Harald Forkbeard is a new character introduced in third expansion pack for School of Dragons, Battle for the Edge.

He is a pirate from a distant land and has a pet Terrible Terror, Leopold.


Harald has blonde hair, pulled back into a banded ponytail and a thin, pointed beard.

He wears a brown tunic with a red sash and brown belt over it, and a yellow long sleeve shirt. His gloves have fur lacing on them, as well as on his boots and tunic. Harald also wears decorated, metal guard on his left shoulder and forearm.


Harald show's up on Dragon's Edge after the Riders deal with the first attack by Dragon Hunters. While Hiccup welcomes the newcomer, Astrid is suspicious of him.

He accompanies the Dragon Riders to the neighboring islands around Dragon's Edge. He even frees a Prickleboggle from a dragon trap.

However, after the Dragon Riders head to Hobblegrunt Island to save some captured dragons, they return to find that Harald has stolen the hunter's weaponry, as well the Book of Dragons. He soon traps the Archaeologist, whom the Riders began to speculate was working with him, in a cage to prevent him from interfering with his plans.

The Dragon Riders use the Flightmare's frozen mist to paralyze and capture Harald. While he is not remorseful about his actions, he offers to take the player to the Dragon Hunters' hideout to save the dragons they captured. Afterwards, he sails towards Dragon's Edge with a mysterious object from Hobblegrunt Island the Hunters stole, with them following behind.

Harold had made several dealings at Auction Island, including providing for a scam of a rock turning Dragons to stone. He finds these rocks at Dragon Island. The next time the Dragon RIders see him is when they had gone to Dragon Island.


  • His name appears to be based on Harald II of Denmark, sometimes referred to as Harald Forkbeard.
  • Hiccup's trust and Astrid's mistrust towards Harald mirrors their first impression of Heather. They both also have lied and stole the Book of Dragons.
    • However, Heather was trying to save her parents, while Harald was trying to make a profit.
  • Harald is the third person to lie and betray the Dragon Riders. The other two are Heather and Hroar. Coincidentally, all their names begin with "H."
  • Harald is the only villain that has a dragon who is truly loyal to their master. Alvin's relationship with Groundsplitter is unclear, Dagur's Skrill has escaped, and Drago Bludvist tortured his Bewilderbeast into following his orders.
    • Dagur does have Shattermaster, who is loyal to him. However, he was not a villain when Shattermaster became his dragon.
  • His name is nearly identical to Hiccup's French name, "Harold."