Guslout is a Shovelhelm who was trained by Snotlout and Gustav. He made his first appearance in Rise of Berk.


"Much to Snotlout's annoyance, he and Gustav trained this Shovelhelm together. The only thing they could agree on was its name."


Guslout has the appearance of a normal Shovelhelm. However, he is brown in color with a white belly, unlike the Shovelhelm's usual green or aquamarine color. He has red wings and a red tail fin. The crest on the back of his head is red as well.


  • Guslout's name is a reference to the episode Frozen. In this episode, Snotlout is paralyzed by a group of Speed Stingers and has to be moved around by Gustav. Due to this, they briefly refer to themselves as "Guslout".



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