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Hellsteethers are a presumed group of closely related dragons, perhaps a Genus. The only known specific type or species of Hellsteether is the Snub-Nosed Hellsteether. This would be similar to the fact that there are a group of different types of Squirrelserpent dragons, of which two types we know about are the Lesser-Spotted Squirrelserpent and the Shortwing Squirrelserpent.

The Snub-Nosed Hellsteether is so called because of its shortened, or "snubbed", muzzle. In "The Complete Book of Dragons," there is a picture of an unknown Hellsteether. It has the characteristic double set of jaws, but clearly not a snub-nose. Therefore it is not a Snub-Nosed Hellsteether, but some other un-named species.

Hellsteethers are shown to give a warning sound when hunting prey:

"The Hellsteethers softly rattled their teeth, with that dreadful warning rattle that turned Vikings' hearts to ice when they heard it surrounding their ships in the dead of night."
How to Fight a Dragon's Fury


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