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Mystery box Flightmare
Flightmare Full View
Mystery (Originally Strike)
Fire Type
Ghostly Blue Flame
Glows brighter when it eats glowing algae, loud banshee like scream, Freezing and Paralyzing Mist
Unknown, possibly anywhere since it follows the Glowing Algae filled streams
Many wing entrails, split tail, transparent wings, barbles, spines.
Neon Blue, Lighter Underbelly
Medium: 29 feet (9 meters) long, 70 inches (2 meters) tall
Stats icon attack Attack
Stats icon speed Speed
Stats icon armor Armor
Stats icon fire Firepower
Stats icon shot Shot Limit
Stats icon venom Venom
Stats icon jaw Jaw Strength
Stats icon stealth Stealth

The Flightmare is a Mystery Class (originally from the Strike Class) dragon that appears in Dragons: Defenders of Berk. It is among the most terrifying and frightening dragons. It appears in the episode Fright of Passage.


The Flightmare is a medium-sized dragon that has a very ghost-like appearance. Its body is covered in small spots that almost resembles the night sky. It slightly resembles a mix between a Skrill, a Night Fury, and a Fireworm, with glowing scales. It appears to get a brighter glowing, ghost-like appearance from the glowing blue algae that is the staple part of its diet.


From what has been seen, the Flightmare is a very aggressive and territorial dragon, being very protective of it's territory and food sources. Seeing how Flightmares are build for speed and defense, they usually avoid fights with bigger and stronger dragons. Flightmares have been shown to be quite determined, as the Flightmare in Fright of Passage kept chasing his opponents, and was willing to search food over long distances.


The Flightmare's body glows by eating algae that shines along with Arvindal's Fire, a type of the Northern Lights that can only be seen every ten years. Arvindal's Fire is a greenish blue, teal color. They can use this ability to make themselves brighter against their enemies.

The Flightmare can strike with a mist that paralyzes its prey to give itself enough time to return and finish it. In order for the Flightmare to kill its prey with its mist, it needs to spray its prey for about 5-6 seconds to let its victim freeze to death when the temperature is about -20 degrees.

Flightmares have shown to be quite fast and agile, as the specimen in Fright of Passage was able to catch up with Toothless with ease.

They have great stamina as shown by Hofferson's Bane, as it was able to fly long distances when it flew along the ocean to follow the algae.

They even have special ability to use a loud banshee like scream against their enemy's.

Defenders of Berk

The Flightmare first appeared in Fright of Passage, terrorizing Berk every ten years. Last time, Astrid's uncle, Fearless Finn Hofferson, faced the dragon and seemed to be frozen by fear, shaming her family's name. Astrid and Hiccup set out to find the Flightmare, where Astrid tried to fight it, but was frozen by the dragon's mist. They learned that victims of the dragon were not frozen by fear, but paralyzed. They soon discovered a stream of glowing algae that gives the Flightmare its glow, as well as other dragons (as discovered by Toothless). Realizing that the Flightmare only attacked Berk because it thought the Vikings were threatening its food supply, Hiccup, Astrid, and Fishlegs created a new channel for the algae to flow into the sea, and the Flightmare left Berk. Hiccup explained to the village what they learned about the dragon and that Finn Hofferson truly was fearless, restoring honor to Astrid's family.


Notable Flightmares


  • In order for the Flightmare to kill its prey with its mist, it needs to spray its prey for about 20 seconds to let its victim freeze to death when the temperature is about -20 degrees.
  • The Flightmare's wings are slightly transparent.
  • The Flightmare is the only known dragon species that appears once every 10 years.
  • The Dragon Tracker Part 3 special feature on the DreamWorks Dragons: Defenders of Berk Part 1 DVD (released 3/25/2014) reveals that the Flightmare is a Strike Class dragon. [1] Oddly enough, the new book Guide to the Dragons and the Dragonpedia reveal that the Flightmare is a Mystery Class dragon.
  • The Flightmare's design is similar to that of the Skrill, resembling that of Pelican Eels.
  • It is the only dragon that glows other than the Fireworm, and both glow via eating something.
  • The Flightmare is an omnivore, because it eats glowing algae which is filled with hundreds of tiny fish.
  • When the Flightmares was first seen in the Defenders of Berk trailer, many fans thought it was a Skrill.
  • The Flightmare is one of the two dragons that doesn't have a forked tongue, along with the Woolly Howl.
  • The Flightmare is now in School of Dragons as a dragon that can be obtained from the hatchery.
  • The Flightmare that attacked Finn Hofferson made an appearance in Dragons: Rise of Berk and is now known as the Hofferson's Bane.
  • The Flightmare's mist design is very similar to the original Skrill's lightning.
  • Its glowing algae only glows every ten years when Arvindal's Fire appears


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