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Firecomb is a substance similar to honey (only much hotter) and is produced by Fireworm workers as ordered by the Fireworm Queen. It is protected by the Fireworm Queen on Fireworm Island.


In Defenders Of Berk 20131018155107

The Fireworm Queen holding a firecomb

The Firecombs were discovered on Fireworm Island inside the Fireworm Nest. Snotlout broke off a piece of firecomb, believing it would cure Hookfang, but ended up angering the Fireworm Queen.[1]

In Race to the Edge

A Cavern Crasher, Firecomb Crasher, attacked the nest, drove the smaller fireworms away, and wounded the queen. It then attempted to eat the firecoumbs that contained newly hatch fireworms.[2]

Notes & References

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