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Firecomb Crasher is a Cavern Crasher seen in Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 3 in the episode Crash Course. He then appeared in Dragons: Rise of Berk.

DreamWorks Dragons: The Series

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 3

Crash Course

Firecmb Crasher attacked the Fireworm Queen's nest on Fireworm Island. There, he was able to drive the Fireworms away from their nest and was able to force the queen to leave. There, it planned eat the firecombs and the fireworm eggs.

Dragons: Rise of Berk

"This Cavern Crasher has its eyes, and taste buds, set on Fireworms. The duel between these two species really heats up!"



Being his worst enemy, Snotlout has done everything to defeat him.

Fireworm Queen

This Fireworm Queen had been the main target of this dragon, chasing her out of her home, but then she got her revenge.


With the help of the Fireworm queen and Snotlout, Hookfang was the one who cooked the mucus right off him.

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