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Gothi's Pet is a limited dragon featured in the game Dragons: Rise of Berk. It was also one of the Terrible Terrors that was in How to Train Your Dragon 2. It was released on August 20 as a celebration of 500,000 likes on their Facebook page.


Gothi loves all the Terrible Terrors swarming around her house, but even she has her favorite. Their bond is special, as if they have their own personal language (Dragonese?).

How to Train Your Dragon 2

In the second film, Gothi picked up the Terrors flying around her house to stroke them until the gang swooped past them, scaring her pets off.

When Drago's Bewilderbeast arrived, the Terrors were seen sleeping in a pile on top of Gothi, before being controlled and flying away. After Drago's Bewilderbeast was defeated, she reunited with them as the Terrors rushed towards her and clung onto her body happily.



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