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This is the transcript page for Free Scauldy, complete with full dialogues and actions.


Ruffnut & Tuffnut: WHOO-HOO!

Hiccup: Guys, can you please put a lid on it? Looking for the Screaming Death? Low Profile? Remember the meeting?

Tuffnut: Yeah, but we had our own meeting. Ooh! Dangerous pointy rocks!

Fishlegs: How did we get stuck with these two?

Hiccup: Well, it was them, or Snotlout.

Fishlegs: Hmm. Point taken.

Astrid: Okay, nothing unusual on Dragon Island. You see anything?

Astrid: Hey! The island is down there.

Snotlout: But your eyes are up here.

[Stromfly growls]

Astrid: What? What is it?

Snotlout: i just find it interesting that you chose me to be your partner on the Screaming Death patrol, hmm.

Astrid: Hiccup had first pick. And second pick.

Snotlout: hey, if that's what you need to believe, keep telling yourself that. Point is, here we are. Together. Alone.

Astrid: Not alone enough.

Snotlout: I think she's diggin' me. What do you think? Aah!

Fishlegs: Oh great, Changewing Island.

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