The Flame Whipper is a dragon of the Stoker class that appeared in School of Dragons.

Official Description

"After a surprise encounter with dragon hunters, Berk’s dragon trainers have returned with a ship filled with Flame Whipper eggs, now ready to be trained by the best Vikings on campus!
It was a routine patrol around the outskirts of Berk, when the dragon trainers spotted a dragon hunting ship. They immediately got into high alert and began circling the ship, it was upon closer inspection that the twins noticed the ship was filled with crates of colorful eggs, specifically Flame Whipper eggs!
Immediately, they began planning how to rescue the eggs and prevent the ship from coming any closer to Berk or School. After a few tiring hours, the dragon trainers were able to land on the ship and make sure all the eggs were safe and unharmed. Once they were sure, none of the eggs had been damaged, the dragon trainers began making their way to the School, bringing along the rescued eggs.
Upon arriving at school, Astrid made her way to the Trading Post were both Hiccup and Trader Johann were conversing. After explaining the situation, Trader Johann agreed to safeguard the Stoker Class eggs until the right Viking came along.
Only the bravest of Vikings will be able to train and bond with this fiery dragon as it can be quite the surprise to see a dragon seamlessly detach their tail. Don’t forget it’s swirling explosions and swift agility to speed up in flight! Will this dragon wiggle its way into your stables?
School of Dragons

Physical Appearance

Flame Whipper egg


Flame Whipper eggs are mostly blue with a yellow top and black stripes and spots.

Hatchling to Adult

Flame Whippers come in many different color combinations, but traditional ones have yellow heads, shoulders, and sections of their tails. The rest of them is mostly blue. They have black stripes running over their body and the underneath of their wings is orange. Small spines run along their back and tails, as well as the side of their tails.


Detachable and Poisonous tail

Like a gecko, the Flame Whipper can detach its tail if it is in danger. It can do this due to a break in-between the spinal bones in its back and tail, which allow it's tail to detach on command.The tail wiggles once detached, attracting predators to it. However, the tail is filled with an acidic poison that can briefly paralyze predators, making them think twice before attacking another Flame Whipper.

Wall Climbing

The Flame Whipper is capable of walking on walls. Due to its gecko-like body, it is likely it has sticky toe-pads that allow it to stick to walls like a gecko.

Stretchable Tongue

The Flame Whipper's tongue is capable of being stretched to a decent length, which likely helps in catching food. It can also use this tongue to help aim its fire, increasing its accuracy.


The Flame Whipper shoots swirling explosions of fire, which can be made more accurate thanks to its stretchable tongue.

Behaviour and Personality



School of Dragons

The Flame Whipper first appeared in this game in the expansion pack Secret of the Leviathan.


The Flame Whipper's poison does have an antidote, which is created by neutralizing its acidity. According to School of Dragons, 17 base droplets are necessary to undo the poison's affects.


  • The Flame Whipper's color pattern is similar to poison dart frogs. Like the dragon, these frogs live in tropical environments and are toxic. It also resembles a thick-tailed gecko in appearance.
  • The Flame Whipper's ability to drop its tail is like that of the Vampire Spydragon from the books.
  • It is the second dragon that secrets poison, the first being the Threadtail.

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