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Flystorm is a male Deadly Nadder dragon that appeared in the episode We Are Family, Part 2 of Dragons: Riders of Berk.


Flystorm was first shown taking a large bone from a green Monstrous Nightmare. When Hiccup and Mildew went through the field of wild dragons, he was the only one to confront them. Hiccup quickly calmed him down by approaching his tail. He then decided to check out Mildew. Hiccup decided to use Flystorm as a way to get into the dragon pit to save Toothless. After Hiccup gave Mildew a quick course in dragon training, the two got on Flystorm and headed off. When they got to the pit, Toothless was already gone and Alvin released the wild dragons he had imprisoned there. With the help of Flystorm, they were able to escape. He also helped the trained dragons from Berk save Hiccup and Toothess. Gobber and Mildew rode him when they tried to escape, but Mildew "fell off" and had to be left behind. Flystorm is now living on Berk.

Appearance and Personality

Flystorm is mostly orange and pale green. He also is also light blue around his nose and legs.

Despite living on Outcast Island, Flystorm is actually very friendly. Although cautious at first, he took a quick liking to Mildew, even giving him a big lick. Even though he just met Hiccup, he still helps the other dragons save him and Toothless.


  • Strength: Flystorm can carry easily two slim Vikings like Mildew and Hiccup and without effort heavy people such as Gobber.
  • Stamina and Agility: He dodges several attacks from a Changewing, Scauldron and Whispering Death. Than he run to escape followed by this wild dragons and he did it.
  • Intelligence: Flystorm beside with the other dragons saves Hiccup and Toothless.


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