Susurro M
This is the list of memorable quotes of Gobber the Belch in the films and shorts. Feel free to add in more relavant and significant quotes.

How to Train Your Dragon

Oh, nice of you to join the party! I thought you'd been carried off!
Well, they need toothpicks, don't they?
Oh, you've made plenty of marks. All in the wrong places!
You can't lift a hammer, you can't swing an axe. You can't even throw one of these!
Hiccup. If you ever want to get out there to fight dragons, you need to stop all...this.
Now, you're thinkin' about this all wrong. It's not so much what you look like, it's what's inside that he can't stand.
I'll pack my undies.
Trolls exist! They steal your socks! But only the left ones! What's with that?
Welcome to Dragon Training!
Let's get started! The recruit who does best will win the honor of killing his first Dragon in front of the entire village!
Don't worry. You're small, and you're weak. That'll make you less of a target! They'll see you as sick or insane and go after the more Viking-like teens instead.
I believe in learning on the job.
Focus, Hiccup! You're not even trying!
Blind spot, yes. Deaf spot, not so much!
And with one twist, he took my hand and swallowed it whole! And I saw the look on his face: I was delicious! He must have passed the word, because it wasn't a month before another one of 'em took my leg.
It's the wings and the tails you really want. If it can't fly, it can't get away. A downed dragon is a dead dragon.
Who would have thought it, eh? He has this way with the beasts!
Then I can double that time.
Every bit the boar-headed, stubborn Viking you ever were.

Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon

Fishlegs, I know what I didn't hear!
No need to panic, kids. I've been shipwrecked many times!
You never forget your first shipwreck . . .
Someone forgot to brush!
Ehh, safety's overrated!

Gift of the Night Fury

Just a wee bit higher! There! That's the spot!
He's right! We are Vikings! We're tough! ...Most of the time.
Eh, it's not so bad.

Book of Dragons

Dawn of the Dragon Racers

Just a bit of rogue wool. Nothing Ol' Gobber can't handle.
Done it. Wouldn't advise it.
Beats the heck out of the old boat race, doesn't it chief? Boat race was good too.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Scared 'em off with the big talk, didn't you Stoick?
Righty-ho! Last lap!
This is your big moment! Have a nice flight!
Ah, he's probably flown off to the edge of the world by now!
You sure you want that boy running the village? You could still delay your retirement.
You know, you two are going to get yourselves into serious trouble one of these days. Not everybody appreciates this way of life.
He's just twenty. And a Viking! I mean could there be a worst possible combination? Hah, I think about how stubborn and senseless you were back in the day . . . Oh, well, not much has changed, actually.
Ah, nothing could hurt Hiccup as long as he has that Night Fury's around. It's a NIGHT FURY!
You might want to take this one.
This is why I never married. This and another reason.
I hope not. Her meatballs could kill more beasts than a battle axe. I still got a few knocking around in here!
Oh, I love this one!
Great! I'll do the cooking.
May the Valkyries welcome you and lead you through Odin's great battle field. May they sing your name with love and fury, so that we might hear it rise from the depths of Valhalla. And know that you've taken your rightful place at the table of Kings. For a great man has fallen: A warrior. A chieftain. A father. A friend.
This is . . . very dangerous!
Some might suggest this is poorly conceived!
Oh, give me a cuddle, Grumpy!
The Chief has come home!