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Gobber the Belch

Gobber the Belch
Vital Statistics
Name Gobber the Belch
Gender Male
Height 5'9"[1]
Hair color Dirty Blonde[1]
Eye color Blue[1]
Dragon(s) Grump (Hotburple), Gobber's Nemesis (Boneknapper) (briefly), Furnace (Thunderpede)
Friends/Allies Stoick the Vast, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, Valka, Toothless, Astrid Hofferson, Fishlegs Ingerman, Snotlout Jorgenson, Tuffnut Thorston, Ruffnut Thorston, Eret, Son of Eret, Stormfly, Meatlug, Hookfang, Barf and Belch, Cloudjumper, Skullcrusher
Status Alive
Location Berk
Father Unnamed father
Mother Unnamed mother
Other Bork the Bold (Great-great-great-grandfather)
Out-of-Universe Information
Voiced by Craig Ferguson (film), Chris Edgerly (series)
First Appearence How to Train Your Dragon

Vital Statistics
Name Gobber the Belch
Gender Male
Dragon(s) Goliath (Bullrougher)
Faction Hairy Hooligans
Status Alive
Location Berk

"The meat-head with attitude and interchangeable hands is Gobber. I've been his apprentice ever since I was little...well, littler."
―Hiccup, introducing Gobber in his narration[src]

Gobber The Belch is a veteran warrior of the Hairy Hooligans Tribe and a long-time friend and adviser of Stoick the Vast. He is 50 years old in the first film, and 55 in the sequel.

In the books


Gobber the Belch is a six-and-a-half foot tall madman who is tasked with training Hairy Hooligan teens in various skills needed to become a Viking: catching and training dragons, pirating skills, sword-fighting, and rudeness. He is incapable of speaking in any tone of voice other than a bellow. He has trained many students that became great warriors, being a capable warrior himself. He normally wears his small shorts. He believes Hiccup's group is the best group he has ever taught. He was also one of the few people to live and tell the tale of him stealing a book from the Meathead Public Library and under the Hairy Scary Librarian's nose also. He was the Hooligan that stole How to Train Your Dragon by Professor Yobbish. Though In A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons Hiccup steals the second volume of this book.

In the tenth book, Gobber is made a slave in the Amber Slavelands when he protested Alvin's kingship. He later joins the Dragonmarkers, and in the eleventh book, he is captured by Alvin and his beard is cut off, the ultimate Viking shame.


Gobber is known as the great-great-great-grandson of Bork the Bold, author of the first Dragon Manual.[2] At some point in his life, his father used barbaric methods like acting to threaten his son's life in order to teach him to swim as he revealed when working at the Academy.[3] In his youth, Gobber also had a pet Yak named Pepe that his family ate for Snoggletog, as well as fell in love with a female Viking named Greta.[4]

As revealed in Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon, when he was a teenager on a summer vacation trip with his parents, he stopped inside an frozen cave for a bathroom break and was surprised to see a wall of ice with Vikings trapped inside. Gobber noticed that one of the Viking was holding a treasure chest and decided to claim it for himself. It was here that the Boneknapper appeared and began to chase after him. The Boneknapper flew after Gobber until he escaped with the treasure box.

In the course of Berk's long wars with the dragons and at some point in his life, Gobber lost his left hand and right leg in battle with a Monstrous Nightmare. He has managed to replace his missing limbs with a variety of metal prostheses of his own design and creation. His arm can be interchanged with other items such as a hammer or axe if needed[5] (similar to Alvin the Treacherous in the books).

When he was stranded on an island himself many years later, armed with only his broom arm attachment, the Boneknapper found him again, causing Gobber to flee though an ocean filled with Hammerhead Sharks.[6]

Since he is no longer able to take an active part in the war, Gobber is left responsible for the village's smithy and armory, keeping the other Vikings well suited with weapons.[5]

Gobber then sets a trap for the Boneknapper, but they fail. When the Boneknapper had him in his clutches, Gobber then cried out for help. Thor had heard his cry and sent down a lightning bolt that Gobber had thought he missed. However, Thor was able to summon the Hammerhead Yak riding the Hammerhead Whale that tried but failed to eat defeat the elusive Boneknapper.[6]

Gobber was also able to convince Astrid to refrain from taking on the Flightmare that froze her uncle Finn, telling her that it would take more than her axe.[7]

After Stoick does some convincing, Gobber agrees to train some of the younger Vikings for battle at Dragon Training while Stoick and the rest of the village head out to find the dragon's nest.

How to Train Your Dragon

Hiccup, the son of Chief Stoick, was tasked to assist Gobber in the armory ever since he was a small boy. Even though Gobber taught him a fair amount of skills which he would later put to good use, Hiccup's clumsiness eventually made him into the despair of Gobber, his father and the whole village. Seeing Hiccup's desire to become a true Viking, Gobber was the one who convinced Stoick to admit the boy to Dragon Training.

After a typically clumsy start, Gobber was amazed when Hiccup became the new class's most proficient trainee, being able to incapacitate the beasts without the need for weapons. His skill grew so much, he even outclassed the fierce Astrid and earned the right to kill a dragon.

When Stoick ordered the entire village to embark to the island where the Dragons' Nest was located, Gobber went along with them although with some signs of nerves when asking what the plan for the attack was. The Vikings inadvertently released the Red Death from the Nest's depths and it soon set fire to their ships. Trapped on the island and forced to fight, Stoick ordered his people to flee to the other side of the island while he distracted the dragon by baiting it. As his oldest friend, Gobber volunteered to do the same. Together, they bought enough time for the Vikings to retreat. Gobber shared equal amazement when Hiccup and the other Vikings arrived riding dragons and took down the Red Death.

Later, when Hiccup had been wounded defeating the dragon, Gobber crafted a metal prosthetic to replace his lower left leg, cleverly adapting Hiccup's custom-made dragon-saddle with a matching left metal stirrup to accommodate the new foot. When Hiccup regained consciousness, Gobber welcomed him home by presenting him with a brand-new prosthetic tail fin for Toothless that would allow them to fly again.

Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon

"The Boneknapper has no roar at all, that's why it's terrifying! It's a silent killer."

After the events of How To Train Your Dragon, Gobber's house was set alight one night. With some help from the now peaceful dragons, the house was saved but Gobber was convinced that a dragon had caused the fire. Mentioning his old tale of the Boneknapper, he set out to try and take down the beast once and for all to prove to the rest of the village that it was real, with his pet sheep Phil in tow. Hiccup, fearing for Gobber's safety, decided to tag along, and convinced his friends to come too.

Using a small long boat to reach a distant island, Gobber told stories of his previous encounters with the mythical dragon, including stealing a treasure box from frozen Vikings, being saved by Hammerhead Whales and Hammerhead Yaks and failing to trap the Boneknapper himself in a forest. The sheer odd nature of his stories soon tell the Viking teens why the village does not believe his claims of the Boneknapper being a real dragon.

Now stranded themselves after their ship sinks, Gobber convinces the Viking youngsters to help him catch the Boneknapper, using Fishlegs as bait. Unbeknownst to them, the Boneknapper appears behind them and begins to attack. In the confusion, the Young Vikings group are trapped beneath a gigantic rib-cage. Luckily, Hiccup notices what the Boneknapper wants. The treasure Gobber took from the frozen Viking was a small belt buckle made of a tiny bone fragment. As the Boneknapper is always attempting to find the perfect bones for its armor, Hiccup notices the belt buckle fits the outline of a missing fragment from it's neck plate. With some persuasion, Gobber agrees to give the bone back and the dragon becomes docile and friendly.

The Boneknapper flies the group back home, joined by others of its species, as Gobber laughs that Stoick will have to believe his claims now.

Book of Dragons

Gobber is present in the Great Hall, along with Hiccup, Astrid, Toothless and Fishlegs, in order to explain about the various Dragon species, and Bork the Bold. Gobber claims you won't survive a day of Dragon Training without the Book, to which Hiccup answers that he can't scare them, seeing how they've already trained dragons. Gobber continues to explain about his great-great-grandfather, Bork the Bold or, as he was once known, Bork the Very, Very Unfortunate. He explains that Bork hated dragons, because they kept attacking and raiding him. At the end of the special, Gobber takes the viewer to the Arena, where a Deadly Nadder, Gronckle, Monstrous Nightmare and Hideous Zippleback are waiting.

Gift of the Night Fury

Unlike the other specials, Gobber's role is very small in this one. At the beginning, he helped some Vikings and their dragons to make a 'Snoggletog Tree'. During the meeting, after Stoick claims they can happily celebrate the Holiday without dragons, he agrees with Stoick, stating that Vikings are tough. The other Vikings laugh about this, because Gobber is wearing several holiday stockings, to which Gobber replies: '...Most of the time'.

Dreamworks Dragons

Riders of Berk

Following the end of the war with the Dragons, Gobber finds his duties  as a weapon-smith superfluous with the current peace. With Hiccup's urging, Stoick has Gobber help him with his chiefly duties. However, Gobber proves lackluster at best. Gobber then decides to help out at Dragon Training, offering to use his weapons to "encourage" the Dragons. Hiccup asks him to make saddles for the other dragons instead, but Gobber goes over the top, adding cumbersome "extras". After Hiccup glumly declines Gobber's future assistance, Hookfang suddenly goes on a rampage. Gobber arrives to help, during which he realizes that Hookfang has a bad tooth, and removes it. Afterwards, Gobber realizes his new calling as a Dragon dentist.[3]

He still stands as Stoick's trustworthy right-hand man. The series also highlights Gobber's practical wisdom and experience. He is the one to figure out why the animals have stopped producing[8], and reveals that the Book of Dragons is wrong about the Scauldron lack of venom[9]. Gobber also helped Stoick and the Dragon Riders in fighting the Alvin and his outcasts on a couple of occasions.

Defenders of Berk

Gobber then made adjustment to Stoick's saddle when he went on patrol with Thornado, despite his ban flying.[10] Gobber also discovered that Meatlug could produce a new type of iron stronger than anything he's ever forged.[11] He then assisted Stoick in defending against newly-hatched Whispering Deaths left by the Outcasts.[12] He then assisted Stoick in preparing the village for the Flightmare's arrival during Aurvandil's Fire.[7] Gobber then showed Hiccup and his riders how disarm the traps. He then sent thme to clear the forest of all the left over dragon traps.[13]

Gobber then took Stoick and the others to the cove during the Speed Stingers attack.[14] He then helped Silent Sven cool his chest airs during a Screaming Death drill.[15] Gobber was then stricken with Eel Pox.[16] Gobber then bought a pile of scrap metal from Trader Johann. He then donated his hook to Hiccup in order use the Smothering Smokebreaths against the Dagur and his forces.[17]

Race to the Edge

Three years later, Gobber tried to open the Dragon Eye, to no avail. He then filled in for Gothi as the village healer.[18] Gobbe, along with the rest of the Berk Council, then supported Hiccup's mission to explore the edges of the archipelago and search for Dagur.[19] Gobber also took the liberty of waxing the riders saddles with his earwax. Unfortunately, Fishlegs was allergic to his earwax.[20] Gobber then went to Dragon's Edge to ask Hiccup to talk to his father about his behavior. He then assisted in helping the dragon riders in building a wall against the Rumblehorn's attacks. Though the wall held, Gobber was then hit with rock and was then spouting nonsense. As he walked around, he thought the rumblehorn was his pet yak, Pepe, believing that his family had not eaten him. After Dragon's edge was saved from the tidal wave, Gobber returned to Berk along with Stoick and his new dragon, Skullcrusher.[4] Gobber was then given the formula for making Gronckle Iron by Fishlegs. He also told Hiccup the legend of the Lycanwing when Tuffnut believed he was turning into one.[21]

Dawn of the Dragon Racers

Gobber then attempted help round up the sheep who were afraid of Silent Sven's new-found voice.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Later, five years in HTTYD2, Gobber, Stoick and the rest of the villagers watch Astrid, Snotlout and the teens who are now five years older compete with each other in a dragon race. Gobber then launches the Black sheep, which Astrid used to win. After the races, Gobber has became the dragon dentist and doctor of the tribe and owns a Hotburple named Grump. Gobber and Stoick are arguing on whether or not Hiccup is ready to run Berk.

Gobber then went with Stoick and the other riders after Hiccup and Astrid when they heard from them that Drago Bludvist was coming with a dragon army. Gobber and the others found Hiccup on Eret's ship. Gobber knocked out Eret and then had Grump hold him down. When Hiccup ran off, Gobber went with Stoick to track him down before he found Drago.

Gobber and Stoick found Hiccup at Dragon Mountain. As they were making their exit, Gobber then came across Stoick's presumed dead wife, Valka. After having a meal together, Gobber, Stoick, Hiccup, Valka and the dragons then came under attack by Drago's army. During the battle, Gobber and Grump knocked several of Drago's archers. Gobber then gave Stoick his mace to fight Drago with. Gobber also followed Stoick as he rescued Valka from Drago's Bewilderbeast. He continued following Stoick and Valka until Stoick was killed by Drago, and used Toothless under the Bewilderbeast's control.

After Drago, his army and Bewilderbeast left, Gobber gave him Hiccup a bow and arrow for Stoick's viking funeral. Gobber gave an eulogy and took part in lighting his boat on fire. Gobber, following Hiccup, then rode a baby Scuttleclaw back to Berk. There Gobber and the other riders used the sheep launcher to distract the Bewilderbeast. After Hiccup and Toothless, now the Alpha dragon, defeated Drago and his Bewilderbeast, Gobber reunited with his dragon Grump. He even watches Hiccup and Astrid kiss, while covering a squawking boy's eyes. After Hiccup was named Chief, Gobber announced that the Chief has come home. During the next Dragon Race, Gobber, assisted by Valka, then removed armor from dragons that came from Drago's army. Gobber finally launched a black sheep for the dragon race which Astrid won, thanks to Hiccup.


Stoick the Vast

"May the Valkyries welcome you and lead you through Odin’s great battle field. May they sing your name with love and fury so that we may hear it rise from the depths of Valhalla and know that you have taken your rightful place at the table of kings. For a great man has fallen, a warrior, a chieftain, a father, a friend."
―Gobber's final farewell to Stoick[src]

Gobber is Stoick's best friend and second-in-command. Apparently, they've met when Gobber talked with Valka, to which Stoick replied rather aggressively. However, according to the HTTYD2 art book, the two are childhood friends.

Either way, the two became great friends with a strong, brother-like relationship. Gobber seems to be very supportive of Stoick, as he convinced Stoick to let Hiccup enter Dragon Training, because he can't protect him forever. However, he also isn't afraid to call out Stoick on his mistakes. Gobber was heartbroken when Stoick died, and he delivered an eulogy as a final farewell to his best friend.

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

Gobber serves as Hiccup's Stand-In-Father, godfather, uncle, mentor and teacher. Apparently, Gobber is like a family to Hiccup, which explains why they have a close friendship. Before meeting Toothless, Hiccup was Gobber's blacksmith Apprentice, and Gobber taught him everything he knew. Gobber also made Hiccup's prosthetic leg and Toothless' new tailfin. Throughout the movie, while he is constantly annoyed by Hiccup's antics, he's more supportive of Hiccup than Stoick. Gobber's support is what gets Hiccup into Dragon Training.

At the end of How to Train Your Dragon 2, Gobber announces Hiccup as the new Chief of Berk.


"Oh, give me a cuddle, Grumpy!"
―Gobber, as he reunites with Grump

Grump is Gobber's dragon, who first appeared in How To Train Your Dragon 2. Seeing how Grump is an extremely lazy dragon, Gobber often complains about him, even threatening to put him up for adoption. However, in the end, he does love Grump.

Gobber first met Grump while undercover at Viggo Grimborn's dragon auction with Snotlout. While the Hunters mistreated the Hotburple, Gobber was immediately awe inspired by him. He quickly earned the dragon's trust by feeding him and treating him with kindness. Gobber managed to get Grump to come to his and the Riders rescue. The Hotburple took out the guards and break the Vikings out. Afterwards, Gobber decided to keep Grump.


Though not much of their relationship has been seen, it can be assumed they are on good terms. Gobber was the first Viking to recognize Toothless as a Night Fury, and also made his new tail-fin, after the old one got burned during the Battle with the Red Death in The Dragon War.


It can be assumed that Valka and Gobber are good friends. Gobber also claims that, if the entire Haddock clan will go back to the Isle of Berk, he will cook, because he claimed Valka is a bad cook, (a lot like Astrid).

Astrid Hofferson

"It's gonna take a lot more than that wee axe, Astrid."
―Gobber, stopping young Astrid from facing the Flightmare

Gobber and Astrid seem to be on good terms. Before Hiccup learned how to train dragons, Astrid was Gobber's Star Student in Dragon Training. He was also the one who stopped her from doing anything stupid after the Flightmare had defeated her Uncle.[7]

Fishlegs Ingerman

Fishlegs and Gobber are on good terms. They had a brief business relationship, with Fishlegs' Dragon barfing up an unique kind of lava, that can be forged into very strong and light metal called Gronckle Iron. However, Fishlegs ends the business when he returns to the Dragon Riders and the Academy. Gobber doesn't seem mad by this, and gives Fishlegs the first sword he made, which he originally wanted to keep for himself.[11] Three years later, Fishlegs then showed Gobber how to make gronckle iron.[21]

Snotlout Jorgenson

Gobber seems to have a certain annoyance and disdain of Snotlout, as was seen in In Dragons We Trust. This is shared by many in the village. But he does not wish Snotlout any harm.

Ruffnut and Tuffnut Thorston

Just like with Snotlout, Gobber doesn't seem to have a very high opinion of the twins.


Gobber was the one who led Hookfang back into his cage, after Toothless had chased him away.[5] Gobber figured out Hookfang had a toothache, and took the tooth out. This started his business as a Dragon Doctor and Dentist.[3] He briefly rode him in when they searched for Snotlout and Hiccup.[22]

Gobber's Hands

Gobber's prostheses include:

  • Spiked Hammer
  • Stone Hammer
  • Blacksmithing Hammer
  • Blacksmith's Tongs
  • Double-headed Axe
  • Long Hook
  • Short Hook 
  • Drinking Tankard/Mug
  • Spit for roasting food
  • Oar
  • Butter-Knife
  • Broom
  • Eggbeater
  • Flag
  • Lute
  • Jingle Bells
  • File
  • Wooden hand
  • Club
  • Hacksaw
  • Crossbow

Abilities and Skills

Gobber has quite a few talents and abilities that make him and his advice useful to the people of Berk.

  • Intelligence: Gobber's practical knowledge is quite good, as he figured out the gender of a yak without even looking at it, and knew why the farm animals were behaving strangely.
  • Teaching: Gobber used to teach the Teens of Berk how to fight Dragons, and also taught Hiccup everything he knew about forging. He did teach them to fight to defend themselves in Gem of a Different Color. As he even told them the best weapon will be a shield in combat.
  • Healer: Gobber also had experience as a healer such as when he removed Scauldron poison from Mildew's butt.[9] He also able to to treat things such taking a trap of Magnus's foot. He was also able to create a potion that gave Agnar his hair back, though the potion was supposed help his stomach.[18]
  • Strength: Gobber is shown to be very strong. After all, he used to forge weapons and fight Dragons. He had shown that he can throw a kitchen knife to a tree to split in half.
  • Forging: Gobber used to be the blacksmith of the Hairy Hooligan Tribe, providing the Town with weapons in order to fight the Dragons.
  • Reading Gothi's Writing: He, Hiccup and Fishlegs are the only Vikings that can understand what Gothi means.
  • Replaceable hand: Gobber has been seen to remove and replace his prosthetic hand with several other tools, such as hooks, axes, maces, or others.
  • Senses: He has strong sense of smell. For example, he knew exactly where and how long the Teens had been in one spot.
  • Dragon Dentist and Doctor: It was revealed in Viking for Hire that, ever since Hiccup made peace with the Dragons, Gobber had run out of a job. However, he is now the current Dragon doctor and dentist of the Tribe. As Dragon doctor he can surprise others just like Fishlegs what he learned by using a feather on a dragon underbelly like a Gronckle to puke out of their digestive system to be cleaned from over eating.
  • Dragon Riding and Training: The first time Gobber rode a Dragon, was when he and the Teens met his old arch-nemesis, the Boneknapper. The same Dragon ended up giving them a ride back home. He has also been seen riding Hookfang and Flystorm. In the second film, he has a Hotburple named Grump. He also rode a baby Scuttleclaw with a lot of struggling since they don't listen to anyone.
  • Speed: Though for only have one leg and the other leg was replaced with a peg, he can move much faster than he appears even though he is a heavy Viking. He does this to surprise others of his own speed. In HTTYD 2, he has shown from his age increase that he became much slower.
  • Fighting Skills: Very good to fight other Vikings such as Outcasts and he is able to fight off young Whispering Deaths by using his shield. He was also able to fight Ryker one-on-one.

Memorable Quotes:

How to Train Your Dragon

  • "Oh, nice of you to join the party! I thought you'd been carried off!"
  • "Well, they need toothpicks, don't they?"
  • "Oh, you've made plenty of marks. All in the wrong places!"
  • "You can't lift a hammer, you can't swing an axe. You can't even throw one of these!"
  • "Hiccup. If you ever want to get out there to fight dragons, you need to stop all...this."
  • "Now, you're thinkin' about this all wrong. It's not so much what you look like, it's what's inside that he can't stand."
  • "I'll pack my undies."
  • "Trolls exist! They steal your socks! But only the left ones! What's with that?"
  • "Welcome to Dragon Training!"
  • "Let's get started! The recruit who does best will win the honor of killing his first Dragon in front of the entire village!"
  • "Don't worry. You're small, and you're weak. That'll make you less of a target! They'll see you as sick or insane and go after the more Viking-like teens instead."
  • "I believe in learning on the job."
  • "Focus, Hiccup! You're not even trying!"
  • "Blind spot, yes. Deaf spot, not so much!"
  • "And with one twist, he took my hand and swallowed it whole! And I saw the look on his face: I was delicious! He must have passed the word, because it wasn't a month before another one of 'em took my leg."
  • "It's the wings and the tails you really want. If it can't fly, it can't get away. A downed dragon is a dead dragon."
  • "Who would have thought it, eh? He has this way with the beasts!"
  • "Then I can double that time."
  • "Every bit the boar-headed, stubborn Viking you ever were."

Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon

  • "Fishlegs, I know what I didn't hear!"
  • "No need to panic, kids. I've been shipwrecked many times!"
  • "You never forget your first shipwreck..."
  • "Someone forgot to brush!"
  • "Ehh, safety's overrated!"

Dragons: Riders of Berk

  • "Ah! Here's Mildew with the complaint of the day."
  • [To Stoick] "He's right, he's hideous."
  • "You're getting a Dragon Training Academy!"
  • "You can tell them the part about how proud you are of them!"
  • "Grab a weapon! No time to be choosy!"[3]
  • "Eeh? Hildegard? Doesn't seem like a Hildegard to me. Let's go with Magnus."[3]
  • "Diplomacy, check. All right, what's next?"
  • "I thought maybe we could train them by threatening to kill them. That's how my daddy taught me to swim."
  • "I've got my axe and I've got my mace, and I love my wife with the ugly face! I'm a Viking through and throouugghh!"
  • "Oh come on! You can't tell me my saddle is heavier than Fishlegs!"
  • "I would never shoot you, Hiccup. Unless I absolutely had to."
  • "Stand back. I came here to do what I do best."
  • "I've forgotten more about dragons than most men will ever know."
  • "This reminds me of the time I moved my mother in with my goat. She was mean, ornery, ate everything in sight. The goat was so scared of her, she couldn't give milk."
  • "Dragons are complex creatures, Hiccup. They operate on many emotional levels. Me? I've only got the one."
  • "You want to dance, big boy? 'Cause I've got my dancing shoe on!"
  • "Listen to yourselves! 'My feet are cold!' You're Vikings! Everything is cold!"
  • "'DUMB'. Well that suits you."
  • "I think I showed sufficient respect to a sash that says 'DUMB'."
  • "Pie would be nice too. Who doesn't love pie?"
  • "Oh, you lousy Outcasts! You'll never take me alive!"
  • "I'm better than okay, I'm in heaven!"
  • "Well, that's ruined. I'll never get that yak to vomit again."
  • "It's my skivvies. They're glorious!"
  • "I may need to change my skivvies again."
  • "Ive seen a Nadder's spine slice through a man's eyeball like a grape. I watched my own arm get devoured by a Monstrous Nightmare. But never, NEVER, have I seen anything so disturbing as that old man's bare behind!"
  • "Here, take this to your dragons. I'm going into the forest to scream."
  • "Look at those goosebumps!"
  • "Eh, whatever it is, it's giving me the willies."
  • "Why don't you do that thing where you touch its nose and feed it grass?"
  • "Trick question, don't answer it."
  • "He's really got a handle on that whole "deranged" thing."
  • "You don't sneak up on a man with a hook for an arm!"

Defenders of Berk

  • "Stoick, I'm nothing if not careful-- [gets hit with shield lever] OOF! Catapult. Should've seen that one coming."
  • "Why does he keep saying that? It's kind of giving me the willies."
  • "You know what I always say. 'Pound it while it's hot'!"
  • "A Viking is supposed to smell this way! It's a badge of honor!"
  • "Hiccup, slap me in the face. Your Dragons are glowing. I must still be dreaming."
  • "I don't know, Stoick. Seems pretty cut and dry to me. I mean, if you think about it, an attack is an attack, am I right people?!"
  • "Couldn't agree with you more Stoick!"
  • "'Sorry' doesn't un-burn Silent Sven's chest hair."
  • "It would appear that I've trapped myself in my own booby."
  • "Stoick, Silent Sven just broke his silence! And you are not going to like what he has to say!"

Dawn of the Dragon Racers

  • "Just a bit of rogue wool. Nothing Ol' Gobber can't handle."
  • "Done it. Wouldn't advise it."
  • "Beats the heck out of the old boat race, doesn't it chief? Boat race was good too."

Race to the Edge

How to Train Your Dragon 2

  • "Scared 'em off with the big talk, didn't you Stoick?"
  • "Righty-ho! Last lap!"
  • "This is your big moment! Have a nice flight!"
  • "Ah, he's probably flown off to the edge of the world by now!"
  • "You sure you want that boy running the village? You could still delay your retirement."
  • "You know, you two are going to get yourselves into serious trouble one of these days. Not everybody appreciates this way of life."
  • "He's just twenty. And a Viking! I mean could there be a worst possible combination? Hah, I think about how stubborn and senseless you were back in the day... Oh, well, not much has changed, actually."
  • "Ah, nothing could hurt Hiccup as long as he has that Night Fury's around. It's a NIGHT FURY!"
  • "You might want to take this one."
  • "This is why I never married. This and another reason."
  • "I hope not. Her meatballs could kill more beasts than a battle axe. I still got a few knocking around in here!"
  • "Oh, I love this one!"
  • "Great! I'll do the cooking."
  • "HEADS UP!"
  • "May the Valkyries welcome you and lead you through Odin's great battle field. May they sing your name with love and fury, so that we might hear it rise from the depths of Valhalla. And know that you've taken your rightful place at the table of Kings. For a great man has fallen: A warrior. A chieftain. A father. A friend."
  • "This is... very dangerous!"
  • "Some might suggest this is poorly conceived!"
  • "Oh, give me a cuddle, Grumpy!"
  • "The Chief has come home!"

Rise of Berk


  • He seems to be overly interested in Hiccup's relationship with Astrid. Especially when he sees them kissing.
  • He was the one that make Hiccup's leather baby diapers.[3]
  • Gobber believes in trolls and that they steal left socks.[5]
  • Gobber sings a special song when he's happy[3]:
"I've got my axe, and I've got my mace, and I love my wife with the ugly face. I'm a viking through and through!
I've got my sword, and I've got my bludgeon, and 16 Berserkers locked in my dungeon, I'm a viking through and through!"
  • Gobber is said to resemble a yak[8].
  • Gobber used to play the pan pipes in a band.[23]
  • He names all the weapons he makes and forges, always referring them as female (In Dragons We Trust).
  • He and Stoick had once went on a treasure hunt but failed to figured out the clues (Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Young Man).
  • His left hand was eaten by a Monstrous Nightmare[9].
  • Gobber's teeth were messed up by the Frozen Viking.
  • He has a fur vest in the movie, but a leather one in the show due to budget constraints.
  • Heather Report Part I is the only episode Gobber didn't appear in Riders of Berk. He had a very small cameo in Heather Report Part II at end. He was behind Heather as she was saying to Hiccup and Astrid that maybe they'll see each other again.
  • Gobber is shown to have good detective skills including a well developed sense of smell.[24]
  • Gobber absolutely hates taking a bath[12].
  • According to the official website, Gobber is five years older than Stoick.
  • In HTTYD 2, Gobber's new, mace-like, hammer-shaped artificial arm and Grump's tail bludgeon strongly resembles each other.
  • Gobber wears the same outfit he wore in the first film in the sequel. It is noticeably more torn and charred.
  • DeBlois revealed that, the reason Gobber never got married, is because he is homosexual. This makes him the first homosexual character of the franchise, and even DreamWorks itself since Chimi and Changa from the Dreamworks show Father of the Pride.
    • It is possible that DeBlois, was either joking when he made this comment, or Gobber may be bisexual, as in the Race to the Edge episode: "Crushing It," Gobber names a wall "Greta," for his first love; though this was likely an oversight from the story team, or an intentional line. It's also possible that Greta was actually a man.
  • Even though Gobber isn't Stoick's official Second-In-Command, he often still acts like one.
  • It was originally Gobber who was actually suppose to die from Toothless being mind-controlled instead of Stoick, but was then changed.[25]
  • Gobber is the only Dragon Rider who didn't name his dragon, as Grump already had a name.


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