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"Deploy The Yak."
―Hammerhead Yak from the back of the Hammerhead Whale

The Hammerhead Yak appears only in the Movie Short, Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon, and Gobber's imagination.


The Hammerhead Yak is a mythical Yak character. It is presumably a male. He is brown and shaggy and horned like a typical yak, but similarities end there. He can speak, appears to be bi-pedal, and has two-fingered hands with an opposable thumb capped with a hoof or nail. His eyes protrude from the sides of his head, right in front of the horns, hence the "hammerhead".


Saving Gobber from the Boneknapper

In the Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon movie short, Gobber tells the tale of his dealings with a particular Boneknapper dragon. The dragon has been seeking him out and attacking him most of his adult life. At one point in an Unnamed Land, the Boneknapper is chasing Gobber to the top of an active volcano. Gobber jumps over the entire caldera, followed closely by the dragon. Suddenly the Hammerhead Yak sprang from the hot lava to fight with the Boneknapper, while Gobber escapes.

Later on, both the Hammerhead Whale and the Hammerhead Yak are summoned by the Norse God Thor. From astride the Hammerhead Whale, The Hammerhead Yak is "deployed", jettisoned by the Whale's blow-hole. Again, both save Gobber from the Boneknapper.



  • The Hammerhead Yak is also mentioned by both Mulch and Trader Johann in School of Dragons.
  • It is unknown why they appeared or why Thor summoned them to support a Viking man from a Dragon.
  • It is possible that the Hammerhead Yak and the Hammerhead Whale are magical creatures created by Thor. According to Gobber, he did summon them, but there is no information to confirm or deny this theory.
  • The Yak's atmosphere and behavior is actually similar to that of Po the Panda from the Kung Fu Panda franchise.

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