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Grapple Grounder
GrappleGrounder Front
Dragon Information
Dragon Type: Grapple Grounder
Habitat: Unknown, (most likely somewhere dense due to their ability to contort themselves)
Weakness: Vulnerable Neck, Eels, Dragon Nip, Under the Bewilderbeast's Control
Trainable: Yes
Danger Level: Very Dangerous - Extremely Dangerous
Dragon Tip: Unknown
Dragon Features
Dragon Color: Different Colors
Notable Features: Horned Head, Long Body
Size: Medium
Length: 9 to 30 meters (30 to 99 feet)
Dragon Stats
Dragon Class: Unknown Class
Fire Type: Magnesium, Pulse Gel
Special Abilities: Body Flip, Springy Tail
Attack Level: 16
Speed Level: 15
Armor Strength: 10
Firepower: 14
Shot Limit: 8
Venom: 6
Jaw Strength: 11
Stealth: 9
Chronological Information
First Appearance: How to Train Your Dragon (film)
Last Appearance: How to Train Your Dragon (game)

The Grapple Grounder is very fast, springy, and dangerous. This dragon is snake-like in appearance, with four long skinny legs and a long body. It is ready to fight any dragon it meets, and it seems that the Grounder shoots pulse blasts similar to those of a Night Fury.


The Grapple Grounder appears in the last battle in the game. Snotlout uses four Grapple Grounders in the Thor's Day Thursday Tournament. Beating the last tournament, you unlock the Grapple Grounder in arcade mode, and become a Dragon Master, thus beating the whole game. Their main power is their body size. Although it can't dish out fast attacks in a short time, its magnificent speed takes from one attack to another quickly. It has more stamina and strength than Night Furies, but less speed, power, and fire. The golden dragon statue seen impaled by a sword above the Viking fire pit in the Great Hall greatly resembles a Grapple Grounder. Other than that and the video game, this dragon has made very few appearances in the franchise. The Grapple Grounder also appears in the DSI version of the game.


  • The Grapple Grounder's head and neck seems to resemble a Zippleback's and Scauldron's, if you look close.
  • It is unknown if it will appear in any future media.
  • When you consider its fire power, it might be a Stoker Class or Strike Class dragon.
  • Its appearance is very similar to dragons of several exotic or eastern lore, particularly the Yinglong, a powerful dragon from Chinese myth, being similar to the Fireworm Queen.
  • The Grapple Grounder is the symbol of the fan-made Unknown Class.


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