The Flying Gator is a Bog Dragon that lurks in the Haunted Marshes. A group of Flying Gators are referred to as a "goggle."

Flying Gators are mentioned once in How to Speak Dragonese, and then again in The Incomplete Book of Dragons.

"An enormous number and variety of dragon species were being held prisoner behind the bars of this cage. Deadly Nadders, Flying 'Gators, Big Spotted Gormlesses, Yellow Vampires, Common or Garden Dragons - you name it, they were all there, trapped together in a furious tangle of talons and wings and fangs, ready to be sent back to the restaurants and shoemakers in Rome."
How to Speak Dragonese

Traits and Abilities

Flying Gators look and behave very much like winged Alligators or Crocodiles. They inhabit marshlands and often stay submerged in the water so that only their eyes show. They wait quietly for unsuspecting animals - even other species of baby dragons—to wander into the water, and then strike.

Flying Gators are not known for their intelligence. The Incomplete Book of Dragons reveals that they can be easily fooled by mimicking the sound of a poisonous dragon (such as the clicking of a Toxic Nightshade) and they will instinctively scatter, though humans clearly do not look like a dragon!



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