The Glow-worm is a tiny, wormy dragon that lives in caves and other darkened areas. They are utilized at night as a light source by Vikings.

Glow-worms are classified as Cave Dragons in the Complete Book of Dragons, but as mentioned as being Nanodragons in How to Train Your Viking.

This dragon's name has been spelled in two ways in the Books: Glow-worm and Glowworm.

Traits and Abilities

Glow-worms are small dragons that are depicted with rather small, perhaps vestigial wings. The exact source of their glow is not discussed, but it is shown as occurring over their entire bodies. During daylight hours they are a dull gray and most likely resemble an earthworm, but as soon as the sun sets, Glow-worms start to glow.

Glow-worms are often a delicious food source for other dragons, as seen in How to Train Your Viking. Their fluorescent properties and link to night/day evidently can occur even after the Glow-worm is eaten, for a time.

Glow-worms are not known for their intelligence, and it is doubtful they can speak Dragonese.

Glow-worms are extremely similar in appearance to Arsenic Adderwings, save for their glowing property. Arsenic Adderwings also have a bright red spot on their tails, which is absent in Glow-worms.

Interestingly, the very first time Glow-worms are mentioned, which is in book one How to Train Your Dragon, they are described as being large in size.

"The cavern was already well-lit by the Glowworms—huge, sluggish animals dotted here and there that shown with a steady yet dim fluorescence, like a low watt bulb."
―How to Train Your Dragon (Book 1)



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