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Glow-worm bio

Glow-worm bio in The Complete Book of Dragons

The Glow-worm is a tiny, serpent-like dragon that lives in deep, dark caves and is very loyal to its owner.

Physical Appearance

These dragons are very small. They are described to look more like a worm than a dragon. They resemble the Arsenic Adderwing and glow in the dark.

Its bioluminescent spine glows in the dark and aids the dragon in hunting in dark caves. They are a useful source of light on moonless nights, or in caves. Vikings use them in lanterns to light up homes and ships in the night-time. They crawl on walls and sleep on ceilings.

They breathe a soft flame that glows more than burns.

The Glow-worm can also spew glowing sticky fluid from its nostrils to disorient its predators. It eats grubs and blind cave crickets that are found in or on Glowing Cave's.


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