This page includes the dragon species that are titanic in size, much larger than larger dragons and putting them on a whole different level than other organisms, or even dragons. Their populations are relatively small, but singular specimens are capable of affecting ecosystem (literally create a local ecosystems so-called nests) or even landscapes dramatically, including human societies. Understandably, they are some of the largest organisms to ever existed. Like whales, all of these dragons are oceanic, marine animals; Tidal Class (though the Red Death which is now in Stoker Class had been considered as a Tidal Class dragon until very recently). It is unclear that how large they can grow up to maximally.

This category include; Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus, Red Deaths, Purple Deaths, Bewilderbeasts, and Foreverwings but several others such as Leviathorgan, Doomfang, Thor's Thunderer, Submaripper, Shellfire, Luminous Krayfin, Ripwrecker, and Gorgenghast may belong in this category as well. Of these, at least Red Deaths, Bewilderbeasts, and Foreverwings naturally hold their own nests and control the dragons around them (tendencies of these dragons whether to become nest mates or minions count on the Alphas' needs and personalities, and the states of affairs).

Other huge species that reach up more than 30m in size can be possibly categorized as gigantic, but being more likely of normal dragons than above mentioned dragons (though very powerful anyway). These are whale-like Thunderdrums and Scauldrons. Especially, Thunderdrums are considered to be one of the most powerful dragon race existing. Not in Tidal Class, however, Screaming Deaths are mutants, and immensely larger and powerful than normal species.

Other than Tidal class, Screaming Deaths, Timberjacks, Typhoomerangs, and Grapple Grounders also exceed 30m in length. Next to these, species such as Snaptrappers and Boneknappers are following (though many of these are measured in body length and wingspans than size).

  • Some dragons other than Tidal Class that are considered 'Large' are not listed above because their size (actually body length) largely rely on their unusually enlarged body parts (extremely long tails and necks, wide wings) rather than body sizes. An example is the Whispering Death.