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Fishlegs Ingerman is one of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III's close friends in the film franchise. He is sensitive, caring, and has an incredible knowledge about dragons. He is 14 years old in the first film and 19 years old in How to Train Your Dragon 2.

Fishlegs is quite the opposite to his book counterpart. He is very big and chubby and often spouts off information about dragons whenever he can, usually as if he were describing the stats of a creature in an RPG.


How to Train Your Dragon

Fishlegs, along with Astrid, Snotlout, Tuffnut and Ruffnut, were in charge of putting out fires from the dragon attacks that frequently damaged Berk. He later watched Hiccup get chastised for 'shooting down a Night Fury' and nearly destroying the village. He later joins the rest of the teens for Dragon Training.

When facing off the first dragon, the Gronckle, he spouts random dragon knowledge, which gets on their coach, Gobber, and the other teens' nerves. He almost gets shot by the Gronckle, but escapes. Later that night, the class gathers at the Great Hall and Gobber introduces the Dragon Manual and Fishlegs remarks proudly that he had read it before, seven times in fact, which explains his knowledge on dragons.

He continues to participate in other classes. After Hiccup's Night Fury, Toothless is discovered and captured, Astrid rounded him and the other teens up. They all follow Hiccup's guidance and learn to ride dragons. Fishlegs chose the Gronckle and named it Meatlug. They then ride it to Dragon Island to defeat the Red Death, which is already destroying the other Vikings' ships.

Fishlegs assists by distracting the Red Death and throwing its focus off, but later lost control of Meatlug and plummets to the ground. Thankfully, he survived. After the Red Death was defeated, he returned to berk, with Meatlug as his new pet dragon.

How to Train Your Dragon (game)

On the first Thors'day Thursday celebrating the defeat of the Red Death Fishlegs competes to become the next "Dragon Master" (game exclusive title). However, he spends more time building obstacle courses to train dragons than on his personal training. He also breaks his leg from a cave-in in the Lava Caves on Berk, but recovers. Though he could no longer compete, he helps Astrid or Hiccup (whichever character the player chooses to play) win the Tournament.

Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon

Fishlegs was aided the rest of the Riders help Gobber find the legendary Boneknapper dragon that was chasing the older Viking around for years. When on Dragon Graveyard Island, he was chosen to be the 'bait' by dressing up as Gobber. He is the first to spot the dragon sneak up from behind the other Riders. After Gobber returned a missing bone to the Boneknapper and made up with it, they hitched a ride back to Berk on the Boneknapper. Fishlegs then remarked that the Boneknapper's roar was said to also be its mating call and as they look behind them they are shocked to see a trail of other Boneknappers following behind them.

Gift of the Night Fury

During the first Snoggletog following the dragon war, Fishlegs helps the village puts up decorations when the dragons suddenly take flight in a mass migration. Frantic, Fishlegs rushes to Meatlug and locks her up in her stable. After a disappointing meeting in the Great Hall, he tries to cover up the whereabouts of his dragon. The next day, he prepares a basket of fish for Meatlug and by the time he returns to the stable, Hiccup had accidentally broke Meatlug out. Meatlug flies away with Hiccup holding on for life, much to Fishlegs' dismay. The rest of the riders confront him, where they find Meatlug's eggs in her stable which leads to Fishlegs realizing that Meatlug was a female dragon. The Riders start a new holiday tradition--gifting the village Dragon eggs. After they secretly sneaked the eggs into other villagers' house, they leave, pleased with their efforts. Suddenly, an explosion occurs from a hut and a baby Gronckle hits Fishlegs in the face. Their delight soon turns to dread when they realize the eggs explode and every hut starts catching fire. Fishlegs, after the explosions, helped with the repairing of the now dilapidated huts. When Hiccup returns with the dragons, Fishlegs hugged Meatlug and headed to the Great Hall with her.

Book of Dragons

Fishlegs is seen in the Great Hall, teaching Astrid and Hiccup more about the various dragons. When they reach the chapter on boulder class he then introduces the Gronckle in great detail.

Dragons: Riders of Berk

After the Dragon War, Fishlegs and the other teens are settling into a life with their dragons, until they realize that dragons are causing a nuisance around the village in "How to Start a Dragon Academy". Meanwhile, Mildew is complaining about the dragons, and wants them banished. Stoick then wants the dragons caged up. Fishlegs, along with the teens, however, go against his words and try to help the village by making use of the dragons' abilities. Stoick, seeing their efforts and the benefits of having dragons, releases the dragons. Fishlegs and the other teens then established the Dragon Training Academy of Berk.

During the events of "Viking for Hire", Fishlegs teams up with Astrid for Hiccup's quiz on Dragons, with their team clearly winning. They later try to help Gobber find a new job, after making peace with dragons pushes him out of business.

When the Academy receives news that the farm animals are still afraid of dragons in "Animal House", Fishlegs attempts to train dragons to act more gentler by "looking at (it) from an animal's perspective' and finding similarities between both animals, but fails. When a huge blizzard strikes Berk, the team tries to herd the animals to the Great Hall, but the animals flee in terror upon seeing the dragons. Fishlegs and Meatlug save several animals.

During a drill in "The Terrible Twos", Fishlegs is attacked by an unknown baby dragon, whom he thought was a 'flaming squirrel'. After Hiccup and Toothless saves him, they realize that it is a new species of dragon. After studying it, Fishlegs names it the Typhoomerang.

When signs of dragon attacks show up during the events of "In Dragons We Trust", Fishlegs joins D.U.M.B., or the Dragon United Monitoring Brigade, and is in charge of tracking and identifying dragons based on their marks because of his dragon knowledge. When it fails, Stoick sends the dragons to an island, away from the village.

After Hiccup announces that he saw Mildew throw away props that he used to fake dragon attacks into the sea, Fishegs and the other Riders help him find them in "Alvin & the Outcasts", but fails. He is later captured by Alvin the Treacherous and the Outcasts, who demands to know who the 'Dragon Conqueror' is. He screams and flees, warning Hiccup. They quickly head to the island where their dragons are and defeat the Outcasts.

In "How to Pick Your Dragon", Fishlegs recommends the Gronckle to Stoick, who is searching for a dragon to call his own. Stoick, however, dismisses his advice, as he is 'looking for a dragon, not a mother'.

During the events of "Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Young Man", Fishlegs introduced several notable chiefs of Berk to the rest of the Riders. He also helped Hiccup and the others steal the map leading to the treasure of Hamish II.

When the Trader Johann came to Berk in "Dragon Flower", Fishlegs traded his baby dragon teeth necklace for a botany book. The dragons soon come down with an unknown illness and Fishlegs uses his botany book, only to realize that the Blue Oleander planted by Mildew was extremely poisonous to reptiles.

By the events of "Heather Report, Part 1", Fishlegs is charge of keeping track of time for the Academy's drills and races. When a mysterious girl, Heather, washes up near Berk, he is excited to meet her. He later introduces the Gronckle to her. When Heather is revealed to be working for the Outcasts and had seized the Dragon Manual, he and the other Riders chased after her, but the Book fell into the Outcasts' hands. In Part 2, he and the other Riders planned an ambush to get the book back, much to his reluctance.

Fishlegs took part in the Thawfest Games in the episode "Thawfest", but failed to claim the champion title.

When lightning starts to strike Berk repeatedly in "When Lightning Strikes", the Vikings believe that the God of Thunder and Lightning, Thor, is upset. Fishlegs suggested building a statue of Thor to commemorate and worship him. The Riders all chipped in to build the statue.

In "What Flies Beneath", Fishlegs identified a rogue dragon as the Whispering Death attacking Toothless and enlightened the team about the species. When the Whispering Death tunnelled into the ground and Hiccup rushed into the hole to find Toothless, Fishlegs was shoved in by Snotlout. He later points out a scar on the Whispering Death--a bite mark of a Night Fury. He later notices that sunlight was the Whispering Death's weakness, as it is afraid of it.

In "Twinsanity", a mishap during one of the drills leads Fishlegs to introduce a new trick he had taught Meatlug--hand signals! The other Riders start training with hand signals. When Dagur arrived at Berk for their annual peace treaty and demanded to kill a dragon, the Riders tried to herd the dragons away. Using Fishlegs' hand signals, they staged a 'dragon attack' to chase Dagur off the island.

Fishlegs and the other Riders tried to find Hiccup and Snotlout, who were in kidnapped by the Outcasts in "Defiant One".

Trader Johann's boat had gone missing in Breakneck Bog in the episode "Breakneck Bog", Fishlegs, much to his reluctance, had to accompany Astrid and Hiccup in finding his boat as it contained a precious cargo for Hiccup. The myths on the legendary Fog Monster had frightened him. The other Riders staged an attack by the Fog Monster to scare him. he wanted to leave, but Astrid convinced him not to.

In "Gem of a Different Color", Fishlegs skipped a practice session of hand-to-hand combat against Snotlout. Along with Meatlug, he headed to an island where he found a shiny rock. He brought it back to Berk, where Gobber claimed that it was a 'Stone of Good Fortune'. The village, including Snotlout, wanted to buy it from Fishlegs. Frustrated and pressured, he chose to return the rock back to the island with Hiccup and Astrid. Much to his surprise, he finds more stones and realizes that they were Changewing eggs. Back on Berk, he was relieved until he saw the Twins with another egg. It turned out that Snotlout had gotten more eggs and started selling them. That night, Changewings attacked Berk. Fishlegs managed to persuade every customer to return the egg. All but Snotlout. Furious, he stood up against Snotlout and demanded the egg from him. Taken aback by his anger, Snotlout gave the egg to him. Fishlegs then headed off the the village alone to face the Changewings and return the egg. The Changewings cornered him but he stayed stayed put, within a flash, they seize the egg and vanish without a trace. The next day, he recounts the experience and helps Hiccup fill in the Book of Dragons, then proceeds to face Snotlout off in combat.

Fishlegs learned how to summon Gronckles with a dragon call in "We Are Family, Part 1". He then introduced Bork Week and its significance to Ruffnut. The next day, Fishlegs called a Changewing and a Thunderdrum, but gets cornered by them. The other Riders then hold the dragons off. They later realized that Hiccup had gone to the Isle of Night, the legendary home of Night Furies, without them and are furious. When the Riders approach the Isle of Night in "We Are Family, Part 2", Fishlegs is excited to see them until they realized that it was an ambush by the Outcasts. Thankfully, Hiccup who was captive, escaped soon.

Dragons: Defenders of Berk

When a ban on flying was placed on Berk in "Live and Let Fly", Fishlegs was approached by Astrid and Hiccup and was asked to join the 'Flight Club', a secret dragon flying club that takes place at night. Reluctant at first, Fishlegs changed his mind when Hiccup said that others would tell legends about them. After joining the Flight Club, he goes for various missions and drills at night, and is in charge of teaching various facts to the Riders.

During the events of "The Iron Gronckle", Fishlegs had felt he had not contributed to the group due to the fact he was riding Meatlug, who is the slowest of the dragons. Feeling depressed, he and Meatlug went on an eating spree, with Fishlegs eating multiple berries and Meatlug eating a multitude of random rocks until both became sick. When Fishlegs went to Gobber to help Meatlug, Meatlug began spewing a strange lava which Gobber discovered made a metal alloy lighter and stronger than iron. It became popular around the island but when they ran out, Fishlegs did not know which rocks Meatlug ate. When Gobber and Fishlegs tried to have Meatlug eat a bunch of different rocks to recreate the alloy, she ended up becoming magnetic. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang realize Fishlegs' worth due to the fact that his low hovering and slow speed allowed them to keep track of where they were and help over the sea stacks they were crossing. Eventually, Fishlegs grew to see the importance of his and Meatlug's role to the team and decided to return.

Terrified and reluctant, Fishlegs took his time to 'plan' went the Riders had to make it across Dragon Island at night, without camping or their dragons for a drill in "The Night and the Fury". When he met Snotlout and Hiccup on the way, he was surprised to see Dagur with them, who had apparently gone there to 'hunt dragons' and thought that the trio were there doing so too. He had to play along and pretend to be hunting.

In "Tunnel Vision", the well ran dry and Meatlug and Fishlegs were tasked to help Hiccup find out why. Fishlegs and Meatlug had to slowly lower Hiccup on a rope into the well, but Meatlug gets distracted and the rope breaks. Suddenly, three Whispering Deaths and a Screaming Death and the Riders take down the Whispering Death, while Hiccup handles the Screaming Death.

During the events of "Race to Fireworm Island", Fishlegs helped to round up some Fireworms on Berk when Hookfang loses his flames.

The first Aurvandils' Fire of the decade during "Fright of Passage", Fishlegs stayed home to study why the Flightmare travels down the same path every Fire. He then enlightened Astrid and Hiccup that to sneak up on one, they have to be stealthy. That night, he realized that the glowing algae stream, that reactions to the phenomenon, is the food source for the dragon. He immediately headed off to find Hiccup and Astrid, who were already looking for the Flightmare on Toothless. He suggested redirecting the flow of algae to the ocean, and they succeeded in driving the Flightmare away.

In "Worst in Show", Fishlegs was so focused on beating Snotlout in a competition proving who was the best Dragon Trainer (which involved training a Terrible Terror in a day and seeing who did the best job) that he ignored Meatlug. He trained a Terrible Terror named Iggy, and taught him to identify and retrieve items based on their pictures. Meatlug felt dejected and during the competition discovered that Outcasts were spying on them, but was captured by them. Fishlegs realized his mistake and immediately set off to find her with the other teens and their Terrors. Using the various skills they taught to their Terrors, they defeated the Outcasts. After that, he spent some quality time with her afterwards.

Fishlegs suggested doing a survey on Dragon Migration, and devised a plan to tag them with colors and study their migration routes. After noticing that several islands were missing and dragons were fleeing and relocating to Dragon island, Fishlegs, Astrid and Hiccup spotted the Screaming Death sinking islands. While Hiccup held the Screaming Death off, created the idea to stop the sinking of Dragon Island by commanding his Dragon and the other wild Gronckles to spew lava in the ocean to gang up against the Screaming Death and stop the islands from continuing to sink into the ocean.

Fishlegs learnt how to deactivate dragon traps in "Zippleback Down" and went around the island deactivating old dragon traps from the war.

When a "Frozen Skrill" was found in a slab of ice in "A View to a Skrill, Part 1", Fishlegs and Hiccup were the first to identify it. The duo, along with Astrid, report it to Stoick in the Great Hall and on the way back, a giant explosion from the Academy signified that the twins and Snotlout had blown the live Skrill out. With the highly dangerous Skrill on the loose, the Berserkers seek out to capture it. Fishlegs, Astrid and Snotlout take down the Berserkers, while the others approach the Skrill. However, the Berserkers got to the Skrill and the twins go missing. Back at the Academy in "A View to a Skrill, Part 2", the gang receives no sleep and Hiccup heads off alone, despite Fishlegs' advice not to.

Fishlegs tried to convince Snotlout that he was not going to die in "The Flight Stuff". He came out with the plan to prove him wrong, by pretending that Gustav was a good replacement for him and pushing Snotlout to the brink of jealousy.

When a Scauldron is beached in "Free Scauldy", Fishlegs is the first to remind the team that a Scauldron cannot survive out of water for long. Despite his love for dragons, he convinced the team to leave, or risk gettimg blasted by the Scauldron or wild Changewings. The dragons and Ruffnutt were reluctant too and he assisted them in freeing the dragon.

In "Frozen", a pack of Speed Stingers made their way to Berk. While most of the village either evacuated or got paralyzed, Fishlegs was saved by Meatlug. The latter, unfortunately, got paralyzed and he refused to leave the village and instead, took shelter on the beams of a house's roof. The next morning, he fell onto Hiccup, who had just returned from a search mission for Trader Johann. He then points out where Meatlug was and led them to the cove, where the villagers were seeking shelter at. He then helped the gang fill in some facts about the Speed Stingers. Hiccup and Fishlegs then explore the cave that the Stingers slept in the day and kidnapped the Leader to draw the other Speed Stingers away.

When Hookfang and Stormfly started to fight more often while working in "A Tale of Two Dragons", Fishlegs made a startling discovery--Dragon Root hidden under the ground of their work site. He, amidst the scuffle, removes the Root and disposes of it as Meatlug is immune to it.

In "The Eel Effect", the village comes down with Eel Pox. Fishlegs and Meatlug retrieved a dozen Rock Blossoms, one of the ingredients for the antidote. Hiccup headed off to get the last ingredient, an eel. However, the rest of the ingredients were with him and the other Riders, excluding Fishlegs, came down with the illness. As such, Fishlegs had to find Hiccup. When he arrived on Eel Island, Toothless appeared to have gone wild and uncontrollable after accidentally eating an eel. While finding Toothless, the trio was chased by a Typhoomerang. Fishlegs is tasked to keep the wild dragon busy, while he gets Toothless. Hiccup lured Toothless over, Fishlegs and Meatlug sat on him, allowing Hiccup to give his dragon the antidote without the eels. They headed back to Berk, with everything, and cured the village.

A Smothering Smokebreath stole Fishlegs' helmet in "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes". They finally track down the culprits, Smothering Smokebreaths! Meanwhile, they spotted Berserkers approaching their island as they decided to take advantage of their metal-less defences. He, along with the other teens, grabbed as much metal as possible, and dumped it on the Beserker ships, luring the Smokebreaths over.

Fishlegs and Meatlug were tasked to sing from a distance, as a subject for Hiccup's new invention--the Thunder Ear in "Bing! Bam! Boom!" When Hiccup brought back three baby Thunderdrums who caused a nuisance around the village, Fishlegs gave them dragon nip to calm them down.

Upon receiving news that the Screaming Death was closing on on Berk during the events of "Cast Out, Part 1", Fishlegs, Hiccup and Astrid trained hard to find new ways to defeat it. That night, the dragons in the Acadmy went insane and started fighting. The Riders realize Dragon Root planted inside by the Beserkers and Fishlegs, atop Meatlug, tried to remove it. However, Dagur and the Berserkers close the gates, forcing Hiccup to make a choice to save his friends or his dragon. Fishlegs remarks that Meatlug and him cannot carry on flying in circles, dodging the other dragons for much longer. Stoick and the rest of the village came to fight and Fishlegs managed to escape.

After Stoick and Hiccup were both captured in "Cast Out, Part 2", Fishlegs and Meatlug lured the Screaming Death to Outcast Island with the Dragon Root. After defeating the Berserkers, Fishlegs updated the Book of Dragons on the Screaming Death.

After Defenders of Berk

Fishlegs quit the Berk Dragon Training Academy and then became a bit of a teacher/historian and official tour guide to the children of Berk, telling them about the history of Dragons and Berk. Hiccup described that he 'truly found his place'.

Dragons: Race to the Edge

Season 1

Fishlegs was first seen introducing the Speed Stingers and recounting the events of "Frozen" to children sitting on top of Meatlug in "Dragon Eye of the Beholder, Part 1". He then went with Hiccup and other Riders to track down Dagur the Deranged to a Graveyard of Ships. There they were attacked by giant eels which scared off the dragons. Fishlegs and the others were then captured by Dagur and his men, but were saved when their dragons rescued them.

After Hiccup retrieves the cylindrical item, dubbed Dragon Eye, from Dagur in "Dragon Eye of the Beholder, Part 2", Fishlegs accompanied the Riders and Gothi to Glacier Island, to get the Snow Wraith tooth to unlock the Dragon Eye. They eventually got the tooth.

When Hiccup showed the Berk Council and the other Riders the mysterious projections casted by the Dragon Eye, Fishlegs and the original Berk Academy Riders joined him in search of the new lands. They chanced upon a new island, Melody Island, where a Death Song trapped all the Riders and dragons, apart from Hiccup, in amber. Hiccup eventually broke them out. He later suggested having an island outpost of their own.

After finding an island outpost to call their own, Fishlegs suggested making it such that it was a place for 'rest, relaxation and replenishing' and wanted a rock garden, hot tub and mud bath. While building his prototype for the island, as tasked by Hiccup, Snotlout and Fishlegs start fighting and Snotlout destroyed his prototype. Fishlegs' eventual hut was built overlooking the ocean--peaceful and tranquil. They named the island Dragon's Edge,

Fishlegs then developed an allergy to something during a brief battle with a wild Scauldron during the events of "Big Man on Berk". Fishlegs believed that it was Meatlug he was allergic to. Fishlegs was then hypnotized by Gothi into believing that he was not allergic to Meatlug. During his trance, Snotlout then told him to be the most fearless and invincible Viking. When he came to, Fishlegs called himself, "Thor Bonecrusher" and called Meatlug a puny dragon. As Bonecrusher, Fishlegs then broke Gothi's staff. He then demonstrated his prowess by rescuing a baby and nerve-pinching a baby yak and Snotlout. Fishlegs then took Stoick's axe and called him the "the Vastly Overrated". Fishlegs then went with Snotlout to tame the Scauldron, to no avail. Meatlug then came to rescue him from the Scauldron. When he saw Meatlug in danger, Fishlegs snapped out of his Bonecrusher persona and rescued her. It was later revealed that Fishlegs was allergic to the earwax that Gobber had used on Meatlug's saddle.

When Gustav arrives at the Edge in "Gone Gustav Gone" and the Riders were each tasked to take care of him. At Fishlegs's wing, Fishlegs invites Gustav and Fanghook for a quiet and calm meditation at a hot spring, to show Gustav to be centered. However, when Fishlegs tells them to breathe in and out, Fanghook breathes fire at Fishlegs's topiaries, ultimately burning it.

In "Reign of Fireworms", Fishlegs and Meatlug began their annual dragon census. While counting, they realize several Fireworms and suspect that the Fireworms are preparing for a migration. The Riders a; began to take precautions and preventive measures. The twins, however, return with news of a claim stone. It is then revealed that the twins were the rulers of the island, and they assigned Fishlegs as the official poet laureate. When he failed to impress the twins, he was 'sent to the dungeons'. When all the other Riders were jailed and the Fireworms were close to burning the island down, the twins begged for help. Fishlegs and the other Riders then tried to stop the fire and drive the Fireworms away.

When a strange new dragon, dubbed the Rumblehorn started attacking the base in "Crushing It", Fishlegs helps dissect the basic details of the dragon. He later helped rebuild the base and reinforce Gobber's wall.

Fishlegs, using Meatlug's lava to light up the Dragon Eye in "Quake, Rattle and Roll", then discovered the Gronckle's ancestral home of Dark Deep. However, Fishlegs then saw that a Catastrophic Quaken had forced the Gronckles to leave. Fishlegs wanted to fight it, however Hiccup advised him that it was just nature. Fishlegs later had Snotlout train him in how to fight dirty and then went to Dark Deep to fight the Quaken. But, instead of following Snotlout's advice, Fishlegs realized that the Quaken was lonely and was just driving away the Gronckles because it was scared. Fishlegs and Meatlug later helped the Quaken bond with the other Gronckles on Dark Deep.

Fishlegs then drew a sketch of a new dragon that Bucket saw attack a ship in "Have Dragon Will Travel, Part 1". Using the Dragon Eye, Fishlegs and the others were then able to identify it as a Razorwhip. Fishlegs and the other riders then found it on island with sea slugs and it's rider was Heather.

Fishlegs and the other riders then decided to help Heather find Dagur and put an end to his attacks in "Have Dragon Will Travel, Part 2".

During the events of "The Next Big Sting", the gang found an injured adolescent Speed Stinger. Fishlegs took the initiative to nurse and rehabilitate it back to health and the Speed Stinger grew rather close to him.

During the events of "Total Nightmare", Fishlegs tried to tell Snotlout that dragons could go feral, and Hookfang may be goiing down that path. Later, when it was revealed that Hookfang was protecting a female Monstrous Nightmare, he stood by and helped watch over the eggs.

Season 2

Fishlegs then continue searching for Dagur after his attack on Berk in "Team Astrid" alone. When he headed back to the Edge, he had realized that it was under attack by Dagur and his Armada.

Fishlegs and the other riders then helped Astrid search for Stormfly when she was taken Ryker Grimborn's Dragon Hunters in "Night of the Hunters, Part 1". He then agreed to use Meatlug to get onboard Ryker's ship, knowing that she was immune to the Dragon root laced arrows. However, Ryker knew about Meatlug's immunity to dragon root and captured both her and Fishlegs.

During his time captured, Fishlegs learned how to make Gronckle Iron from the Dragon Hunters. They were saved by Hiccup and Snotlout.

In "Bad Moon Rising", Fishlegs then showed Gobber how to make Gronckle Iron.

He then assisted Hiccup in learning the truth behind the legend of the Lycanwing. Fishlegs was then briefly married to Ruffnut Thorston when her brother inadvertently married them. However, Fishlegs got out of the marriage when Hiccup told Tuff that he did not complete his lessons with Berk's officiator.

Fishlegs then helped Hiccup and Snotlout make lighter sets of armor for their dragons out of Gronckle Iron in "Snotlout Gets the Axe".

Fishlegs helped the twins from an avalanche in "The Zippleback Experience". When Ryker and his men captured Hiccup and Barf and Belch, he rushed to the rescue, along with the other Riders.

Fishlegs and the other Riders tried new formulas and methods in constructing the Gronckle Iron armor in "Snow Way Out", but failed once again. After Heather was revealed to be working undercover for him, Fishlegs remarked that he knew that she was good at heart.

He then went with Snotlout and Hiccup to rescue Trader Johann from a pack of wild dragons in "Edge of Disaster, Part 1". Unfortunately, Fishlegs was captured by the wild dragons. While intitially treated aggressively, he helped a small Gronckle, which gained the trust of the Gronckle and his parent. The leader of the pack, however, was not convinced and was still somewhat wary of him

Fishlegs was soon rescued by Hiccup at night when the wild dragons saw his wings. When they returned to the Edge, they saw that Astrid and Tuffnut were the only ones holding up the Edge against Ryker, Dagur, Heather and their men, and rushed to the rescue.

Fishlegs then discover a Seashocker at lagoon at Dragon's Edge in "Shock and Awe" and trapped it in the cove. Clouded by the wishes to study the dragon, he insisted on studying the dragon despite the others pointing out that it looked distressed. When they blasted open the cove, Scauldrons, the natural predators of Seashockers, were attracted to the cove. Feeling guilty, Fishlegs tried his best to lead the Seashocker away, but when too many arrive, he dived into the water, jammed their two heads together to form a force field of electricity. Though shaken and dazed after emerging from the water, he watched triumphantly as the Seashocker rejoined his pod.

Fishlegs then helped Hiccup and the other riders in tracking the Frozen Skrill down and freeing it from Dagur and the Dragon Hunters in "A Time to Skrill".

Fishlegs then went with Hiccup and the other rider trying to prevent Ryker and his brother, Chief Viggo Grimborn from capturing a Flightmare in "Maces and Talons, Part 1" and "Maces and Talons, Part 2". When Viggo had seized the Dragon Eye, they headed back but failed once more. Fishlegs suggested getting backup but Hiccup told him not to, as Viggo was no ordinary enemy.

Season 3

Fishlegs made a set of Dragon Cards for himself in "Crash Course" and identified the Cavern Crasher from them.

Fishlegs was then left in charge of the Edge in "Follow the Leader" but could not control Snotlout or the twins. Furious, he left, and discovered a sword in a cave and a pack albino Night Terrors. After Hiccup expressed his disappointment in him, he returned to the cave dejectedly. The made it his 'home' for the day, making friends with Night Terror, and naming one Darkvarg. When they forbidden him from leaving, the gang arrived in the nick of time. Fishlegs led them to the cave and defeated them. Finally, he bid his last goodbye to Darkvarg and returned to his hut. Back there, Hiccup remarked that he showed true leadership, and would never hesitate to put him in charge again.

Fishlegs examined Astrid and confirmed that she had the Scourge of Odin in "Buffalord Soldier". He then looked for information on the Buffalord, but could not find a location. However, he then found pieces of paper that information from Dragon Eye that pinpoints the island. There, Fishlegs was able to pick up the Buffalord's scent. They were then able to make the cure before the Dragon Hunters arrived.

After the dragons have been overworked in A Grim Retreat, Astrid and Fishlegs convince Hiccup to head to to the Island of Friga for a respite and stock up on limestone for Gronckle Iron. As they camp overnight, Fishlegs woke up only to find Meatlug missing. And when he found her, she seemed out of control and attempted to attack him. He alerted the rest, who split up when they realize all the dragons have gone wild. Tuffnut and Fishlegs hid in the bushes and when Fishlegs wanted to call Meatlug, Tuffnut insisted not to, as she had the 'look of a killer'. Eventually, Fishlegs found out that the dragons were under control of the Grimora. He led Meatlug to the water by throwing rocks in and the Grimoras fled from her body.

Fishlegs then secretly became pen pals with Heather through the Terrible Terrors' air mail in "To Heather or Not to Heather". He later offered to stay with her on the Edge while the rest left, showed her around the island and picked out a spot for her hut. Suddenly, he heard Windshear and Meatlug fighting in the stables. They rushed there, and Heather believed that Windshear cannot work with other dragons. The next day, she packed and wanted to leave, but Fishlegs skipped his mission and consulted her, saying that he did not want to be bonded by a 'long-distance' connection and he wanted her on the Edge. He then suggested swapping dragons for the mission. They joined the rest of the gang, who were cornered by Dragon Hunters, and defeated them. Heather eventually joined the team, much to Fishlegs' delight.

Fishlegs helped the rest of the team find Hiccup and Toothless when they were captured by Dragon Hunters in "Stryke Out".

Fishlegs tried to calm a baby Death Song down by playing the pan pipes to him in "Tone Death". He ended up being blasted by amber.

In "Between a Rock and a Hard Place", Fishlegs, Hiccup and the Twins went for a mission to shut down a marble quarry. Before Hiccup could blast the wrecking balls, Fishlegs alerted him that they were actually two Catastrophic Quakens. They soon realize that the island was unstable due to the excavation and warned the Hunters. The Hunters simply smirked and released the Quakens, striking the ground with a hammer. Fishlegs identified that the vibrations caused by the hammer was the main form of communication for the Quakens. The Quakens rolled towards him, but he stood his ground and stretched his hand out, believing that he knew the dragons. Hiccup swooped down to grab him in the nick of time. Frustrated, Fishlegs questioned why the Quakens would listen to the cruelty of the Hunters, instead of his compassion. Hiccup persuades him to let it go, until a Quaken drives him into a crevice in the ground. Fishlegs noticed that the other Quaken would not enter the crevice and risk harming its friends. Thus, he grabbed the hammer and gently knocked the ground to gain the other Quaken's attention. He then held his open palm out, and proceeded to show affection to Meatlug, to signify that he was a friend, not foe. He later directed the Quaken into the crevice to save both the other Quaken, Toothless and Hiccup. Just before the island sinks, they escaped. On the way back, they meet Astrid, Heather and Snotlout, who report that the marble was being used to build a dragon-proof stronghold--impervious to dragon fire and spikes . Fishlegs then directs the Quakens to tumble the marble dome down. He later remarked solemnly and questions, how many more dragons does Viggo have out there. Hiccup convinves him that if he did, they would find the dragons and free them. The Riders later led the two Quakens to Dark Deep for their 'retirement'.

Fishlegs and the other Riders, excluding Hiccup, found Hiccup's prosthetic foot broken in the woods during the events of "Family on the Edge". They later spotted Dagur riding Toothless and capture him. Fishlegs demanded what he had done to their leader and Dagur recounts that Hiccup was teaching him to ride and was at his hut getting a new leg. They refuse to believe him until Hiccup emerges from his hut. Later, he helped Dagur ride his dragon, Shattermaster, and was extremely touched with Dagur sacrificed his life for them.

During the events of "Last Auction Heroes", Fishlegs and the other Riders attempted to free the wild Dragons captured in the Grimborn Auction. Fishlegs, however, was captured by the Hunters. Later, they were freed by Grump.

Fishlegs was very interested in the Eruptodon after being released by Mala in Defenders of the Wing, Part 1", and offered to share some of their knowledge about dragons.

Season 4

Defenders of the Wing, Part 2

Fishlegs and Meatlug save the Edge when the Eruptadon starts eating its way through the volcano, which could cause it to go off. Meatlug calls the wild Gronckles to help spew lava for the Eruptadon to eat so it'll stop eating through the dormant volcano.

Gruff Around the Edges

Midnight Scrum

Fishlegs performs a daring stunt for Berk's quadcentennial by flying with Meatlug through the flaming portrait that the twins created in the sky with the help of Barf and Belch, and sets his helmet on fire.

Not Lout

Saving Shattermaster

Dire Straits

He finally figures out a way to burn through dragon-proof metal; Changewing acid! He then helps Hiccup create the diving bell and a diving helmet so Hiccup can take the acid to the ocean floor and free the Submaripper. Fishlegs operates the pulley system both during the practice dives from a dock on Lars Lake and the official dive from a ship in the Straits of Baulder. He steers the ship out of the Submaripper's whirlpool, and had Meatlug help pull the diving bell back to the surface to get Hiccup out of danger. When Hiccup returns to the ship and wakes up from his unconsciousness, Fishlegs helps his friend back to his feet and holds him steady while the other Riders fly off to get Viggo.

The Longest Day

Fishlegs suffers severe paranoia due to his sleep deprivation. He thinks the other Riders are after his dragon knowledge, that the dragons are going to hurt him, and that Heather literally wants one of his hands.

Gold Rush

The return of Dagur leaves Fishlegs worried that he'll take Heather away from the Edge. He accompanies the siblings in search of Viggo's gold to keep an eye, and ear, on them. When Hiccup is captured again, he insists they use his method to rescue him rather than "Berserker Style" that Dagur suggests. But when that doesn't work, Heather convinces Fishlegs to use her brother's idea, which ends up working brilliantly.

Gold Rush42

Heather kissing Fishlegs

At the end, Heather announces that she's decided to return with Dagur in search of their father, which breaks Fishlegs' heart, but he understands. She kisses him on the cheek in farewell, and Dagur gives him a strong handshake, promising to take care of Heather. Fishlegs responds with "You'd better!" While watching Heather and Dagur fly away on their dragons, Astrid ensures him that Heather will be back.

Out of the Frying Pan

As best friends, Fishlegs and Hiccup usually have a way of thinking each other's thoughts, but for some reason they're having a hard time syncing and it's weirding them both out. When Mala asks for their help to get the Eruptodon egg to the sacred nesting spot inside the volcano, the two friends can't agree on how to do it. Toothless' tail doesn't last long in the first attempt, so it's left to Fishlegs and Meatlug to carry Mala and the egg to the site. Hiccup comes along as backup, he and Fishlegs wearing Defender armour covers in fire resistant Eruptadon saliva, and the three soon encounter Fire Terror dragons who then trying to steal the egg. Fishlegs and Hiccup finally get their vibe back and finally agree on a way to get the egg to safety, if only they can get Mala to trust them.

Once the egg is safe, Meatlug rushes the humans out of the volcano before the lava rises too high, but they're forced to stop when they spot Astrid and Throk floating in the lava inside the diving bell. Fishlegs brings Meatlug back to pick up the two, but they can only get a hold of Astrid. Thankfully the Eruptodon suddenly appears and carrots the diving bell, with Throk still inside, out of the volcano to safety. Once back on the safety of solid ground, Fishlegs and Hiccup laugh at their ability to think alike again.



When the dragons get spooked by the storm and fly off, the Riders go try to find them. Fishlegs finds Hookfang first, and tries to get the dragon to cooperate so he can bring it back to the Edge. But Hookfang proves to be incredibly stubborn and impossible, terrorising Fishlegs the entire time.

Shell Shocked, Part 1

Fishlegs almost catches Hiccup and Astrid kissing, but sensing that they were embarrassed, decided to play along and pretend he didn't know what was going on. He suggested they were trying to decide where to hide the Dragon's Eye once they get it back instead.

Later he is entrusted with caring for the newly hatched Eruptadon, which he and Meatlug are more than happy to do.

Shell Shocked, Part 2

They take the baby Eruptadon to the center of Dragon's Edge to keep it as safe as possible, only to be bombarded with the Shellfire's blasts, threatening the volcano. So Fishlegs has the baby eat the lava from the Edge volcano to keep it stable. Fishlegs then meets the other Riders at the volcano's edge and they catch Hiccup and Astrid kissing. He joins the couple and the other Riders in flying off just when the volcano blows is top.

Dawn of the Dragon Racers

In a flashback during which most of the short takes place, Fishlegs states that participating in the Regatta has been the family tradition for the Ingerman clan. He is excited to be participating in the Regatta for the first time, but is reluctant to participate in Dragon Racing (which the Vikings view as better than the Regatta) when Hiccup persuades him to do so. However, when Meatlug feels seasick and vomits lava while she and Fishlegs are sailing off, causing the ship they are on to sink, Fishlegs quickly changes his mind and participates in Dragon Racing.

In the first annual Berk Dragon Race, Fishlegs teams up with Hiccup to create Team Hiclegs, and they go against Team Snotnut (consisting of Snotlout, Ruffnut and Tuffnut). Knowing the whereabouts of a black sheep from Silent Sven, Fishlegs and Meatlug fly down into a well, where they find the black sheep and bring it to the arena. He and Hiccup are declared winners for bringing the true black sheep, as Team Snotnut's "black" sheep turns out to be merely covered in black paint.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Tumblr n2fjdl9fA61rlkswno5 1280-1-

Fishlegs, in his racing colors in How To Train Your Dragon 2

Fishlegs is among the riders who participate in Dragon Racing shown at the beginning of the film. He cheers as Meatlug picks up a sheep, but it is taken by Snotlout, who then tosses it to Ruffnut. When a black sheep is launched, Meatlug catches it before Stormfly can. Fishlegs congratulates Meatlug for catching the black sheep before tossing it to Ruffnut, but Astrid takes the black sheep and wins the race.

Later, Fishlegs and the other Dragon Riders, led by Astrid (since Hiccup is with his long-lost mother), capture Eret, Son of Eret, so that they can go to Drago Bludvist, only to be captured upon arrival. He participates in a battle against Drago's forces, during which Hiccup's father Stoick is killed by a mind-controlled Toothless, under hypnosis from Drago's Bewilderbeast. Fishlegs's Meatlug is taken by Drago's Bewilderbeast, the new alpha, while he and his companions mourn the death of Stoick. After listening to Hiccup's speech that they are going back, Fishlegs and the others ride back to Berk on baby Scuttleclaws.

After Hiccup and Toothless return the dragons back to their side and defeat Drago and his Bewilderbeast, Fishlegs celebrates victory with the others. He then happily reunites with Meatlug, hugging her affectionately, and celebrates Hiccup's coronation as the new Chief of Berk.

Physical Appearance


Fishlegs's appearance in How to Train Your Dragon and the three shorts.

Generally, unlike his literary counterpart, Fishlegs in the franchise has a very large and husky appearance, and is the biggest out of all the teenage dragon riders.

In How to Train Your Dragon, Fishlegs wears a brown furry outfit, and a tiny Viking helmet with tiny horns on them. Fishlegs wears this same outfit in the three specials: Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon, "Gift of the Night Fury", and Book of Dragons.

In the first two seasons of the TV series DreamWorks Dragons: The Series, subtitled each as Riders of Berk and Defenders of Berk, Fishlegs wears the same outfit, just that rather than having fur, it is made out of leather. In the Netflix seasons, subtitled Race to the Edge, Fishlegs wears the same outfit he wears in How to Train Your Dragon 2, only this time, once again it's leather rather than fur.

Fishlegs & Meatlug racing colors

Fishlegs's appearance in How to Train Your Dragon 2.

In How to Train Your Dragon 2, Fishlegs is wearing the same brown furry outfit only this time it's a little lighter, and is equipped with furry armbands, a belt with pockets and a helmet with something that resembles little Gronckle ears or wings. Fishlegs now has a thin beard as well. Fishlegs has also grown heavier in the five years in between How to Train Your Dragon and How to Train Your Dragon 2.


Fishlegs is probably one of the strongest and smartest, but also one of the most cowardly and quietest members of the Academy. Despite his flaws, he is still a valued member of the gang. He may be the most cowardly of the group but will face his fears when he is needed the most but mostly will face it for the love of his dragon Meatlug. Fishlegs is also an vivid dreamer as shown in Follow the Leader.

It appears that Fishlegs has also developed a stronger sense of self confidence in the second season as he began to see his own self worth and contribution to the Dragon Training Academy and was willing to stand up to and insult Snotlout, something he had never been able to do in the first season.

Abilities and Skills

Fishlegs maybe the heaviest member of the group but he comes with big advantages that makes others surprised.

Intelligence and Building

Fishlegs has proven several times, especially in the first film and in the series whenever a new species of Dragon appeared, that he has a great knowledge on dragons. However, where Hiccup learns from experiences, Fishlegs rather learns from books. He even thought of hand signals (Twinsanity), knows why Changewings were looking at the boat because of Snotlout having the fourth egg (Gem of a Different Color), using different colors on dragons for different islands to study their territory for specific reasons (Appetite for Destruction), figuring out why the Flightmare comes every ten years (Fright of Passage) but mostly his dragon was the one to figure it out, and taught some ideas for his Meatlug to improve her combat ability to learn new fighting skills that were shown all great success. He even built his own Viking ship but failed due to Meatlug getting sea sick and releasing lava out of her mouth in Dawn of the Dragon Racers. He also seems to have an interest in flora and fauna other than dragons.


It was revealed that when Fishlegs gets angry, he will go berserk, successfully defeating enemies and intimidating people.(Gem of a Different Color) This is probably based on the books, where Fishlegs was half Berserker, half Murderous. He was also able to tackle-hug Meatlug (though Meatlug might not have expected it, so she probably didn't hold her ground much.)(Gift of the Night Fury)As Bonecrusher, he shows off his true strength and is able to hold a cart with no sign of struggle.

Dragon Training and Riding

So far, Fishlegs has trained three dragons. His Gronckle, Meatlug, a Catastrophic Quaken, Spikeback aand a Terrible Terror named Iggy. However, he isn't the best Dragon Rider. He flew on Toothless once, though he was very afraid of doing so being so fast that he wasn't used to it. However, he was able to overcome his fear in order to save Meatlug in The Iron Gronckle. He has multiple useful ideas for Dragon Training methods, as he was the one who invented the hand signals.(Twinsanity) He is also quite skilled in Dragon Calls as shown in 'We Are Family, Part 1. He is the only one who thought of great training ideas for Meatlug to improve her combat ability to gain amazing skills, which all have become a success. And in Worst in Show, using pictures for Iggy to know which object to get for him. As Bonecrusher, he was able wrangle a wild Scauldron with little success.

Navigation Skills

Fishlegs shown to be the best in navigating islands and locations. As he shown this skill as he was able to recognize different dragons locations on certain colors. Also able to recognize their surroundings around Berk.


He shown for his heavy weight he able to run fast to catch up to the teens when he afraid. As Bonecrusher, he was able to run faster than a baby Yak.

Endurance and Stamina

In the first film he shown to be able to take Meatlug's weight on him when she fall and his stamina for heavy weight teen he able to run long distance with out showing any type of difficulties at all.


He was able to draw a picture of the Razorwhip from Bucket's description, despite never having seen one before. He also made a set of Dragon Cards in Crash Course, that he would keep with at all times until being captured by Drago's men in How to Train Your Dragon 2.

Teaching Skills

In Dragon Eye of the Beholder, Part 1, Fishlegs was able to show off his knowledge of dragons and their attacks when he became a tour guide for the children of Berk. He was able to teach everything he knows about Gronckles to Dagur, as he pointed out that Dagur is fast learner to be quite successful to learn to be great Gronckle rider as they both learn new skill for combat the Inverted Gronckle Drop.


He seems to enjoy singing to his beloved Meatlug as he will sing to her mostly on private area or he sang with his beloved Meatlug for the Thunderear test but to Stoick believes he not very good singer.



"Who's my little princess? Oh you are. I missed you!"
―Fishlegs, as he reunites with Meatlug[src]

Fishlegs and Meatlug first met each other in the Arena, where they were pitted against one another. Later, before they went to fight the Red Death, Hiccup taught him how to train her. Like most dragons and Riders, Meatlug and Fishlegs have shown to be very close. They have shown one of the strongest bonds between a dragon and a Rider so far, resulting in a strong, but slightly weird relationship. Meatlug likes to lick Fishlegs's feet before they sleep, as metioned in How to Start a Dragon Academy, and he sings about her and tells her stories about 'Princess Meatlug' in Dragon Flower. Because they have such a strong bond, they find it hard to be away from one another, which was demonstrated several times.

Fishlegs also tried to make sure Meatlug wouldn't go back to her feral side ever since seeing Hookfang acting strange over female dragons in Total Nightmare. He was trying to do everything he can to make her stay with him.


" Ok, I wasn't going to say this, but here it goes... I don't want to go back to being long distance terror pals. I want you here!"
―Fishlegs to Heather[src]
Fishlegs finds Heather very attractive, and can get a bit embarrassed around her. He's very flattered when she asks him about his work on the Dragon Manual when they first meet, and he's all too happy to tell her about it. He was thrilled when she reappeared three years later. He was very upset when Heather appeared to have joined Dagur and the Dragon Hunters. But when Astrid told the others Heather was actually spying on them, this relieved Fishlegs, replying that he always knew she was good at heart. Fishlegs was also impressed by Heather's mapping and tracking skills, glad to have someone else to geek out with.
Gold Rush40

Heather told Astrid that she was more attracted to Fishlegs than Snotlout, since she liked the smart and sweet Viking rather than the tough, macho one. She even said she thought he was kind of cute.

In To Heather or Not To Heather, it's apparent that they both know the other likes them. Fishlegs stays behind while the other Riders herd Nadders out of harms way and gives her a grand tour of the Edge, even showing her a spot he picked out for her hut, should she decide to stay. She was greatly appreciative off the gesture. Fishlegs later figures out what's wrong with Windshear, and the two trade dragons just in time to help the other Riders fight off a Hunter ship threatening the Nadders.

Their relationship continues to grow stronger, and by Gold Rush they appear to be an official couple. Fishlegs feels defensive towards Dagur even though he's an ally of the Riders by that point, because he's threatening to take Heather away with him. During a moment alone while Dagur is searching for gold in a cave, Fishlegs confesses his feelings, asking her to stay, and she is touched by his heartfelt words. They lean in to kiss each other, only to be interrupted by Dagur bursting back out of the cave being chased by Night Terrors. Despite the heartbreak, Fishlegs understands and supports Heather when she announces her decision to return with Dagur to search for their long lost father. She hugs him, and kisses his cheek good-bye. Dagur then assures Fishlegs that Heather will be in good hands, and not to worry about her.

Fishlegs is overjoyed to see her again when she and Dagur return to help in the retrieval of the Dragon Eye.

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

" That's a language I'm afraid we'll never understand."
― Astrid about Fishlegs and Hiccup's geeking out[src]

Hiccup is Fishlegs' best friend. They often work together when it comes to dragon related subjects, both being very interested in said creatures. But while Hiccup learns from experience, Fishlegs rather learns from books. Nevertheless, these two had developed a strong friendship. It is possible that aside from Astrid, Fishlegs is Hiccup's closest human friend in the group. The two enjoy learning about new dragons, and even "geek out" over discovering something new. In Follow the Leader, Fishlegs said he can handle Hiccup getting mad at him, but hates it when he disappoints him. Fishlegs appears to believe Hiccup has what it takes to become Chief, describing that he leads by example and not fear or bossing others around. When Hiccup brought back the Maces and Talons board from Viggo's ships, he thought it meant that Hiccup was taking over as Berk's Chief, until Hiccup explains the situation. Part of Fishlegs' dream of becoming the new leader of the Riders was Hiccup moving on towards his Chiefly duties. When he finally did become Chief at the end of the second movie, Fishlegs was very happy for his friend.

Ruffnut Thorston

IMG 1528
"Here you go, darling. Mine's worth ten!"
―Fishlegs to Ruffnut after tossing her the black sheep[src]

Though Fishlegs was often a target for pranks and teasing of the twins, he has been seen fighting with Snotlout for Ruffnut's affection. In Season 2 of Race to the Edge, Fishlegs and Ruffnut came under the impression that they accidentally got married with Tuffnut as the officiator. During the fake ceremony, Fishlegs and Ruffnut were seen genuinely enjoying themselves and each other.  When they suddenly believed they'd been married however, this changed.  Fishlegs was horrified and took the situation very seriously, while Ruffnut didn't take it seriously at all and merely used it as a reason to cause mayhem with her brother. Fishlegs felt like he had no choice but to play along. Later on, Astrid and Snotlout reminded Tuffnut that he had never completed his officiator training, and the marriage was annulled. Fishlegs was instantly relieved to be divorced from Tuffnut, but that changed when he exclaimed: "I haven't been this happy since my wedding day!" He seems to have been honest.  Fishlegs turned to Ruffnut and both appeared to genuinely grieve for their union. Ruff affectionately rubs her nose against his, and then slaps him. Fishlegs responds that his doors would always be open to Ruffnut.

Snotlout Jorgenson

Snotlout and Fishlegs have had long standing issues for each other. This is mainly because Snotlout has been teasing and pranking Fishlegs quite often. However, Fishlegs finally stood up for himself, successfully convincing Snotlout to give back the Changewing Egg, in Gem of a Different Color. In the second season, not much of their relationship has been seen. By How to Train Your Dragon 2, they are now rivals for a different reason, which is for Ruffnut's affection.

Astrid Hofferson

Astrid and Fishlegs generally get along well and are good friends. They are often teamed up for missions since they are considered the more rational members of the group apart from Hiccup. However, Astrid has made it clear that Fishlegs is not her type as shown when she was repulsed by Fishlegs, while hypnotized, flirting with her (Big Man On Berk).

Stoick the Vast

Like most Vikings, Fishlegs is seen respecting and sometimes fearing Stoick. He, along with the other Dragon Riders, was deeply saddened after the Chief was killed. As Bonecrusher, Fishlegs called Stoick the Vastly overrated.

Gobber the Belch

Though not much of their relationship has been seen, it can be concluded Gobber and Fishlegs are friends. He and Gobber have been working together, and Gobber "comforted" him in his own way. At the end, in The Iron Gronckle, he even gave Fishlegs the first sword he had made out of Gronckle Iron. Gobber resumed making this iron three years later after Fishlegs got the formula from the Dragon Hunters.


Iggy was the Terrible Terror that Fishlegs trained. He originally wanted to name him 'Deathwing', but eventually went for Iggy instead. Fishlegs taught Iggy how to recognize several objects, which helped them save Meatlug from the Outcasts.


"Please just give me the Night and not to much Fury!"
―Fishlegs, rides Toothless for the first time[src]

Fishlegs rides on Toothless to save Meatlug and Hiccup. Initially he was very afraid of his speed, but he was able to overcome his fear for his love of his dragon. Fishlegs stated that Toothless is the best dragon for competitions since his abilities are greatest and can learn amazing skills.


Though he believes like everyone that this dragon is a lot like his owner, he possibly used to be afraid of Hookfang. Although he has seen how he listens to his commands that was meant for Meatlug. He is shown to care about him to help him to find cure, and thought of Fireworms that can try to reignite his fire. He even tried to comfort him on Fireworm Island. He was also shown to be grateful that Hookfang have help to train Meatliug to get stronger and more fierce. He thought that Hookfang was going back to his feral side once again thinking this could happen to other trained dragons as he thought to make sure Meatlug wouldn't become like Hookfang.

Memorable Quotes

How to Train Your Dragon

"Oh! I've read it like, seven times. There's this water dragon that sprays boiling water at your face, and- and there's this other one that buries itself for like a week—"
"'being chased by a Nadder AHHH! I'm really beginning to question your teaching methods!"
"Razor-sharp serrated teeth, that inject venom for pre-digestion. Prefers ambush attack, by crushing its victim's—"
"Chances of survival are dwindling into single-digits now . . ."
"Oh... Wrong head."
"Isn't it weird to think that your hand was inside a dragon? Like if your mind was still in control of it, you could have killed the dragon from the inside, by . . . crushing its heart, or something."
"If you're planning on getting eaten, I'd definitely go with the Gronckle."
"I've lost power on the Gronckle! Snotlout, do something!"
"I'm okay! Less okay . . ."

Dragons: Riders of Berk

"Every night before I went to sleep, Meatlug would lick my feet. Who's gonna do that now?!"
"I don't mean to be Norbert the Negative, but the ocean is really, really vast, and our chance of finding those dragon feet are about as good as Snotlout and Astrid—"
"Oh, Meatlug, I miss you. The moon is full. My heart is empty. What rhymes with 'empty'?"
"[after Hiccup tells him he loves new dragons] I hate that about me."
"You will not haunt my dreams! Because I'll never sleep again."
"Now, you listen. You can do whatever you want to me. You can threaten me, make fun of me, mock my incredible dragon knowledge, but what you will not do, is stand between a baby dragon and his mother!"
"We're going to the Isle of Night to look for Hiccup! It's an island full of Night Furies! Could be dangerous! Maybe not! Wanna come?"
"'[after knocking an Outcast overboard] "That felt really good! Is that wrong?"

Dragons: Defenders Of Berk

"OKAY! OKAY! Hiccup is the leader of the Berk Dragon Academy. He rides a Night Fury named Toothless. And there's Astrid! She's mean, but in a nice way. Her dragon is a Deadly Nadder, shoots spines, loves chicken. Snotlout rides a Monstrous Nightmare. We're not actually sure who's more monstrous, him or the dragon. Then there's the twins! They share a Zippleback. Actually, they fight over it."
"What?! You know I hate the dark!"
"Not very comforting when you're on the slowest dragon! Sorry girl, it had to be said . . ."
"My name is Fishlegs. I live on the island of Berk. I don't know anything about Dragons or those who ride them!"
"Thank Thor! I need my legs...they're in my name, after all."
"First, second, third-- Doesn't matter. 'Cause in the end, you're gonna come in last."

Dawn of the Dragon Racers

"Hiccup, Hiccup, Hiccup. That's like saying a Gronckle is just a dragon."

Race to the Edge

"There is no greater treasure than knowledge!"
"I'm allergic to Gobber's earwax?!"
"Can we take a moment to geek out about the albino Night Terrors and this sword? I mean, come on!"

How to Train Your Dragon 2

"Here you go, darling! Mine's worth ten!" [tosses her the Black Sheep]"
"'(After Snotlout takes the white sheep) NO! SNOTLOUT THAT WAS MINE!!'"
"That is a class ten! Class ten!!"
"'[The Scuttleclaw he is riding smashes into ice] "I DON'T WANNA DIE!!!"
"Who's my little princess?  Oh you are. I missed you!"


  • In the books, Fishlegs is even skinnier than Hiccup, but in the movie, he's clearly a heavy-set teen. The books also depict him as the son of Alvin the Treacherous, whereas the series indicates no relation between the two.
  • Fishlegs is the only one in the movie that doesn't seem to actually make fun of Hiccup besides Astrid (who still criticized, scolded, threatened and harmed Hiccup on separate occasions throughout the film).
  • Even though he receives the Gronckle Iron sword from Gobber in The Iron Gronckle, he doesn't use it after that episode.
  • Fishlegs has Binge Eating Disorder.[4]
  • He is the Berk Dragon Academy's Boulder Class Dragons expert.[5]
  • Of all the main characters during Defenders of Berk, Fishlegs had the most episodes that focused on his character development.
  • In Dawn of the Dragon Racers, he also seems to creep out Hiccup when he appears from behind him.
  • Speed Stingers are one of Fishlegs' favorite dragons, but even though he is very afraid of them he manages to bond with the young Stinger, Speedy.[6]



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