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Heather at the Berk Dragon Academy
Vital Statistics
Name Heather
Race Human
Gender Female
Friends/Allies Hiccup, Astrid, Fishlegs, Snotlout, Tuffnut, Ruffnut, Toothless, Stormfly, Meatlug, Hookfang, Barf and Belch
Status Alive
Out-of-Universe Information
Voiced by Mae Whitman
First Appearence Heather Report Part I
Last Appearence Heather Report Part II

Heather is a character in the How to Train Your Dragon television series, Dragons: Riders of Berk. She is known to be an antagonist to Astrid because Hiccup begins to put too much trust in her, putting a bit of a strain on Hiccup's relationship with Astrid. It is also known that she has been working with the Outcasts when she is seen with Savage. Astrid finally manages to convince the others that Heather's in league with the Outcasts when she steals both Astrid's dragon and the Book of Dragons.[1] It is later shown in Heather Report Part II, that she lied to them only because the Outcasts were holding her parents hostage and would only return them alive if she aquired information on training dragons.

Heather will return of Race to the Edge, with a larger role and a new unknown species of dragon of her own, of whom she names Windshear.


Heather is a young girl wearing a gray/green shirt underneath her overall-like dress, with a hollow horn around her waist and a leather vest. She wears brown pants and brown boots. All of her clothing has patches.

She has green eyes and long black hair that frames her face with her bangs parted on the right side and a braid placed over her left shoulder. She also seems to wear some form of eye liner.


Heather is quite intelligent, and able to think her way out of trouble. Most of the time relying on being a helpless victim. Even when Astrid confronted her, she seemed to mock her since no one believed her. While she may seem deceptive, she actually has a kind nature, going to extremes to protect those she cares about, even if it means betrayal.

Heather also appears to value trust, even with her enemies. This trait made it easy for her to work with the dragons.

While she was very popular among the boys due to her looks, Heather appears to have no interest in them. When Tuffnut flirted with her, she wanted to focus more on working with Barf & Belch. She also declined to write to Snotlout, and turned down Hiccup's hug to pet Toothless, though she did say she would miss the later Viking.

In the TV series

Heather is first found under a wrecked boat when the Dragon Riders check out the scene. She then tells them that pirates attacked her family's ship and were laying seize to her island. Hiccup let her stay at his house until they got things sorted out. That night, however, Astrid saw Heather spying on her and Stormfly, thus becoming suspicious of the newcomer.

The next morning, Heather helped Hiccup figure out a way to increase Toothless' speed by using a shorter connecting rod, which would push the rider back in the saddle more, making them more streamlined. While the two tested it out, Hiccup ended up missing his meet up with Astrid to check their dragons' timing. When they got to the Academy, Heather began to realize Astrid's anamosity when she asked her if she slept well and was given a glare. She was then showed the Book of Dragons, and Astrid grabbed it when Heather asked to see it. Though Astrid tried to warn Hiccup, he said he trusted her.

Heather began to ask the other boys about their dragons ansd thier abilities. Afterwards, she looked around Hiccup's room for the Book of Dragons to find information on Deadly Nadders. Astrid caught Heather, but she managed to convince Hiccup that she was cleaning his room and found it. Astrid then tells Hiccup about seeing Heather sneaking around last night, but once again she tells him that she went for a walk because she was having nightmares. Astrid storms off, and Heather apologizes for reading the book, Though Hiccup still trusts her.

Heather then sneaks off to Stormfly's pen and tries to gain her trust by feeding her chicken. Astrid catches her again, but this time Heather doesn't use her "innocent routine," saying Astrid was too smart for it in a cocky manner. She further pushes her buttons when even Stormfly has taking a liking to her.

Later, when Stoick and Hiccup are clearing the table, Heather goes for the book under Hiccup's bed. However, Hiccup has it with him, leaving her in a desperate situation. Heather then makes her way to the beach, unaware that Astrid, who was in the forest venting, was following her. Heather met up with Savage, revealing she was working with the Outcasts. She explains that the Riders have a book with everything they know about dragons, though she doesn't have it. Begging for more time, she tells Savage she will get it. Astrid accidentally knocks over some pebbles, alerting Heather to make her way back. Astrid tries to warn Hiccup with what she discovered, but Heather is already in bed, apparently been asleep the whole time.

The next morning, Heather not only makes off with the Book of Dragons, but Stormfly as well. While she tries to fly her, Heather is unskilled at dragon riding, moving in a sloppy manner. Finally convinced, the Dragon Riders chase, and soon catch up to her. Astrid manages to jump onto Stormfly's back and the two girls fight for her and the book. When they cross into Outcast territory, Astrid knocks Heather off, along with the book. Snotlout catches her while Hiccup tries to grab the book. However, the Outcasts fire at him and Toothless, forcing them to retreat. Leaving the Book of Dragons in the hands of Alvin the Treacherous.

In the next episode, Heather is locked up in Berk. She manages to escape, but Astrid catches her. After being thrown back in her cell, Heather reveals that the only reason she worked for Alvin was because he had her parents. Astrid questions her pirate story and she admits she made it up. Heather says she did it because she needed the Riders to trust her, but now they don't.

When Astrid poses as her to retrieve the Book of Dragons with Hiccup and the others as backup, Heather manages to escape and takes Stormfly again, but this time to help the teens. Astrid manages to retrieve the book and rescue Heather's parents, after learning she was telling the truth. When Heather finally gets to Outcast Island, she helps the teens fight back. 

After getting the Book of Dragons and headed back to Berk, Heather and Astrid have finally become friends, as she thanks her for saving her family. Heather leaves Berk with her parents.

School of Dragons

Heather appears in the School of Dragons as the alchemist. Before the game was released, she was replaced with Katrina the Curious. Heather replaced her a few months later, but still wears the same outfit as Katrina.

Abilities & Talents

  • Acting: Heather is a very good actor, as she was able to fool the Dragon Riders for a few days, except Astrid, who saw her sneaking around.
  • Strength: Despite her size, Heather is pretty tough. She is able to take on Astrid, as well as able to scale the walls in Berk's prison, and stay at the top for some time.
  • Dragon Training and Riding: Even with very little time spent on Berk, Heather picked up on dragon training pretty quickly, as all the dragons have taken a liking to her. Even though she wasn't very fast, she was also capable of flying with Stormfly.
  • Alchemy: As the Alchemist in School of Dragons, Heather has extensive knowledge with experimenting. It is unknown if she has this skill in the series.
  • Intelligence: She shown to be pretty clever to come up with great lie to fool everyone. She even helped Hiccup to make a new tail fin to increased speed, and came with ideas to escape prison. In School of Dragons, she loves to experiment and figure things out.


  • Heather has many differences from the other teens.
    • Unlike Ruffnut and Astrid, Heather does not have blonde hair and blue eyes. She is also doesn't wear anything blue.
    • Heather wears no form of metal. (most wear helmets, Astrid has her shoulder guards, and Hiccup has his leg)
    • She and Hiccup are the only ones who have sleeves.
    • Heather wears no fur material. However, this may due to the limited animation or the series, though her clothes do not resemble anything that could be fur based.
  • She appears to be popular with the other male riders.
  • Due to large amount of patches on her clothes, it is possible Heather comes from a poor island.
  • Meatlug is the only academy dragon Heather hasn't rode, not counting Belch's head.
  • Heather's story about her family's boat being attacked by pirates might be how they were captured by the Outcasts.
  • Astrid refers to her as Little Miss Innocent.
  • Heather is the only original character who did not return in Defenders of Berk.
  • Since Heather appeared in School of Dragons, it's possible she may return in later media.
  • It was rumored that Heather would return in Defenders of Berk and train a Scauldron named Spout. This was later proved to be untrue. This might have been early idea for Free Scauldy.
  • Heather and Eret, from How to Train Your Dragon 2, shares some similarities as both characters worked for either the Outcasts or Drago's Army respectively. But their allegiance to the antagonists was not out of loyalty and both characters would join the Dragon Riders in defeating the respective antagonists.
  • In School of Dragons, she narrates the Skrill's bio at the Hatchery, instead of Gobber like the other dragons. She also says she would like to test how strong its electricity is.
  • Despite only appearing in two episodes, she is very popular among fans.


Riders of Berk

  • "My family and I were on our way home to our island when our boat was attacked by pirates."
  • "They attacked our boat and took us back to our island, laying seige to it. I was able to escape, but my mother and father, they weren't so lucky."
  • "So this is it? Your dragon training academy."
  • (after blasting a boat) "What do we do now?!"
  • "Take as much time as you need!"
  • (to Astrid) "You really like to sneak up on people."
  • "You're way too smart for that Astrid."
  • "I think your dragon likes me. See you later, Stormfly."
  • "You don't understand! Alvin has my parents!"
  • "There were never any pirates. I made it up. But I had to. I needed you to trust me!"
  • "Sorry Bucket, but I have to get to Outcast Island. And nothing's going to stop me."
  • "OK, never startle a sleeping Nadder."
  • "It's OK. I wouldn't have believed me either."
  • "I can't thank you enough, especially you Astrid. You put your life on the line for us. I'll never forget that."
  • (Hiccup tells her if she needs help again she'll ask) "I will. I promise."

School of Dragons

  • "Hey, I'm Heather."
  • "It's nice to be back with my Berk friends."
  • "I think your dragon likes me."
  • "What should my next experiment be?"*
  • "I think of learning as an adventure in knowledge."*
  • "Whew, I nearly singed my eyebrows off in the lab. Make sure you're really safe when doing your experiments."*
  • "Keep your cool and you can get out of any situation, with a little help from your friends."
  • "Astrid was pretty convincing when she pretended to be me. I should dress up like her one day!"

*lines shared with Katrina



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