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Firecomb is a substance similar to honey (only much hotter) and is produced by Fireworm workers as ordered by the Fireworm Queen. It is protected by the Fireworm Queen on Fireworm Island.


Dragons: Defenders of Berk 20131018155107

The Fireworm Queen holding a firecomb

The Firecombs were discovered on Fireworm Island inside the Fireworm Nest. Snotlout broke off a piece of firecomb, believing it would cure Hookfang, but ended up angering the Fireworm Queen.[1]

Dragons: Race to the Edge

A Cavern Crasher, Firecomb Crasher, attacked the nest, drove the smaller Fireworms away, and wounded the Queen. It then attempted to eat the firecombs that contained newly hatch fireworms.[2]

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