The Gobsucker is a medium-sized Stoker Class[1] dragon that first appeared in the How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular. It later appeared in the game Dragons: Rise of Berk where it was first designated as a Mystery Class dragon.

Official Description

To help it take off, build speed, and even fly straight, this Dragon releases a blast of gas from behind. Needless to say; never sneak up on a Gobsucker!
Let this dragon fight from afar. It's acid blasts may burn through enemies, but its back-gas-blast will destroy everyone else!
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  

Physical Appearance


Gobsucker Egg

Gobsucker eggs are oval-shaped with stripes and small rock-like structures around their base.

Hatchling to Adult

This dragon is small in size. It has a small horn on its nose and a spiked crest on the back of its head. Its snout is broad. The Gobsucker's build is rather stocky and it has large, flat feet that resemble that of an elephant. Most Gobsuckers have stripes on their body and limbs and a pale underbelly.

Titan Wing

Titan Wing Gobsucker

Titan Wing Gobsuckers have pink heads, wings, and backs. On their back, legs, and tail they have the same striping as the Broad Wings age group, but are purple instead. They have more spikes on their heads and an increased number along their backs. Their nasal horns are larger, as well as the single talons on their wings. The body color of the Titan Wing Gobsucker grades from purple above to a dark greenish-blue on the legs.



Unlike most dragons, which emit fire from their mouths, scales (Monstrous Nightmare), or tails (Singetail), the Gobsucker shoots flammable gases from its rear end. This fire, while used offensively, also helps the dragon fly straighter, faster and take off. This ability makes it hard to sneak up on a Gobsucker as anyone who approaches from behind will be a potential victim of the Gobsucker.

According to Gobber, this dragon's ability to fly is entirely dependent on the release of explosive gases from its rear end. As such, a Viking should never approach this dragon from behind.


Gobsuckers cannot shoot any fire at someone unless they are behind them. Other than that the only other offensive variable they have is their strength. It also can't fly if it is out of shots, and a downed dragon is a dead dragon.


How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular

Gobber first describes this dragon to the academy Vikings. It is later seen on the bottom of Gobber's chair. He probably uses this Dragon to move his chair around. Another Gobsucker is seen fighting with Vikings of the academy right before their first encounter with a Gronckle.


Dragons: Rise of Berk

The Gobsucker, along with it Titan form appeared in this game. Two more individuals, Muddlehunt and Gobstinker appeared later. Gobsuckers are mentioned to have normal fire in their battle description in Dragons: Rise of Berk, however, this fire has not been seen as of yet.



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