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Hiccup: "Fishlegs, again with the baby?"
Fishlegs: "Sorry, I couldn't find a sitter."[src]

Fishmeat is one of Meatlug's babies who first appeared in How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.


Birth and Early Life

Hiccup asking why Fishlegs brought Fishmeat along

Sometime between the events of the second film and the third film, Meatlug has offsprings again. It is uncertain how many she has, but Fishmeat is the only one that Fishlegs continually carries around in a pocket on the front of his flightsuit. Fishlegs even brings Fishmeat along on a dragon rescue mission. Hiccup annoyingly asks Fishlegs about "the baby" being present during the raid, to which Fishlegs responds he was unable to find a babysitter.

A rescued Crimson Goregutter takes a liking to Fishmeat and is protective of the baby.

Physical Appearance

Fishmeat is a small, roly-poly baby Gronckle, with brownish rough skin on its upper body, and a softer yet bumpier yellowish underbelly, with yellow eyes — similar to some of the other baby Gronckles.


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Meatlug is Fishmeat's mother.

Fishlegs Ingerman

Fishlegs, for an as-yet unknown reason, has taken a liking to Fishmeat, though Meatlug has had a number of previous offspring. He appears to be very maternal to Fishmeat, even naming it from a combination of his and Meatlug's names. He also claims not to have a babysitter for it, and takes the baby wherever he goes, even if it is somewhere dangerous.

Rescued Crimson Goregutter

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