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Dragon Information
Dragon Type: Gronckle
Habitat: Forests, Caves
Weakness: Lazy, Noises, Eels, Dragon Nip, Scratching, Blue Oleander, Under the Red Death's and Bewilderbeast's Control
Trainable: Yes
Danger Level: Mildly Dangerous
Dragon Tip: Feed it Dragon Nip.
Dragon Features
Dragon Color: Varies. Brown, rose, blue, teal, purple, beige, brownish-purple. (Each color has a secondary color with it which varies too)
Notable Features: Large Body, Bumps for Protection, Small Wings
Size: Medium. 14ft long, 18ft wingspan, 5724 pounds (average size)
Length: 6 meters (16 feet)
Dragon Stats
Dragon Class: Boulder Class
Fire Type: Heptane, Oxygen and Rock. Lava
Special Abilities: Bump Scatter Blast
Attack Level: 8
Speed Level: 4
Armor Strength: 20
Firepower: 14
Shot Limit: 6
Venom: 0
Jaw Strength: 8
Stealth: 5
Chronological Information
First Appearance: {{{1stappfran}}}
Last Appearance: How to Train Your Dragon 2

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Dragon Information
Colors: {{{color}}}
Armed with: {{{armed}}}
Defences: Thick, impenetrable, springy armor like skin, tuff, bulbous, deadly bludgeon tail. Large Canine teeth
Radar: 8
Poison: 0
Hunting ability:
Speed: 8
Attack: 8
Size: 7
Disobedience: 5
Fear and fight factor: 7
Chronological Information
First Appearance: {{{1stappbook}}}
Last Appearance:

The Gronckle is one of the toughest (and slowest) dragon in the dragon world, and more than lives up to its looks in the battlefield.


The Gronckle can be a slow, lazy, and cranky bulldog-like Dragon; it has been known to fall asleep mid-flight, waking only when it plunges into the sea or crashes into a mountain. They spend the majority of the day sleeping.

Because of its tremendous weight and small wings, it would seem impossible for them to fly. However, because the wings of a Gronckle beat at a speed similar to that of hummingbirds' dragonflies', or bees' wings,  it is possible for one to sustain flight. In fact, a Gronckle can fly backward, sideways and even hover in place.

Its tail can be mistaken for the head if little attention is paid.

It is also prone to Dragon acne. Because of its large stout body and clubbed tail, the Gronckle somewhat resembles an Ankylosaurus. It has huge jaws which it uses to hold food when carrying it to the dragon mound. It has a rather blunt nose horn and fairly stubby toe claws. Its legs are practically useless in battle, and due to its short tail it has a fairly small attack range.


Gronckle Concept1

Gronckle concept art.

The Gronckle can launch a devastating fire attack but is limited to six shots at a time. Both its fire attack and hovering flight pattern makes it a very dangerous Dragon. It can simply hover slightly out of reach of the Vikings and then blast them with its powerful fire. Unlike the other Dragons, the Gronckle can refill its so called shot limit fairly quickly. Most Dragons use a flammable gas, but the Gronckle eats rocks and then melts them in its stomach. So as long as there are edible rocks in the area the Gronckle will be able to refill its shot limit. Like all Boulder Class dragons, Gronckles have extremely strong jaws, being able to crush boulders with ease.

The Gronckle has many hidden abilities. One interesting fact about a Gronckle's stomach is that it is able to melt down any type of rock and metal like a forge. By mixing certain minerals and ores, it is able to create an alloy called Gronckle Iron, which can be shaped into weapons and instruments that are lighter and stronger than those made of pure iron. Meatlug was able to create a large amount of Gronckle Iron, though she is unable to do so again since no one knows exactly what she ate at the time. Other mixtures allow them be magnetized, create glass (sandstone alone), overheat.

Because of their mineral-based diet, Gronckles are the only known Dragons that are immune of Dragon Root. This is because of their diet of minerals. Therefore, it might be possible that the Hotburple might be immune too.

It is said that when provoked or surrounded, the Gronckles will inhale deeply, and the bumps on their bodies will blast off and scatter in every direction for self defense.

Interesting enough, Gronckles are much faster on the ground, than in the air. They are very maneuverable in the air, being able to go backwards, sideways and even hold still to hover.

Gronckles have extremely tough scales, and can withstand many attacks from enemy Dragons and Vikings. This makes them one of the most toughest dragons, in terms of defense. According to a webisode, they can survive a crash into a mountain or fall at high altitudes.

While short, their club-like tail is actully quite a strong weapon, against both Vikings and dragons. Meatlug demonstrated this in battles with a Whispering Death and Typhoomerang. Because they are so heavy, even a simple body slam can do fatal damage.

Gronckles have a strong sense of smell, which was demonstrated several times when Meatlug found hostile Outcast Vikings, or when she found a Changewing egg.


The official Website describes the Gronckle as follows: "One of the toughest dragons in our world is the GRONCKLE. Gronckles have gigantic heads, short bodies, and round tails. Gronckles are lazy, and spend most of their time sleeping in communal heaps. They have been known to fall asleep while flying, waking only when they crash into the ocean or the side of a mountain. Gronckles have relatively small wings that beat as fast as a hummingbird's. They are slow in the air, but make up for this with their maneuverability. A Gronckle can fly backwards, sideways, and even hover. Gronckles attack from the air, where their primary weapon is most effective. Gronckles chew rocks, melting them in their bellies and firing them as balls of molten lava."[1]

"With its bulbous shape, tiny wings and laid-back demeanor, the wart hoggish Gronckle is proving to be a fan favorite." Says Sanders, “He is a series of round balls, including warts. He’s just lazy, cantankerous and grumpy, and that makes you like him even better. The critter is known to doze off even in mid-flight as he floats about like the Goodyear blimp. But there is no denying that his fire packs a lethal punch."[2]

Also mentioned in Book of Dragons "A Gronckle has five phases of growth, just like all other dragons." Only three phases have been confirmed: first being Egg, second being Hatchling, and fifth is Titan Wing.

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON - Animated Webisode - The Gronckle00:31

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON - Animated Webisode - The Gronckle


In the Film


Wild Gronkles

The Gronckle is the first Dragon that the Viking Trainees have to fight in the arena. It is used to teach them how to use the shield to block attacks and shown to have a six shot limit. One almost blasts Hiccup, but he is saved by Gobber the Belch. Hiccup learns from Toothless that Dragons love garlic grass and uses this to calm down the same Gronckle in a later training session. The Gronckle is used to determine who will kill the Monstrous Nightmare and is seen subdued by Hiccup (presumably through scratching a particularly sensitive spot Dragons have), earning him that right. Hiccup later gives the Gronckle to Fishlegs during the attack on the Red Death and during the battle, she hovers beside the Dragon's head, allowing Fishlegs to distract the Red Death by banging on his shield. This also confuses the Gronckle and causes her to crash and flip upside-down, pinning Fishlegs who ends up being okay. The Gronckle and Fishlegs are nearly crushed by the Red Death's foot, but thanks to Snotlout's antics, it barely misses them and the Gronckle is later seen flying around the village as Fishlegs' pet Dragon, Meatlug.

In the Book

It is shown in the book that Dogsbreath the Duhbrain and Wartihog both have Gronckles in the Pirate Training Programme. Dogsbreath's is called Seaslug. Stoick the Vast also has a Gronckle called Newtsbreath.

Gronckle Eggs

Gronckle eggs are the smallest of all the species. They are very rough and have dark brown color. They also bounce around like jumping beans. In Gift of the Night Fury, they are shown to explode when they hatch. Although the eggs are supposed to be barely larger than a marble, Gift of the Night Fury showed Meatlug's eggs to be just a bit smaller than the average Viking head and snuggly fitting inside Viking helmets.


As mentioned before, Gronckles are lazy and sometimes cranky Dragons. They fly slowly due to their small wings and bulky bodies, but their fire attacks are devastating. They can be sweet natured at times, especially towards their hatchlings or their riders. They are faster on the ground and if they need to move quickly, they prefer to run. But this is in the film and tv series. In the books they are said to be quite stupid.



  • The Gronckle's wing-to-body ratio would mean it would have to beat its wings significantly faster than any hummingbird would need to flap its own wings. It would have to beat approximately 4.1 times faster than any hummingbird.
  • Gronckles eat stones and boulders.
  • To train a Gronckle, one must feed it Dragon Nip or rocks.
  • They are the slowest flying dragons so far in the franchise, but are relatively fast on the ground.
  • It is possible that the Hotburple is actually a subspecies of the Gronckle.


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