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"He's only the son of Stoick the Vast... his heir to the throne of Berk... and the greatest dragon master this world has ever seen!"
Astrid describes Hiccup to Drago Bludvist[src]

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III is the main protagonist of the How to Train Your Dragon book series, the 2010 DreamWorks film adaptation the 2014 sequel, and the tv series connecting the two where he is voiced by Jay Baruchel. His full name is Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third, the Hope and Heir to the Tribe of the Hairy Hooligans. He is the son of Valka and the late Hooligan chief, Stoick the Vast, thus making him the heir, and later, the current chief of the tribe. He is 15 years old in the first film and Riders of Berk and Defenders of Berk, 18-19 years old in Race to the Edge and 20 years old in How to Train Your Dragon 2. His dragon, Toothless, is a Night Fury, the rarest and most intelligent dragon species. He is also the boyfriend of Astrid Hofferson as of Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 4 episode "Blindsided" and throughout the remainder of the series and the second movie.


Early Life

"One night, a dragon broke into our house, finding you in the cradle. I rushed to protect you, but what I saw... was proof of everything I believed. This wasn’t a vicious beast, but an intelligent, gentle creature, whose soul reflected my own. You and your father nearly died that night, all because I couldn’t kill a dragon."
―Valka, explaining the events of her disappearance[src]

About fifteen years before the events of the first film, Hiccup was born prematurely to Stoick the Vast and his wife Valka. Although the new mother was worried that Hiccup would not survive his early birth, Stoick was confident that he would grow strong and Hiccup did indeed prosper. When he was still a baby, Valka sewed Hiccup a dragon toy with his name stitched into the sides. Hiccup was then given a small axe by Stoick, so he could start training much to his mother's chagrin.

One night a dragon known as a Stormcutter broke into their house, finding baby Hiccup in the cradle. Valka rushed to his rescue, but found the dragon curiously playing with Hiccup, leaving the baby giggling in delight, proving that everything about dragons that Valka believed in was true. The Stormcutter was startled when he noticed Valka's presence, accidentally nicking Hiccup's chin with a wing claw when he turned to look her way. After staring into each other's eyes, Stoick rushed into the scene. He and the dragon started fighting with each other, the results led to the house burned and Valka being abducted by the dragon, leaving her husband heartbroken and in shock. This experience left Hiccup with a deep fear of dragons, so much so that he threw the toy his mother made for him into the ocean one day when he and his father were out fishing.

Stoick became overly protective of his son, while Valka formed a bond with the Stormcutter who abducted her, naming him Cloudjumper and became willing to spend the rest of her life staying away from Berk, including her family, fearing that her love of dragons might harm those she cares about. So Hiccup grew up believing his mother had been eaten by a dragon.

How to Train Your Dragon

" My name's Hiccup. Great name, I know. But it's not the worst. Parents believe a hideous name will scare off gnomes and trolls. As if our charming Viking demeanor won't do that."
― Hiccup's introduction

At the start, Hiccup is an embarrassment to his father, Stoick the Vast, the Chief of the Hairy Hooligan tribe. Too small to wield traditional Viking weapons and therefore unable to kill a dragon like the rest of his village, he works as an apprentice to Gobber the Belch, the village blacksmith. One night during a dragon raid, once left unsupervised, Hiccup leaves his indoor work post and, with a bola launcher named "The Mangler", manages to shoot down one of the deadliest and most feared dragons in the skies: the Night Fury. When he tries to tell his father of his feat, Stoick disbelieves him, and is frustrated with the boy at the mess he left in his wake. So Stoick orders him to go home and stay there. When Hiccup goes to find his kill, after what appears to be many failed attempts, he finds the dragon and discovers that he's still alive. Despite his determination to prove himself to the community as a great dragon killer, Hiccup is unable to kill it after seeing the fear in his eyes, and instead cuts him free.

Cutting Toothless free

Hiccup freeing Toothless.

No more of.. this

Hiccup forced into Dragon Training.

When he returns home that night, Stoick tells him he can join Dragon Training, unknowing that Hiccup has changed his mind about killing dragons. But Stoick hopes that his son will man up and let go of himself. Hiccup's left no choice however, so early the next day, he is enrolled into Dragon Training, where he's expected to learn to fight and kill dragons. At first, he struggles to complete the simplest tasks and hold his own against even the most (relatively) benign dragons, earning the usual mockery of his fellow teenagers. However, after managing to get close enough to bond with the Night Fury he shot down, whom he names Toothless after finding out about his retractable teeth, he builds him a prosthetic tail-fin to replace the one that the crash landing caused by his Mangler tore off. It granted Toothless the ability to fly with Hiccup's assistance, and jump-starts their friendship. He gains valuable experience and a deeper insight into the mannerisms of most dragons, such as the fact that it's possible to bring a dragon into submission if it's scratched gently in a certain spot under the chin. He's soon hailed as a Viking prodigy, with the time he spends with Toothless allowing him to ultimately "defeat" every dragon he encounters during training.

Test flight on Toothless

Hiccup and Toothless' Test Drive.

The stress of living this double life is hard on Hiccup, however. The other Vikings, particularly Astrid Hofferson, take notice of his sudden rise in skill, as well as his unexplained absences after Dragon Training sessions, although no one really comments on it. Eventually, after Hiccup places top in training, Astrid manages to follow him and discovers Toothless. She runs off to tell the other Vikings, but Hiccup and Toothless stop her. They take her on a romantic flight around the area to calm Astrid down. It's during this ride that Hiccup sees the Red Death in the very Dragons' Nest his father has been trying to find and destroy. When they land, Hiccup manages to convince Astrid not to tell anyone about anything that happened, showing how loyal he is to his dragon. After their conversation, Astrid punches Hiccup in the shoulder for kidnapping her, then she kisses him on the cheek, seeming to admire his loyalty.

Pinned by Hookfang

Hiccup pinned down by the Monstrous Nightmare.

The next day, Hiccup is required to fight and kill a Monstrous Nightmare as part of his final exam during Dragon Training. The task goes horribly wrong, however when Stoick swings his hammer against the Dragon Training cage in response to Hiccup's blasphemous claims that dragons "aren't what we think they are" and that "we don't have to kill them". Hiccup's methods of dragon appeasement no longer work and the Nightmare moves in for the kill. Toothless, hearing Hiccup's scream in fear, tries to get out of the cove where he's been safely hidden since befriending Hiccup, and, succeeding for the first time, rushes to the scene and beats the other dragon back while at the same time revealing himself to all the Vikings. Though Hiccup attempts to explain why he went against the Viking way of life and befriended a dragon, his father refuses to listen, and disowns him as his son, and instead takes advantage of Toothless, chaining him to a ship and using him to reach the Dragons' Nest. As the adult Vikings leave in search of the Nest, Astrid talks to Hiccup about the entire situation, trying to comfort him, showing him that his refusal to kill a dragon was a strength and not a weakness as he believed. She finally asks him what he's going to do about it, which leads him to say "something crazy." He goes off to do his 'crazy' plan, while Astrid gathers the other Viking teenagers. Hiccup brings out the now docile Monstrous Nightmare, followed by tyre other dragons kept at the arena, and teaches the other teens how to ride on the back of a dragon.

While the Vikings try to fight a losing fight against the Red Death, the teens fly into the scene on the backs of the dragons, with Gobber commenting to Stoick that Hiccup is, "every bit the boar-headed, stubborn Viking you ever were". Hiccup goes onto the burning ship where Toothless is, and tries to free him, but soon the Red Death causes the ship to sink into the sea, pulling Toothless down with it. Hiccup dives into the water in a desperate attempt to free Toothless, but goes limp after a few moments of trying due to lack of air. He is then saved by his father, who dives back into the sea to free Toothless from his chains. After Toothless surfaces with Stoick in his claws, Hiccup mounts Toothless in preparation to face the Red Death. Stoick apologizes to his son for not listening to him. He continues saying he doesn't have to partake in the battle, to which Hiccup replies by quoting his father's catchphrase, "We're Vikings. It's an occupational hazard." In response to the familiar words, Stoick tells Hiccup how proud he is to call him his son. 

Hiccup and Toothless then fly off to confront the Red Death themselves and soon have the enormous dragon pursuing them into the clouds. Hiccup manages to kill the Red Death by having Toothless dive towards the Nest at a high speed, finally blasting a plasma bolt into its mouth, consuming the larger dragon from the inside. During the fight, though, Toothless' prosthetic tail catches on fire, so as they are trying to dodge the burning body of the Red Death, it crashes into the ground, triggering an explosion on impact. In their desperate attempt to escape the blast, they run into the Red Death's tail at the last moment. The tail having fallen off, the two fall thousands of feet into the blaze below. As the village approaches the site of the explosion and finds that Hiccup is nowhere to be found, Stoick soon discovers that, even without his makeshift tail, Toothless has protected the future chief from the fire by folding him in his wings. Stoick wholeheartedly apologizes to Toothless, and is deeply thankful to the dragon for bringing his son back to him alive.

How-to-train-disneyscreencaps com-10248

Hiccup's prosthetic foot.

When he wakes up after an unknown amount of time (according to some, probably about three weeks), Hiccup is heralded as a hero in the tribe. Although he lost his left foot and lower shin when he and Toothless fell into the fiery cloud, he was fitted with a prosthetic that Gobber designed and fabricated, "with a little Hiccup flair thrown in." This new prosthetic matches Toothless' new left control stirrup which Gobber has also redesigned, and clips right into place, as if he and Toothless were one. At the very end of the film, Astrid punches Hiccup for scaring her, then she kisses Hiccup on the lips, as the rest of the village accepts dragons into the island as companions.

Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon

Feeling bad for Gobber after his house burns and he goes off alone to hunt the Dragon he believes did it, Hiccup persuades his friends to help him help Gobber hunt down the elusive Boneknapper. When they set sail to find it, Gobber tells them stories of how he first met the dragon and also its following encounters with him, and how it kept trying to steal his belt buckle. The stories always have a ridiculous and insane background which start to annoy the teens. Hiccup at first gives Gobber's stories the benefit of the doubt, despite the Riders calling them ridiculous and insane. But after being shipwrecked and landing on the Boneknapper's island, Gobber sets up a trap to lure the Boneknapper using Fishlegs as bait. At that point, Hiccup can no longer defend him and tells Gobber that there's no such thing as a Boneknapper. This causes a long dispute with the other Riders as well, causing them to be oblivious to the Boneknapper sneaking up behind them. When they finally witness the dragon, Hiccup and the rest finally say they believe Gobber and run for the safety of the trap. The Boneknapper tries to smash its way in, but Hiccup notices that its armor of bones is missing a small piece in its chest. He realizes the belt buckle Gobber is using is actually the perfect bone for its coat of armor and tells Gobber to takes off his pants.

The Riders are all confused, but Hiccup explains how the Boneknapper searches for the perfect bone to complete its coat of armor. Consequently, the Boneknapper grabs Gobber and brutally drags him out of the trap, while Hiccup shouts to Gobber to give up the bone piece. Eventually, when he is tossed high up, Gobber finally gives in and throws the bone to the Boneknapper, successfully attaching it to the hole in its armor. When the Boneknapper finally receives the bone, it lets off a deafening roar that irritates Hiccup and the rest. Just then, the Boneknapper confronts Gobber, Hiccup calls for him, fearing his death. But instead, the Boneknapper takes a liking to Gobber after giving back the bone piece, and Gobber pets it as it acts like a friendly dog. But without the belt buckle, Gobber's pants fall down, mortifying Hiccup and the rest of the Riders. Hiccup even admits it's gonna give him nightmares. 

Afterwards, they get a ride home from the Boneknapper. Hiccup notices the Boneknapper's happy mood now that it has its bone piece, also giving it the ability to roar for the first time. Fishlegs then explains its roar is also its mating call. When Gobber denies it to be just a myth, he is proven wrong as three other Boneknapper dragons hear the call and follow them straight to Berk. Gobber exclaims that Stoick and the rest of the villagers will believe his stories now, too.

Gift of the Night Fury

"Turns out that was the best Snoggletog ever. That year I gave my best friend a pretty great gift. But he gave me an even better one"
― Hiccup in Gift of the Night Fury

After being woken by Toothless jumping on the roof, Hiccup grabs his helmet, mounts Toothless, and they go out flying to practice a trick they have worked on for some time during their flight and finally pull it off. As Hiccup and Toothless are heading back home from their ride, they fly straight into the swarm of oncoming dragons, during which Hiccup's helmet is knocked off and falls into the ocean. Although Toothless attempts to quickly dive to get the helmet back, Hiccup decides it's best to return home to figure out what is going on. Upon returning, Hiccup is pelted with questions from the villagers of where the dragons have gone to, to which Hiccup has no answer.

After a town meeting in the Great Hall about what to do about the dragons being gone for the holiday, Hiccup supports Astrid's idea to come up with new traditions to distract them from their sadness, only to be guilted later for being the only villager whose dragon didn't leave. Hiccup feels bad since Toothless can't fly without him, and decides to do something about it.

The next morning, Hiccup is in Gobber's shop, building a new tail for Toothless that will allow the Night Fury to fly by himself, when Astrid stops by to offer him her newest holiday tradion; yak nog. He confides in her his feelings of guilt, thus the reason for him making Toothless this gift, and tasks a sip of her drink. Finding it repulsive, he politely holds it in his mouth until Astrid leaves, and then spits it out. After the tail is finished, Hiccup attaches it on Toothless despite the lingering fear that the dragon might not return. He then watches sadly as Toothless flies off.

Some days later, Hiccup follows Fishlegs, who is carrying fish for Meatlug, to his barn where Meatlug has secretly been chained up. As soon as Hiccup opens the doors to the barn, Meatlug breaks free and inadvertently takes Hiccup with her. As Hiccup holds onto Meatlug for dear life, he is taken to an island, where he discovers that Dragons have gone here to lay their eggs. At not finding Toothless on the island however, he decides to let the dragons enjoy their own holiday. Determined he ought to get back home for Snoggletog, he persuades Hookfang for a ride as the other dragons unexpectedly try to follow with their hatchlings in tow despite Hiccup's protests not to, inadvertently starting the return migration. Remembering an old Viking ship he and Meatlug passed on their flight in, Hiccup comes up with an idea to get both the Dragons and the hatchlings back home safely. They return to Berk after dark, much to the joy of the villagers. Hiccup's greeted with cheers and a crushing hug from Stoick.

At the Great Hall, Hiccup receives a kiss and a hug from Astrid as a thank you for bringing the dragons back, but knowing he is still worried about Toothless' whereabouts. But just them Toothless pushes through the Great Hall doors, Astrid turns Hiccup's face to where Toothless is, and Hiccup is overjoyed to be with his Night Fury once again. It turns out that Toothless has used the new tail to look for Hiccup's helmet, and has in fact, retrieved it.

The next morning, Hiccup wakes to find Toothless placed his old tail and saddle out in front of him in the snow. Hiccup remarks how Toothless has a new and better tail now, but instead of letting Hiccup get up on his back, Toothless keeps persisting they use the old one. Eventually, the dragon looks back at his new tail and smashes it into the ground, ignoring Hiccup's protests as he flicks it far away behind him. Toothless picks up and places the saddle on the snow in front of Hiccup and nudges it towards him, eyes round with request. Realizing Toothless would rather fly with his help, as opposed to just carrying him like all the other dragons, Hiccup is all too happy to go out for another flight. While Hiccup had given Toothless freedom, Toothless has given him friendship.

Book of Dragons

Hiccup, Astrid, Fishlegs, and Gobber are gathered around a table in the Great Hall, discussing new found knowledge of dragons, while Hiccup writes it all down in the Dragon Manual. Toothless sees the viewer enter and gets Hiccup's attention at a new "Dragon Trainer", to which Hiccup says optimistically that [you] have potential. And so the training begins with the opening of the Dragon Manual.

Hiccup, Astrid, Fishlegs, and Gobber all take turns talking about the various dragons in the book. But as the expert in the Strike Class dragons, Hiccup talks about how in order to train one, you need to get its attention, and then its trust. He finally finishes, saying that with a little patience, any dragon can be trained.

The short ends with Toothless excited over teaching his rider what more he can do, so Hiccup can enter it into the manual. So Hiccup follows him out of the Great Hall so they can take a flight, and Gobber gives [you] a Viking helmet, welcoming you to Dragon Training.

Dragons: Riders of Berk


Hiccup in the TV Series.

Hiccup is known as the founder and head Dragon Trainer of the Berk Dragon Academy, starting it by confronting the problem of dragons causing havoc around Berk. Hiccup's role in the series is still unquestionably that of the main character since most of the plots revolve around him and his actions. Throughout the series, he, Toothless, the other teens and their dragons are forced to overcome many different kinds of hardships. Hiccup is looked up to by the teens as a leader, even if at times they don't like to admit it. Stoick starts to entrust great amounts of responsibility to Hiccup.

Hiccup's main difficulties begin with keeping the dragons under control. After that, the weather and harsh climate of Berk become a challenge that he must overcome. Mildew serves as one of his primary antagonists, and Hiccup is forced to go to desperate measures to keep the Vikings from falling back on the old ways of conflicting with the dragons. Wild and rogue dragons are discovered which Hiccup either battles or trains during the series. Perhaps Berk's most deadly enemy, Alvin the Treacherous, shares the role of his book counterpart as being Hiccup's nemesis. Hiccup is forced into conflict with him and his Outcast soldiers many times throughout the first season, but due to his wit and compassion, Hiccup usually emerges the victor, much to Alvin's frustration.

Hiccup has been seen to have mild character development throughout the series. He suddenly finds his confidence, and is willing to take risks, especially social ones. He is given much more responsibility, and he usually handles it well. He has gained significant skills as both a teacher and a leader. He and his father have actually grown to appreciate each other more and more as the series has progressed. Hiccup has also been seen to develop creative ideas for using and training the dragons which now inhabit Berk. He has developed in his relationship with Snotlout considerably. When they compete in the Thawfest Games, both of them become rudely antagonistic towards each other. Hiccup snaps out of this with a little help from Astrid and his conscience, and he allows Snotlout to take victory for the sake of maintaining their friendship. Hiccup's sheer bravery usually winds up saving the day. He doesn't usually take risks unnecessarily, but he seems willing to risk everything for the sake of his friends, especially Toothless. Unfortunately this bravery occasionally becomes foolhardiness, and Hiccup has also found himself in dangerous situations with no way to escape. Thankfully, he knows that he has Toothless and his friends to back him up, and throughout the series they are always ready to help him when he needs it.

How to Start a Dragon Academy

Viking for Hire

Animal House

The Terrible Twos

In Dragons We Trust

Alvin & the Outcasts

How to Pick Your Dragon

Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Young Man

Dragon Flower

Heather Report, Part 1

Heather Report, Part 2


When Lightning Strikes

What Flies Beneath


Defiant One

Breakneck Bog

Gem of a Different Color

We Are Family, Part 1

We Are Family, Part 2

DreamWorks Dragons: Riders of Berk Comic Books

Dragon Down

Dangers of the Deep

The Ice Castle

The Stowaway

The Legend of Ragnarok


Dragons: Defenders of Berk

Hiccup's forced to grow up a lot in Defenders of Berk, now that he's being hunted by Alvin for his dragon training knowledge, and soon also involuntarily dragged into a war with Dagur the Deranged and the Berserker Tribe over his rare and lethal dragon; a Night Fury. And during all this conflict, he and the Riders continue to discover new dragons and are sometimes forced to fight them as well, in order to defend Berk. Especially the Screaming Death and the Skrill, both of which almost destroy the island if it hadn't been for Hiccup and the Riders interfering.

At the discovery of Gronckle Iron, he has an "ornate" shield made that contains a crossbow, a grappling hook, a bola-launcher, and a mini-catapult. Like the Academy sign, the shield has a picture of a Night Fury with a red tail-fin, (a clear design of Toothless). It becomes his sidekick during adventures for the next several years.

Hiccup continues to evolve as a leader as he continues to take charge over the Academy and his father grants him more responsibilities. He also finds more confidence as he learns to think on his feet and plan ahead for the sake of everyone he cares about, especially Toothless. This holds the most true when Stoick is captured by Dagur and is threatened with execution if Hiccup doesn't surrender Toothless to him. For the first time, Hiccup is made Acting Chief in his father's absence, and despite being forced into a role he never really wanted, he's able to save his father, Toothless, and all of Berk, while managing to also form alliances with the Outcasts, get Dagur jailed, and bring an end to the Berserker War.

Though still awkward at times, the timid, clumsy, and rebellious boy that he was in the movie is now a confident, responsible, and thoughtful young man, who's also becoming a great leader. And as Stoick's successor, is officially anointed as the future Chief of Berk.

Live and Let Fly

The Iron Gronckle

The Night and the Fury

Tunnel Vision

Race to Fireworm Island

Fright of Passage

Worst in Show

Appetite for Destruction

Zippleback Down

A View to a Skrill, Part 1

A View to a Skrill, Part 2

The Flight Stuff

Free Scauldy


A Tale of Two Dragons

The Eel Effect

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Bing! Bam! Boom!

Cast Out, Part 1

Cast Out, Part 2

DreamWorks Dragons: Defenders of Berk Comic Books

The Endless Night


Volume 3

Dawn of the Dragon Racers

Hiccup and the other Riders, now about 18 years old, prepare for another annual Dragon Race, and begin reminiscing over how their Dragon Racing tradition actually started. So they flash back to a point shortly after the events of where Defenders of Berk left off. As it was, Silent Sven's sheep didn't like his new voice and all ran away just as the village was preparing for their big annual Regatta. Under Stoick's instruction, Hiccup and the other Dragon Riders fly around Berk to capture them, bringing an end to the chaos. Despite Hiccup's displeasure for competition, the other Riders turn it into a game to see who can collect the most sheep, and dub it "Dragon Racing". When they collect three sheep each, Silent Sven is then heard asking for the whereabouts of his prized possession: the Black Sheep. Hiccup tries to stop the competition, but the Riders proclaim that the black sheep would be the tie breaker and take off without listening. Hiccup ultimately decides he may as well join them and goes searching for the black sheep also. However he is stopped by Gobber, who tells him that Stoick wants to talk to him.

Stoick tells Hiccup that he will be gone for a few days on important business. He appoints Hiccup as acting chief in his absence and gives him strict orders to continue preparing for the Regatta. As the other Riders discuss the rules and conditions of their new game, Hiccup sadly tells them that there will be no Dragon Racing. But they go against his orders behind his back and begin another race, which the villagers, as well as the Riders, have begun to view as better than the Regatta.

Hiccup tries to sway the opinions of the villagers back toward the Regatta but his friends are less than supportive. Soon a riot is about to break out in the Great Hall, and as acting chief, Hiccup finally feels it's best for everyone if he just give in and allow the races to continue.

After Stoick returns, Hiccup meekly explains to him that he has chosen to replace the Regatta with Dragon Racing because he has had to make hard choices for the good of the people. To his surprise, his father agrees to run the Dragon Race instead, and even comes up with ideas such as face paints to give a warrior feel.

During the first annual Berk Dragon Race hosted by Stoick, Hiccup teams with Fishlegs to create Team Hiclegs, and they compete against Team Snotnuts (Snotlout, Ruffnut and Tuffnut). Astrid, who sprained her arm during the last race, acts as a referee. While Hiccup and Fishlegs are at a well looking for the black sheep, Hiccup spots Ruffnut and Tuffnut fly over with a black sheep and inwardly admits defeat. He goes back to the arena to congratulate Team Snotnuts on their victory, only to have Snotlout gloat over Hiccup's loss. But when Fishlegs arrives with another black sheep and Team Snotnuts' one is revealed to be a sheep coated in black paint, Hiccup and Fishlegs are announced as winners. Stoick then relieves Hiccup as acting chief, and Hiccup and Toothless decide to take off before his father changes his mind.

The flashback ends, and while remembering the events of that first Dragon Race three years earlier, the teens are reminded that Hiccup hates competition, it was Tuffnut who came up with the game as they knew it now, and Snotlout feels bad for having not contributed to the game at all. Only to be reminded by Hiccup that he's still important, and also invented the Sheep Launcher.

Dragons: Race to the Edge

Season 1

Entering the Reaper

It takes place about one year before the second movie and three years after Dagur's defeat. By now everything on Berk had completely changed, including the Vikings and the riders. Hiccup continued to search for new dragons, to no avail. The war between the Hairy Hooligans and the Berserker Tribe has determined victory in favor of the Hooligans, but has now taken a turn of events for the worse when Dagur escapes from Outcast Island's prison in Dragon Eye of the Beholder, Part 1.

Dragon Eye of the Beholder, Part 1

Hiccup and the other riders attempted to track down Dagur when Trader Johann told them that Dagur was going to the Ship Graveyard, where he kept his items. Once there, Hiccup and the others then waited for Dagur to arrive. Hiccup then decided to explore The Reaper. Along with Toothless, Hiccup was to evade the Reapers booby traps. Hiccup then found the Dragon Eye in the commander's quarters. When Hiccup and Toothless got out of The Reaper 's hull, Hiccup was then confronted by Dagur and his men, who demanded Hiccup to give the Eye in exchange for the lives of his riders. Hiccup then gave Dagur the dragon eye, attempted to free his friends, and then went after Dagur. However, Dagur used a catapult to sink The Reaper to keep Hiccup away. Despite that, Hiccup was able to rescue his friends and retrieve the Eye from Dagur.

Dragon Eye of the Beholder, Part 2

Hiccup, Gothi, and the other riders then went to Glacier Island to get a tooth from a Snow Wraith. They were successful in getting a tooth but could not unlock the dragon eye. However, Hiccup was able to figure out that the dragon eye could only work with a dragon's flame in order light up the information inside of it.

Imperfect Harmony

Hiccup then received permission from Stoick and Berk's Council to explore beyond the Archipelago in order to discover new dragons and track Dagur down.

When Darkness Falls

Following a close encounter with Death Song on Melody Island, Hiccup and the other riders then searched for island to act as their base. After checking many islands, they then found one. They also found on the island a flock of Night Terrors under their alpha, Smidvarg. After helping the night terrors, Hiccup and the others started to build the outpost, to which they named Dragon's Edge.

Gone Gustav Gone

Following Gustav Larson's visit, Hiccup discovered more lenses for the dragon eye thanks to him.

Reign of Fireworms

Hiccup was also able to work with the night terrors to lure the Fireworms away from Dragon's Edge.

Crushing It

Hiccup and the other riders then defended the outpost against a new dragon known as the Rumblehorn. He then convinced his father to come to the edge to help them in order to ease him up. Together they discovered that the Rumblehorn was trying to save them from a tidal wave. Together, Hiccup, Stoick and the Rumblehorn, whom Stoick names Skullcrusher, save the edge from the tidal wave.

Quake, Rattle and Roll

Hiccup then went with Fishlegs to Dark Deep. There they encountered the Catastrophic Quaken, Tormentor.

Have Dragon Will Travel, Part 1

When an unknown dragon attacked an innocent ship near Berk, Hiccup and the riders decided to investigate. After learning about the Razorwhip from the Dragon Eye, they went to an island with sea slugs to find the dragon and it's rider which they soon discovered to be Heather.

Have Dragon Will Travel, Part 2

Hiccup helped freeing Heather and Windshear from Dagur and his fleet and returned back to the Edge. Later that evening, Hiccup discovered that his father's crest was sealed on Heather's Horn and immediately left for Berk to ask his father if Heather was his sister. He ended up learning that she is Dagur's sister.

The Next Big Sting

Hiccup then worked on his prototype flightsuitDragonfly I. After testing his flightsuit, Hiccup and the other riders then found a Speed Stinger.

Total Nightmare

Hiccup then helped Snotlout and Hookfang in defending Girl Hookfang's eggs from a Titan Wing Monstrous Nightmare.

Season 2

Team Astrid

Hiccup and the other riders then searched for Dagur after he attacked Berk. He also watched as Astrid trained a new team of riders to defend Berk. However, he and the others inadvertently led Dagur to Dragon's Edge. However, Hiccup then received reinforcements and were able to drive Dagur away.

Night of the Hunters, Part 1

Night of the Hunters, Part 2

When Stormfly was captured by Ryker Grimborn and his Dragon Hunters, Hiccup searched the sea for Astrid. He then helped her to find information on the Hunters on The Reaper. After finding a lens and getting acid from a Changewing, Hiccup then found a Dragon Hunter port nearby. Hiccup and the rider then went to Ryker's ship to free Stormfly. Unfortunately, Astrid, the twins, and Fishlegs were captured. Hiccup, and Snotlout were then forced to retreat.

Hiccup and Snotlout then went to the Screaming Death's Island. There, they made armor for Toothless and Hookfang. Together, Hiccup and Snotlout were able to rescue the other riders and escape Ryker and his Hunters.

Bad Moon Rising

Hiccup then discovered information on the legend of the Lycanwing. On Lycanwing Island, Hiccup and Fishlegs discovered that the legend was just to hide more dragon eye lenses.

Snotlout Gets the Axe

Hiccup then accompanied Snotlout and Astrid to wedding between the Jorgensons and Hoffersons to the Island of Friga. However, on the way there, Snotlout dropped the Ceremonial Axe on an island. There, they found the axe on the back of a Armorwing. They were unable to remove the axe, but were able to get some Smothering Smokebreaths to free the axe. Hiccup then defended the Armor wing by leading the Smokebreaths away.

The Zippleback Experience

Hiccup and Toothless then saved Barf and Belch's life from an avalanche, earning a life debt from them. Hiccup became annoyed by this when they filled his hut with fish and damaged his leg. Hiccup was then captured by Dagur's men and taken to Ryker's ship where they demanded the information from dragon eye from him. However, Hiccup was then saved by Barf & Belch, ending their life debt.

Snow Way Out

Hiccup was informed by Astrid that Ryker was heading to Glacier Island to capture a Snow Wraith. Hiccup and the riders ended up discovering a Snow Wraith pack which were captured by Ryker's hunters, but then relocated by Hiccup to another island. Hiccup then tried to shoot Heather down but Astrid stopped him, telling that she was working with the Hunters as a spy. At first, Hiccup was disappointed that Astrid kept this from him. However, he was pleased to know that Ryker was not the leader, but Viggo Grimborn was the chief of the dragon hunters.

Edge of Disaster, Part 1

Hiccup then received a message from Trader Johann that his ship was under attack by Dragon Hunters. He took Snotlout, Fishlegs and their dragon with them, leaving only Astrid and the twins to defend the Edge. As they approached Johann's ship, they saw he was under attack by a pack wild dragons from Forest Island. At first, they were able to drive the wild dragons away, but Fishlegs was then captured by the pack's alpha, Scardian. Hiccup, Snotlout and Johann then approached the wild dragons' nest. At first, Hiccup thought they had never seen humans before, but realized that they had been brutally captured by the Dragon Hunters.

Edge of Disaster, Part 2

Hiccup was able to convince Scardian and his pack that he was their friends by using his flightsuit. With the Scardian's pack, Hiccup was able to stop Dagur's and Ryker's attack on the Edge.

Shock and Awe

Hiccup then assisted Fishlegs in studying a Seashocker that had entered the Edge's lagoon. He then helped it rejoin it's pod by defending it from Scauldrons.

A Time to Skrill

Hiccup and the other riders then tracked the Frozen Skrill down as it looked for him and Toothless. However, it was captured by Dagur, Ryker and their men. However, the Skrill was then saved by Hiccup and then repaid the debt by helping Hiccup and his riders to escape. Hiccup thus decided to let the Skrill be free.

Maces and Talons, Part 1

Hiccup then attacked one of Ryker's and Dagur's convoy to free the captured dragons. During this time, Astrid became concerned that Heather's role as their spy would be discovered. However, Hiccup assured her that Heather would be able to handle it, knowing Windshear would get her out. Hiccup attempted to stop Viggo from capturing a Flightmare but ended being outsmarted.

Maces and Talons, Part 2

As they searched Viggo's ship, Hiccup then realized that the Edge and the Dragon Eye were unprotected. At first, Hiccup thought the Eye had been taken but was relieved that Snotlout and Tuffnut hidden in a cave. When Hiccup and the riders went to Dragon Hunter Island in searching for Heather, Windshear and the Flightmare, Viggo paralyzed him with the Flightmare and took the Dragon Eye.

Season 3

Enemy of My Enemy

Hiccup goes on a flight with Toothless, despite Astrid warning him not to, he later discovers Dagur and much to his shock, he sees that Dagur wants to change.

Crash Course

Follow the Leader

Buffalord Soldier

After, he finds out that Astrid has gotten a deadly disease, him and the rest of the gang hurry to find the Buffalord. He attempts to bring the Buffalord back to the edge, but after seeing the Buffalord refuse to leave the island, they bring Astrid to the Buffalord. Viggo comes in and captures the Buffalord, Hiccup offers to give him the Buffalord as long as Viggo would let him take the saliva to cure Astrid. Viggo agrees and Hiccup is able to cure Astrid. As Viggo leaves with the Buffalord thinking he's gotten the better end of the deal, the Buffalord puffs up, breaks free of it's cage, and starts to destroy Viggo's ship because it's still chained to the ship. The hunters were forced to release the dragon and the riders fly back to the edge knowing the Buffalord is safe.

Season 4

Defenders of the Wing, Part 2

Gruff Around the Edges

Midnight Scrum

Not Lout

Saving Shattermaster

Dire Straits

The Longest Day

Gold Rush

Out of the Frying Pan



Shell Shocked, Part 1

Shell Shocked, Part 2

How to Train Your Dragon 2


Hiccup, as he appears in How To Train Your Dragon 2.

Five years later, Hiccup has made Berk fully involved in riding dragons, during his years on Berk he has made great contributions such as custom stables, all you can eat feeding stations, a full-service dragon wash, top of the line fire prevention methods, even making Dragon Races that now serve as entertainment for Berk, putting the dragon problem fully behind them. Now that his hard work has paid off, Hiccup and Toothless travel across very distant lands and uncharted territories. He is also uses this as a reason to avoid his father. Hiccup is also known as The Pride of Berk throughout the village, and Stoick believes he is ready to succeed him as chieftain. This pressures Hiccup, because he doesn't think he's fully ready for such a big responsibility. He and Toothless crash-lands onto a strange new place that Hiccup names Itchy Armpit. Soon, Astrid and Stormfly catches up with the duo. As Hiccup and Astrid come across the destroyed fort of Eret, Son of Eret, Hiccup discovers that there are other Dragon Riders and hears from Eret, about the tyrannical Drago Bludvist, who is currently assembling a huge dragon army to take over the world.

Hiccup and Astrid escape from Eret's men and head back to Berk. As they arrive, Hiccup informs his father about Drago Bludvist, and Stoick quickly orders the villagers to fortify and protect the island from the "madman", but Hiccup suggests that there must be another way besides war. His father rejects this and orders the men to close the stalls and keep the other dragons under lock-and-key. But Hiccup refuses this method, and stages a mutiny by escaping from the stalls before the doors close, with Astrid following him. Hiccup heads back to Eret, and tells them that he wants to meet Drago so he can change his mind about dragons, but Stoick, Gobber and the other Riders interfere as they manage to find them. Stoick doesn't want Hiccup to go through with his plan, as he explains that Drago kills people without reason and concludes that he cannot be reasoned with. Even so, Hiccup still refuses to believe this and rebels against his father's wishes to find him.

Vikings hiccup gallery 01

Hiccup, frustrated at his father's sayings about Drago.

Meanwhile, Hiccup flies over the clouds, over thinks his father's sayings and furiously screams in mid-air. Toothless becomes worried for his friend, but Hiccup promises that he'll keep him under protection no matter what. Suddenly, a figure emerges, and Hiccup thinks that it's his dad again but discovers a mysterious vigilante Dragon Rider, whom he later discovers is his long lost mother, Valka.

Hiccup wonders why Valka never had the intention to return to Berk after all these years that she survived. Valka responds that twenty years ago, a dragon broke into their house and she quickly rushed to Hiccup's rescue but only discovered that the dragon was not a vicious beast, but a gentle and intelligent creature, "whose soul reflected my own." However, Stoick spots the dragon and interferes; the dragon attacks him nearly burning him alive. Valka tells the dragon to spare him; the dragon suddenly looks at Valka while Stoick rescues an infant Hiccup. But unable to rescue Valka who is now abducted by the dragon, putting inside his mind that she was in fact going to get killed. But the dragon did not in fact harm her, and she never had the intention to return because she thought it would be safer for them, because she couldn't kill a dragon. Hiccup and his mom start over again and bond with each other more mutually this time with their dragons and enjoy the time they have.

Later, Hiccup discovers also that Valka does not have the intention to reason with Drago and decides to do it himself. Suddenly, Stoick and Gobber locate him and are about to escape the Sanctuary, but Stoick is shocked in silence to see his beautiful wife still alive and they rekindle their once more. Hiccup has never experienced such joy in reuniting with his mother and father. However, their celebration is cut short; they were unaware that Drago has set up their weapons on shore and orders the final attack on the Sanctuary. Later, the Bewilderbeasts engage on one another to determine who is truly the Alpha of all the Dragons. Unfortunately, Drago's Bewilderbeast emerges victorious. Hiccup confronts Drago, and tries to reason with him but Drago ignores his claims and orders his Bewilderbeast to kill Hiccup, which decides to send in Toothless instead. Toothless, now hypnotized, fires a plasma blast at Stoick, who manages to push Hiccup away and is killed instead. Hiccup, shocked to believe that his father has been killed, Toothless who got released from the Bewilderbeast's control to leave him alone as Hiccup became worried about Toothless' unwillingly abandonment.

Hiccup, Valka, Gobber, Astrid, and the other Riders hold a funeral for Stoick where Hiccup says his last wishes to his father. It seems that all hope is lost, as Drago and his Bewilderbeast freeze Berk, but Hiccup becomes inspired by his mother's words, and is now determined to avenge his father and continue his legacy and get his best friend back. Flying back to Berk on baby dragons, he quickly arrives to face Drago and tries to disenchant Toothless saying he knows Toothless would never hurt him or Stoick willingly, which he amazingly succeeds. Now, Hiccup and Toothless manage to fend off Drago and his Bewilderbeast and concludes that it's over, unaware that the Bewilderbeast has them in its sights and fires at them, encasing them in a huge blast of ice. Drago feels victorious, but the huge ice explodes and discovers that Hiccup and Toothless are unharmed. Toothless, now glowing with plasma, challenges the Alpha to protect his Rider. Toothless simultaneously fires plasma blast and frees the other dragons, who are touched by the bond between him and Hiccup. Drago is shocked to believe this. Hiccup orders Drago to stand down and let this end, but Drago strongly refuses and orders his Bewilderbeast to attack but unable to as all the dragons fire at it. Toothless fires one last plasma blast which massively explodes, destroying on of the Bewilderbeast's tusks, and defeating it at the same time. The Bewilderbeast retreats to the ocean, along with Drago.

Finally, the fight is over and Toothless is acknowledged as the new Alpha. Hiccup and Astrid share a brief romantic moment. Hiccup was then crowned as the new Chief of Berk by Gothi the Elder. The dragons and villagers celebrate, and Hiccup continues his father's legacy by building a statue in his honor. At the end, he has a dragon race with all his friends and puts the black sheep into Astrid's sheep pile instead of his own as Hiccup proudly announces that they may be a small community but are capable of maintaining peace and can stop those who oppose, and they have something that even the greatest invaders don't have: they may have armies and armadas but Berk has their own dragons.

Burning Midnight

We get the first glimpse of Hiccup as Chief of Berk.

The Serpent’s Heir

Hiccup then tried help Snotlout and Gobber in removing Bonesnarl's armor off. Hiccup tried to calm it down and then save 2 children from falling off ice. Hiccup then allowed Bonesnarl to keep his armor on. Hiccup then defended Eret from several member of the tribe by scaring them off with the Dragon Blade. Hiccup then spoke with his mother about his new status as the chief.

Hiccup then met up with the Thorston twins when a ship came. The ship, with Calder and people from Nepenthe, had come at the behest of their King, Mikkel. Hiccup then told them his father was dead and listened as Calder told them about tremors that were shaking the the island. Hiccup, despite Astrid's objections, agreed to help them.

Together, Hiccup and his fellow riders went with Calder and followed his ship. Hiccup was then amazed by how the Thunderdrums and Scauldrons were paying tribute to Toothless and escorted them to Nepenthe. They then saw a new tidal class dragon. As they approached Nepenthe, Hiccup and the other riders then saw the island shaking due to the tremors

Hiccup then met Mikkel's son, Mik. Hiccup then spoke to Mik, but he insisted that he and the other riders should enjoy the hot pools. He was disappointed when the most the riders and the dragons chose to enjoy the hot pools instead of doing their reconnaissance mission. Only Valak, Astrid, Eret and their dragons did reconnaissance on the island. However, they could not figure out what kind of dragons were causing the tremors nor why their dragons were the only one.

Hiccup and the other riders then told Mik that they heading back to Berk. However, Mik, Snotlout, the twins, Fishlegs, their dragons and Toothless ate some food that was drugged by Calder. Calder then revealed that he wanted them to come to complete his transformation into a dragon.

Hiccup and his riders were then imprisoned by Calder and his followers. Calder then took Hiccup's dragon blade to complete his transformation. However, Hiccup and his riders were then able to free themselves and escape on their dragons. Hiccup then discovered that the island itself were the dragons causing the tremors. The dragons, Foreverwings, were awakened from their hibernation by the new Alpha. Hiccup then had his riders rescue the people from the Foreverwings lava and disarm Calder's followers.

Hiccup and Toothless were then able to confirm Toothless's positon as Alpha and the foreverwings left the island. Hiccup was then confronted by Calder who tried to kill hiccup, but hiccup was able to throw a container of Zippleback gas at him that forced to fall to jump to his death. Before leaving Nepenthe, Hiccup gave Mik a shovel to help rebuild their island. Hiccup and the other riders then returned to Berk. There, Hiccup assigned Eret and others to build the monument to Stoick.

How to Train Your Dragon 3

Hiccup and the gang will appear in How to Train Your Dragon 3 to defeat an unknown antagonist. Whether this is Drago Bludvist is unknown.


Despite his physical shortcomings, Hiccup does his best to succeed as a Viking. He is intelligent and is constantly creating inventions for various uses throughout the film, including a bola sling, a prosthetic tail, a saddle, and a riding vest. At first, however, Hiccup is obsessed with proving himself to the rest of his tribe by killing a dragon; he often doesn't think things through and is more determined to gain the recognition of his peers than he is heedful of others' orders, often causing problems for the rest of the tribe, and himself. Despite this, Hiccup shows great aptitude at being a leader and a strategist: he leads his Dragon Training classmates into battle, using his friends' strengths wisely in the battle against the Red Death. Hiccup also has very good observational skills which come in handy during his time with Toothless and during Dragon Training. For example, he's able to hypothesize that dragons have a natural disdain for eel when his own dragon companion refuses to eat one himself, and uses this to successfully drive back a Hideous Zippleback later.

He is very protective of Astrid and in the first movie, he had a crush on her. Their feelings built up as they grew as the series passed by and he never stopped loving her. When she was dying from the Scourge of Odin, he said to her, "I can't imagine a world without you in it." which is the most romantic thing he has said to her during the show in Race to the Edge. This shows that he truly does love her. He also calls her 'm'lady' and they have a very close, loving relationship and as their relationship develops, they become less afraid of showing their affection towards each other in public. The canon theme song/music of 'Hiccstrid' is the romantic flight music from the first movie and it is played whenever Hiccup and Astrid are having a romantic moment.

Among the other teenage Vikings, Hiccup first comes off as awkward, mainly because he's a poor fighter, and rather scrawny for a Viking. As he becomes more adept at fighting dragons, however, they start paying more attention to him, some even starting to try to talk to him. Despite this, Hiccup remains shy and secretive, preferring to be alone with Toothless, likely because he's unused to all the positive attention. He also tends to be sarcastic with a dry sense of humor that can sometimes put him at odds with the other Vikings in his tribe. It also seems that Hiccup likes to hide his fear with said sarcasm and dry humor. Due to his shyness, he had a habit of stuttering and stammering when talking to some of the other Vikings, especially Astrid or when his father was angry at him. Despite his many virtues and his clear capabilities as a leader, Hiccup is not without his flaws. He is rather prone to letting his insecurities cloud his judgment and effect his actions; in the film, his desperation for the acceptance of his tribe, and his father in particular, cause him to regularly attempt to kill dragons along with the villagers, only to end up doing more harm then good due to his clumsiness. In the television show, his mistaken belief that Stoick still does not accept him causes him to lead the other Vikings on a potentially dangerous treasure hunt to prove himself. His innate friendliness and tendency to give others the benefit of the doubt cause him to be a little too trusting of strangers, leaving him vulnerable to manipulation and deceit by more dishonest characters, such as Heather and Mildew, on more then one occasion. In the episode Thawfest, Hiccup shows a more unlikable, hypercompetitive side to his personality as he begins to score victories over Snotlout.

Since Hiccup is unaccustomed to winning anything, he handles it poorly, letting the glory go to his head to the point where he briefly becomes almost if not as arrogant and unpleasant as Snotlout. Hiccup is also prone to overconfidence in his ability as a diplomat due to being mostly successful so far, which becomes a major catalyst of the second film's story line; his total belief that he would be able to reason with Drago causes him to run away from Berk to confront the warlord, causing Stoick and Valka, who both understood and witnessed firsthand the true extent of Drago's psychopathy and knew he could not be reasoned with, to chase after him. This indirectly but ultimately leads to Stoick's death at the hands of Drago when he hypnotizes Toothless into attacking Hiccup to demonstrate the superiority of his philosophy over Hiccup's. In spite of all his flaws, Hiccup is never above admitting when he is or has been wrong, and will do his best to make amends with others, showing he has a great deal of humility, and he learns from his mistakes.

One extremely notable character trait Hiccup possesses is a deep sense of compassion. Because of this he spares Toothless, and in doing so he changes the world of Vikings and dragons forever. He was extremely uncomfortable with the thought of having to kill a dragon in the arena later in the film. Hiccup carries this quality into the television series. He shows great sympathy to Snotlout at the end of the Thawfest Games, giving up his own glory and fame for the sake of his friend and cousin though Snotlout showed no gratitude at all. He will almost never allow Toothless to use his full power against foes. In What Flies Beneath, he begs Toothless to spare a Whispering Death that had nearly killed both of them just moments earlier. The peak of Hiccup's sympathy is displayed in his releasing Mildew, the very man who had betrayed him, from an Outcast cell. Upon seeing the Outcasts take Mildew's one beloved possession, his sheep, Hiccup clearly displays pity for the old man. Unfortunately Hiccup is occasionally naïve in his sympathy, as Mildew betrayed him yet again right afterwards. Still, his kindheartedness has resulted in many a victory and accomplished the training of the deadliest dragons in the world.

The one character Hiccup seems to be willing to attack and even kill was Alvin. Originally, Hiccup was more interested in avoiding him, but as Alvin's plots hit closer and closer to everything Hiccup cares about, Hiccup seems to harden in a difficult resolution. He has been seen ordering Toothless to kill Alvin when Alvin was threatening to toss Astrid off of a cliff. In the finale, Hiccup and Toothless even charged Alvin in an attempt to kill him after he had captured, threatened, and deeply insulted both of them. Although they failed in this attempt, Alvin was still one of the few people Hiccup is willing to let Toothless kill but gave up when Alvin turn into the good side. Overall, Hiccup is an intelligent, nice and likable person who is naturally bighearted and innocent. It's shown in the sequel that he and Toothless have become "adrenaline junkies", performing tricks like free-falling. He has also gone from being a shy boy, to a confident young man, and "the greatest Dragon Master this world has ever seen" (as Astrid describes him to Drago Bludvist). He has an open and kind nature which allows him to see the good in everyone. He has especially shown to care deeply for his parents, Toothless and his girlfriend, Astrid.

Physical Appearance

Tumblr n9q65ujdbM1t4wx8uo2 1280

Hiccup as a baby; along with his first encounter with a dragon.

In the first film, Hiccup's appearance is very similar to his book counterpart. He is rather scrawny for his age, compared to the other Vikings, and isn't very tall, being barely around Astrid's height. He initially has little physical strength, as he has difficulty lifting a large standard battle axe handed to him by his father. He has auburn hair parting to his right with minor freckles on his cheeks and dulled green eyes. One of his more unique traits is a small, white scar just below his bottom lip on the right side of his face, which he received as a baby the night Cloudjumper took his mother away.

In the first film, he is usually seen wearing a long-sleeve, light-green tunic, a dark brown fur vest that matches his boots and dark gray pants. When he rides Toothless, he takes off his vest and wears a flying harness that attaches to Toothless' saddle. After Dragon Training, he starts to wear a Viking helmet given to him by his father made from half of his mother's breast plate (Stoick owning and wearing the other half). Following the battle with the Red Death, Hiccup's left leg up to his shin is replaced with a metal prosthetic made by Gobber, constructed with a spring system and an adapter stirrup for flying with Toothless.

If observed closely, it can be noticed that his hair has slightly grown between Riders of Berk and Defenders of Berk although he is still wearing his green tunic with light brown vest and boot. In Dawn of the Dragon Racers, Hiccup wears a leather vest-like armor which is dark brown on top of his long-sleeve dark green tunic with brown arm brackets, double-layered shoulder guards (one of them has a Berk Dragon Training Academy symbol on the right shoulder) and later he wears an red-orange tunic and same pants in Race to the Edge.

In How to Train Your Dragon 2, Hiccup has grown considerably. He's now the tallest of the teens at 6'1" and his hair is somewhat scraggy and unkempt with two small braids behind his right ear. If one notices closely, it can be seen that he has grown a stubble on his chin. His eye colour has even seemed to brighten along with his confidence. He seems to have gained a leaner, stronger build as compared to the first movie and is no longer considered a runt. His prosthetic is also different, as it is more mechanical than before, making it "a Swiss army knife for prosthesis." Hiccup seems to have improved its ability and function, as he stated he would in the first movie. His outfit now consists of a basic tunic, leather pants, and padding, all covered by a type of leather armor plating along his shoulders and upper chest, along with arm brackets that seem to all be designed by himself, making him more streamline in the air like Toothless. When flying, he is also seen wearing a matching spiked, masked helmet that protects his face and head. His armor also doubles as a squirrel jacket that enables him to glide in the air alongside Toothless. If you look close enough, Hiccup is wearing a ring on his middle finger. He also carries a weapon, a retractable fire blade called Inferno.

Abilities, Skills and Talents

Being the main character of the franchise, Hiccup has many varied and useful talents.

  • Dragon Training and Riding: Though he only discovers this ability during the first film, Hiccup has grown to become the best Dragon Trainer on the island. His dragon, Toothless, is the rarest and best dragon in the Academy. Hiccup openly claims to be the best Dragon Rider in the episode Thawfest. He and Toothless clearly have the strongest bond in the series. Because of his talents he has been made head of the Berk Dragon Academy. In the franchise, Hiccup is always the one looked to when dragon related problems or needs come up. He trained a wild Monstrous Nightmare in seconds in Defiant One. This is noticeably faster than even Astrid who had to train the same type of dragon and does manage to do so but takes longer. He's also able to keep an enraged Whispering Death from running over him by simply putting his hand forward in What Flies Beneath. Still, some dragon challenges (including said Whispering Death) are greater than his ability, but he can always rely on Toothless and the other teens to have his back. Hiccup has managed to devise a more effective method of calming wild dragons with Inferno as it produces the dragon fire of both a Monstrous Nightmare and a Hideous Zippleback. This makes the dragons consider Hiccup as one of their own as only a 'dragon' should be able to wield dragon fire.
  • Leadership: Despite spending most of his life ignored by others, Hiccup is a natural leader. Most of the time the other riders follow his commands without question. However, he had difficulty trying to control the rest of the village when he was made Acting Chief. In Race to the Edge, Stoick notices Hiccup's abilities as a leader improving, ultimately convinced Hiccup was ready to become Berk's chief by the time of the second film. Even Fishlegs admired Hiccup as a leader and hates the idea of disappointing him.
  • Drawing: Even before Hiccup began to train dragons, he practiced drawing. He is practically never without his journal and a large charcoal pencil. His sketches are usually quick and slightly messy, but compared to most other Vikings he is quite good. He uses this talent often. He sketches Toothless upon his second encounter with him. He uses his notebook to copy the map to the Isle of Night (unfortunately). He uses his artist talent to aid him in making plans and inventions. His room is littered with drawings of Toothless.
  • Inventing: Hiccup learned a great deal about crafting from Gobber. His many years of apprenticeship have certainly paid off. He has created many ingenious devices throughout the franchise. He uses the forge well (despite his small size), and he's excellent at working leather. His devices were originally weapon like, and the Mangler cannon he designed allowed him to take down a Night Fury. After training Toothless he shifted in his desires and started working on a new tail for Toothless. This tail has been modified many times and is a work of sheer genius. He even created an auto tail using complex gear systems. Besides that Hiccup has managed to design a plethora of other objects, from winches to telescopes. He invented his own flight suit and his Dragon Blade, Inferno. He was also able to build a set of welding goggles using the Death Song's amber that could withstand the glow of a flightmare and sunrise.
  • Intelligence: This talent is really at the heart of all Hiccup's other abilities. His intelligence is proven many times throughout the film and the series. He's almost always the one to come up with the solutions to the problems that the Riders face. He's shown to be very cunning, resourceful and perceptive and possesses a great aptitude for strategy and tactics. He's also fairly knowledgeable. Unlike Fishlegs who only spews out facts, Hiccup is able to use them for practical use and he does it very well. He was able to solve all the riddles on Hamish's treasure map even when under pressure and the feat is especially notable because it was said that only a most brilliant mind could solve those clues.
  • Strength and Fighting Skills: Due to Hiccup's initial size, he's not much of a fighter. In fact, most weapons are too heavy for him and struggles to lift them. Hiccup usually fights alongside Toothless. Their style is more about defense. The only time Hiccup and Toothless attacked first was against Alvin in We Are Family, Part 2. Other than that, it is easy for others to overtake Hiccup. Hiccup was also able to face Dagur with only his new shield in The Night and the Fury. Hiccup was also able to fight Outcasts and Berserkers without a problem using his shield in Cast Out, Part 2. Hiccup has been shown to have an impressive strength when angered or in defense. Prime examples are in The Zippleback Experience when Hiccup punched Snotlout hard enough to knock out a few of his teeth. He was also able to block a Berserker with just his hands. While Hiccup does not do any direct fighting in How to Train Your Dragon 2, he does wield his Dragon Blade, Inferno, with great precision and skill, such as when freeing Stormfly or preventing Drago from reaching his bull hook. It was also shown that by this time he had become a proficient and accurate archer alongside the other riders. He is also able to carry Astrid around.
  • Roar Call: He can make a roar noise that sounds similar to Toothless's roar, as a way for Toothless to find Hiccup.
  • Precision: Like Toothless, Hiccup has amazing aim, like when he was able to shoot Toothless down in the first film and in Appetite for Destruction hit a Deadly Nadder in the chest using his shield while flying in mid-air. He also managed to throw Inferno with enough accuracy that it landed right in front of Drago's hand just as he was reaching for his bull hook to control his Bewilderbeast.
  • Reflexes: Hiccup is shown to have pretty good reflexes. An example of this is in the episode of Race To The Edge, Gold Rush. Ryker is chasing Hiccup while slashing his sword at him. Hiccup is able to roll under the sword just in time to save his head. He is also able to quickly move his hands, so that Ryker's sword doesn't strike him but breaks his handcuffs.
  • Swimming: Though he says he's not much of a swimmer, he was able to pull Astrid out of the deep water in Night of the Hunters, Part 1, and with the help of Toothless' tail in Dire Straits, he was able to swim back and forth to free the Submaripper. Though he did start to sink and had to be rescued by Astrid and Stormfly, Hiccup was able to swim a far length downward to save Berk's chest of gold in Last Auction Heroes.
  • Endurance: While it may seem hard to believe at first due to his small stature, Hiccup always manages to bounce back from a severe injury. For example, in When Lightning Strikes, he was struck directly in the head by a massive bolt of lightning, and still managed to wake up the next morning. Also, at the end of How to Train Your Dragon, he was knocked off of Toothless by the Red Death's massive club-tail, and (with the help of Toothless, of course) managed to wake up about a couple weeks later.
  • Persuasion: Hiccup is known to be very persuasive, (Astrid says so herself) as he has convinced his father, the teens, the whole village of Berk, Dagur, Alvin, even Eret to give dragons a closer look and see the beauty of them. In Buffalord Soldier, he also managed to persuade Viggo to give him the cure for the Scourge of Odin, to save Astrid.

Dragons Trained

Core Relationships


Soaring on Toothless

Hiccup and Toothless.

"I wouldn't kill him, because he looked as frightened as I was. I looked at him...and I saw myself."
―Hiccup, explaining to Astrid why he didn't kill Toothless[src]

Hiccup and Toothless have a brotherly relationship. The two of them do seem to see each other as equals, And everyone seems to acknowledge that Toothless is by far Hiccup's closest friend. At first, both keep their distance after Hiccup shoots Toothless down with the invention he called the "Mangler", but their mutual curiosity leads them to try and learn more about each other. Hiccup starts to observe Toothless and learns many secrets about dragons from these observations that help Hiccup advance in his dragon fighting classes. Toothless starts to trust Hiccup and even allows him to touch him, and eventually ride him. The depth of their relationship is furthered when Hiccup fashions a prosthetic tail for Toothless, only to discover that the two need each other to use it to fly; Hiccup is needed to manipulate the prosthetic tail while Toothless does the actual flying.

Toothless is later very playful around Hiccup, and is also very protective of and loyal to him. This is shown in how before, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get out of the cove without flying, until he heard Hiccup's scream, then manages to climb out and fight off a Monstrous Nightmare in the Dragon Training ring before it could kill Hiccup, and refusing to leave when the rest of the village joins in on the fight, seeing them as a threat. Later, when Hiccup is knocked off of him while attempting to escape the explosion that kills the Red Death, Toothless manages to reach for and protect Hiccup by wrapping him in his wings, even without his own prosthetic tail. Toothless is later overjoyed when Hiccup wakes up after the battle, jumping around his house with glee, and tickling him by wildly licking his face, before helping his human friend to walk on his new prosthetic leg.


Hiccup hugging Toothless.

Their friendship is also strong in Gift of the Night Fury when Hiccup crafted a new tail for Toothless so he can fly on his own. Toothless takes off, and only later Hiccup finds out why. When Toothless comes back, Hiccup finds out he took off to find his helmet. At the end Toothless trashed his new tail showing that he wanted to need Hiccup for him to fly.

Toothless and Hiccup's relationship remains mostly the same in Riders of Berk. They do occasionally have problems with one another as seen in The Terrible Twos and What Flies Beneath, but they always come through for one another. Hiccup and Toothless continue to grow closer throughout the series, and both of them risk their lives for each other multiple times. Hiccup tries to make Toothless happy by finding more Night Furies, but his efforts are foiled when Mildew and Alvin trap them both. In the end, Toothless remains happy to stay with Hiccup as his closest companion and to remain one of a kind. Toothless seems to be very happy and satisfied to be with Hiccup, and Hiccup is extremely grateful to have Toothless be the closest friend he could ever have. 

In the episode Dire Straits, when Hiccup was about to drown, Toothless refused to leave him, preferring to die with his friend. Hiccup also said that he wouldn't leave Toothless either.


Hiccup flying with Toothless.

During How to Train Your Dragon 2, Hiccup and Toothless are shown to only have their friendship grown as they have become more reliant and love of each other like when Hiccup has an idea to confront Drago and try to convince him to stop trapping dragons, Toothless remains more friendly towards Eret and his crew. Though when Toothless is controlled by Drago through his Bewilderbeast and kills Stoick, Hiccup gets upset at the death of his father and blindly yells at Toothless to go away, which Toothless reluctantly follows shortly before being controlled again. Later, however, their friendship and loyalty to one another proves to be strong enough fully free Toothless from the Bewilderbeast's control. 

Later, after being set free, Toothless trusts Hiccup enough to be his eyes and ears and binds them so the Bewilderbeast can't control him. When they eventually get put to the ground, Toothless sits behind Hiccup when he talks to Drago one last time and that is when Drago tells his Bewilderbeast to kill Hiccup which Toothless quickly jumps in to cover Hiccup from the ice.

It is thought to be an unsuccessful attempt that kills both Hiccup and Toothless, but when a blue color and a sound similar to when Toothless would shoot a plasma blast starts resonating from the ice, everyone wonders what was happening. When then the ice breaks, it reveals Toothless, who now has a blue glow that is similar in shade to his plasma blasts lining his back, in his throat and nostrils, covering Hiccup from the ice. He then uncurls from Hiccup and sprints to the edge of an ice spike on Berk to challenge the Bewilderbeast, who is under Drago's control, of the dragons' role of Alpha in order to protect Hiccup. 

Hiccup and Toothless with their heads touching

Hiccup and Toothless reuniting after their battle with the Bewilderbeast.

When Toothless, with his new found power and strength, attacks the Bewilderbeast, he proves that his love, friendship and companionship with Hiccup has only grown. Toothless celebrated his best friend's coronation along with Valka, Gobber, Astrid and the entire Isle of Berk.

Hiccup and Toothless also share the same roles in their respective societies. In the series, Hiccup was the de facto leader of the teens while Toothless was the de facto leader of the teens' dragons. In How to Train Your Dragon 2, Toothless ascends to be the Alpha and leader of all dragons while Hiccup becomes the Chief of Berk.

Stoick the Vast

Main article: Hiccup and Stoick's Relationship
What is he doing..?

Hiccup and Stoick.

"I was so afraid of becoming my dad. Mostly because I thought I never could. How do you become someone that great? That brave? That selfless? I guess you can only try."
―Hiccup, about his now-deceased father[src]

Hiccup's father is the Chief of the village, making Hiccup himself the next in line to become Chief. However, the two seem to be complete opposites of each other: whereas Stoick is large, strong, brawny, and the best dragon fighter in the village, Hiccup is lanky, weak, brainy, and perhaps (initially, at least) the worst fighter on the island. Their relationship is strained because of these differences, as Hiccup wants to make his dad proud by conforming to Viking norms and attempting to slay dragons, but ends up making things worse most of the time.

Though confused as to what to do about Hiccup's peculiarities as a Viking, Stoick is very protective of his son due on what happened to Valka; he is at first reluctant to send Hiccup to Dragon Training for fear that he will be killed. Moreover, during a dragon raid, it is shown that Stoick, along with everyone else in the village, prefers that Hiccup stay inside and out of harm's way (though this may be because Hiccup is more of a risk to the village than the dragons are to him).

Stoick becomes proud of Hiccup when he hears of Hiccup's success in Dragon Training and is elated to finally have something in common with his son, although his attempt at conversation with his awkward son ended in failure. However, after his son's relationship with Toothless is revealed, their small progress with one another is destroyed. Stoick accuses Hiccup of siding with the dragons and later no longer considers Hiccup to be his son. Their relationship is later mended when Hiccup comes to the rescue of the older Vikings during their confrontation with the Red Death with the help of his classmates and the dragons used in training, showing his dad his otherwise unseen bravery and leadership. This causes Stoick to apologize for his prejudice against dragons and say that he is proud to call Hiccup his son. Stoick shows how deeply he cares for Hiccup when he believes that Hiccup is dead and mourns, apologizing for not having listened to him before. He shows great happiness when he learns that Hiccup is still alive thanks to Toothless' efforts. Later, Stoick and the village welcome Hiccup as a hero and Stoick finally accepts his son for who he is.

In the television series, Hiccup is given the responsibility over the dragons. However, partly due to Stoick's emotionally inarticulate nature and moments of unintentional insensitivity, his father's approval and acceptance still proves to be a major source of insecurity in Hiccup's life, and he is shown to go to great lengths to confirm that his father really is proud of him. In Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Young Man, after being painted stronger than he is, Hiccup sets out on a treasure hunt that Stoick failed to prove himself. Stoick apologized at the end for making his son feel he had to do something big to be accepted. A more accurate picture was placed in the Great Hall to replace the other one. In Thawfest, during the Thawfest Games, Hiccup was determined to finally beat Snotlout. When he decided to throw the final race, he apologized to his father, and to himself, in his choice. Though Stoick was still proud of Hiccup in how well he'd done.

The two still often have a hard time communicating with each other. In How to Pick Your Dragon, when Hiccup attempted to teach how ride a dragon, Stoick seems to ignore Hiccup's teaching about how dragons need trust. Gobber told Hiccup that "it's a father's job to listen to his son, without letting on that he's heard a word". Stoick is still very protective of his son. After Hiccup and Toothless were kidnapped by the Outcasts in We Are Family, Part 1, in Live and Let Fly he banned flying dragons to try to keep him safe. While Hiccup respected his father, he felt he had to go behind his back in case Alvin attacked. The two later reconciled. In Frozen Hiccup was very concerned about Stoick being paralyzed by the Speed Stingers.

in Cast Out, Part 1 and Cast Out, Part 2, Hiccup is also shown to care for his father. Hiccup was very determined to rescue Stoick from Dagur's clutches when Stoick was taken hostage as a trade for Toothless. Hiccup was even willing to join forces with Berk's enemy, Alvin The Treacherous, just to save his father.

In the second film, their relationship is strained again because Stoick has decided to make Hiccup the next Chief of Berk, but Hiccup is reluctant to take the duties, avoids him and frequently rebels against Stoick in an attempt to prove he is a peacemaker and on the other hand become frustrated with this. It was restored after Hiccup found Valka, and the two work together against Drago Bludvist. When Hiccup is threatened by Toothless, who was hypnotized by Drago's Bewilderbeast and ordered to kill Hiccup, Stoick runs to Hiccup's aid and pushes him out of the way right before Toothless fires the blast, killing Stoick. Hiccup is devastated, to the point that he yells at Toothless when he resurfaces, even though it technically wasn't his fault. Afterwards he shoot a flaming arrow at his funeral along his friends and mother.

After Stoick's funeral, Hiccup says he was afraid of becoming chief because he didn't know how to live up to Stoick's job, showing that he had a great deal of respect for his father and what he did. He then decides to continue his father's legacy and becomes Chief of Berk to honor him and not let him die in vain. all the problems that they have with each other, Hiccup and Stoick are shown to love each other very much and are willing to sacrifice their own happiness and lives for the sake of the other.

Though Hiccup may not have ever seen it, Stoick always believed in Hiccup. Stoick had different ideas on who he wanted his son to be, but regardless was very proud of Hiccup's achievements. Stoick did force a lot of ideas on Hiccup, but they were usually for the greater good. After Stoick's death, Hiccup understood this further.

Astrid Hofferson

Main article: Astrid and Hiccup's Relationship
"I can't imagine a world without you in it either."

Hiccup and Astrid.

Astrid is Hiccup's closest human friend and love interest in the film franchise. At first, she is unimpressed by his inability to stay focused, and often rebuffs his efforts to speak to her. Although she doesn't make fun of him like the other Viking teens, she appears to think him careless and irresponsible. Unlike her peers, Astrid doesn't fawn over Hiccup for his growing success in Dragon Training or for his popularity. Instead, she becomes jealous of him gaining the upper hand. After losing her victory to Hiccup, Astrid follows him into the forest for a final confrontation. She is furious with him but the moment she spots Toothless, her first instincts are to protect Hiccup. She tells him to make an escape while she intends to keep the Night Fury distracted. When Hiccup ends up revealing his friendship with Toothless, Astrid is appalled and runs off to tell on him, but is snatched off the ground midway.

After Hiccup convinces her to give him a chance to explain, Toothless takes her for a spin during which she holds on to Hiccup in fear until she apologizes and Toothless flattens out his wings. Once the flight turns more harmonious, Astrid is able to regard dragons from Hiccup's perspective and expand her mindset. She also grows a greater respect for Hiccup when he shows his adamancy in protecting Toothless, refusing to tell the other Vikings about their discovery of the Dragons' Nest and his friendship with the Night Fury out of fear that they would take drastic action against the dragons and kill Toothless. Astrid later tries to help Hiccup during his Dragon Training final exam when the Monstrous Nightmare attacks him by distracting it and later holds Hiccup back so that he doesn't get hurt when the Vikings overpower Toothless.

The first kiss

Astrid kisses Hiccup.

Astrid comforts Hiccup and inspires him to round up the other Viking teens to help him with his plan to save the villagers from the Red Death shortly after they depart for the Nest. When Hiccup is believed to be dead, where as everyone else hangs their heads in shame she's brought to tears obviously mourning the loss of her friend (and potentially mutual love interest) meaning she took it the hardest. She finalizes her feelings for him at the end of the film when she kisses him on the lips, implying that the two may have some sort of romantic relationship (emphasized in Gift of the Night Fury where she kisses him again and gives him a hug, and he calls her "M'lady"). However, outside of these situations and despite this mutual attraction, in Dragons: Riders of Berk it's shown that they do not consider themselves to be in any official relationship, often shying away from each other (such as separating after finding themselves holding each other, or scooting away when others point out how close they are sitting together). Nevertheless, the two still have a very close and trusting relationship, Astrid being Hiccup's best friend after Toothless, regularly confide in each other and are usually the first to volunteer aid to each other.

In Thawfest, Astrid is especially disappointed and upset by Hiccup's new-found arrogance and unpleasantness as he scores more points against Snotlout during the Thawfest Games, and admits to Hiccup being a gracious loser is a thing she's always liked about him. When Hiccup repents his behavior by throwing the race, Astrid is all too happy to have the old Hiccup back and kisses him which happens to be the only time in the TV series that they kiss. She continues to aid Hiccup as his second in command at the Dragon Academy, with the pair of them acting as the "straight men" against the bickering, neuroses and dysfunction of the other teens. In Dragons: Defenders of Berk, Hiccup gives Astrid more responsibility by allowing her to creating training missions for the Dragon Academy/Flight Club. In Fright of Passage, Hiccup tells Astrid that training dragons isn't the only thing that he thinks about. After Astrid said "Are you actually saying that to me with a straight face?", it was made official. Later in Cast Out, Part 1, during practice, Hiccup gets mad at Snotlout for, not only disobeying him again, but nearly getting Astrid killed in the process and suspends him. This shows that he truly cares for Astrid and will do anything to defend her.

By the time of the episode (Blindsided (Race to the Edge), Hiccup and Astrid are a couple. Before the events of the episode they seemed to have a strong relationship. Before the events of Blindsided there were several instances which point to the complex relationship that has developed between the two to this point and establishes a theme that carries through the entire series. When they first land on Dragon's Edge and Hiccup takes charge of having them set up the camp Snotlout complains about liking "whiney Berk Hiccup" more than "Princess outpost Hiccup" to which Astrid replies, "I know, right?" before giving Hiccup a secret double thumbs up. Then the next day when everyone is pushing their ideas for the outpost Astrid smiles when Hiccup states that they need one idea, as if she fully expects Hiccup to choose her design and then gets upset when Hiccup states that everyone else's ideas are good. However, what is perhaps the most telling is the layout that Hiccup chooses for Dragon's Edge. Hiccup placed his hut right next to Astrid's hut and they are closer together than any of the other huts (When Darkness Falls).

Astrid having put her right hand on Hiccup's shoulder

In Have Dragon Will Travel, Part 2 Heather asks Astrid if she and Hiccup are a couple. First, Astrid panics and throws her axe into the top of a tree. Then she adamantly states the two are just friends, though appears a little nervous on the matter, and it is clear that Heather doesn't buy her denials. Also, when Heather states that Hiccup is kind of cute Astrid smiles and says, "I guess. If you like that unassuming, heroic, dragon rider type." Then at the end, Hiccup feels sorry for Astrid losing a friend, knowing the two got really close. Astrid then puts her arm around Hiccup and states, "But I still have you."

In Team Astrid, after Astrid's home was destroyed by Dagur, Hiccup joined her in camping out at the Dragon Academy, with the others soon joining in. While he was against Astrid decision to stay on Berk, he let her when she said she wanted to train new dragon riders. After watching Astrid train them, very harshly, Hiccup realized her anterior motive to stay was so she could protect her family, despite her protest. Though instead of confronting Astrid on the matter, Hiccup left to give her time to think. Astrid later decided to return to Dragon's Edge, which made Hiccup happy.

In Night of the Hunters, Part 1, when Astrid hadn't returned, Hiccup and the others went out to find her, despite Fishlegs belief she was alright. Hiccup found Astrid stranded in the ocean on a piece of drifted wood and jumped in to save her from drowning. Seeing she was alright, Hiccup embraced her with relief. After explaining Stormfly was captured by Dragon Hunters, Hiccup tried to keep Astrid calm by assuring her they would find her dragon. During their rescue attempt, Astrid was captured as well, along with all the other Riders except for himself and Snotlout. Though not wanting to leave them, the two were forced to retreat.

In Snow Way Out, when Hiccup found out that Astrid had kept the secret of Heather spying on the Dragon Hunters, he was visibly hurt. Although once he found out about their true leader, Viggo Grimborn, he appeared to put the matter aside, though still slightly frustrated by the secrecy.

By the time of Maces and Talons, Part 1, Astrid wanted to pull Heather out, though Hiccup reassured her that their friend would be alright. The two stared at each other smiling before Snotlout and Tuffnut ruined the moment.

In the episode Buffalord Soldier, Astrid became deadly ill with a disease called "The Scourge of Odin" and even before he knew she was sick, Hiccup was very concerned, but much worse when Stormfly was acting panicked. He paced around the floor as Fishlegs searched for a cure, and caught Astrid before she fell to the ground, concern etched in his face. While bringing her to the Buffalord, he shushed her softly, held her hand, and begged her to stay alive a little longer, for him, confessing he couldn't imagine a world without her (the most romantic thing he's said so far in the show) before starting to panic when the clear Buffalord saliva did not cure her. When Viggo arrived to take the dragon, Hiccup begged him to let them have the cure, claiming he would not leave without it, showing he will do anything to save Astrid's life. Finally getting the green solution, he urged her to drink, before helping her up as color came to her face. After the Viking funeral for the fishing boat where she got sick, Astrid thanks him for saving her, which he tells her that she would have done the same for him, before she too confesses she couldn't imagine a life without him, both smiling.

Hiccup and Astrid Kissing Blindsided

In "Blindsided" when Astrid got blinded by a lighting bolt, he was very worried about her, and hoped it was only temporary. He held her hand claiming that everything would be okay, and he even stayed with her throughout the night. The next morning, when the dragons hadn't returned, he and the rest of the gang plan to go out and find them, but he doesn't want Astrid to go because of her condition and he puts his foot down, but she still goes anyway. He even catches her before she falls off Toothless and tells her to hold on tight, and even claims that he's happy she's with him. When they land Astrid trips and they both fall on each other, and there's a silent pause and they get up awkwardly. Shortly afterwards a Triple Stryke appears and Hiccup tells Astrid to hide, and she refuses at first, but Hiccup says he can't fight it if all he's doing is worrying about her, and she agrees to hide, but is not happy with it. After they fight it off Hiccup suggests they head back to the edge before the Triple Stryke comes back. Astrid starts to doubt herself and worry about being blind permanently and even calls herself useless, he states that she is strong and invincible and that have been through everything together, and that whatever happened they'd deal with it together. He also states, "There will always be a Hiccup and Astrid. Always." He then leans in for a kiss, but before he can kiss her the Triple Stryke returns. After Astrid trained the Triple Stryke without needing to see, he's proud of her. When Astrid's sight comes back Hiccup is relieved that everything is ok, and they hug. Later they're seen sitting on the pad of the edge together, and Astrid asks if Hiccup was about to kiss her while in the forest. He admits it, even though he thought he could get away with it. He states he didn't follow through because the moment wasn't perfect, and that he's always wanted to kiss her, but he hasn't found the perfect moment. Astrid claims it to be the perfect moment and Hiccup agrees, and the two kiss, and continue to look at the sunset, and they become a couple.

In "Shell Shocked, Part 1" Hiccup comes up with a plan, and Astrid is very proud of him. He claims that some ideas were hers and he couldn't have done it with her. He then starts to have doubts about the plan on if it'll work or not and Astrid reassures him it will, and they almost kiss, but they get interrupted by Fishlegs who claims their discussing on where to hide the Dragon Eye. Both are relieved, due to the fact that they're keeping their relationship a secret. Hiccup then states, "Why do we care if they know about us?" Astrid then responds that they both shouldn't care, but she wants to just spend it with Hiccup, and claims they'll tell everyone when the time is right. Thus Hiccup agrees and offers a handshake, but Astrid pulls him into a kiss instead. Later on during the war Astrid starts to get worried about Hiccup and he states that they have to keep their relationship out of war, so that the others wouldn't find out about it. Later on they both apologize about it, and Hiccup's happy that Astrid cares, and the two almost kiss again, but are again interrupted.

Hiccup and Astrid kissing Shell Fire, Part 2

In Shell Shocked, Part 2 Hiccup and Astrid have a small disagreement about trusting Viggo. Later when Hiccup and Viggo leave to find the Shellfire, Viggo tries to get inside Hiccup's head and taunts him about being in love with his partner in battle. Hiccup tells him to stay out of his personal life. Viggo then pulls out a knife and Astrid arrives just in time to see him about to attack Hiccup. Viggo withdraws his weapon after becoming alert of her presence and claims he was only intending to lure the Submaripper out. Realizing that Viggo is slowing them down, Hiccup drops him off on land which turns out to be mistake as Viggo ends up taking Astrid as hostage. He meets Hiccup by the Edge's volcano and asks him to return the Dragon Eye to him in exchange for a future with Astrid. Hiccup doesn't hesitate and throws the Dragon Eye in Viggo's direction and straight into the volcano. Afterwards, Astrid apologizes to Hiccup for not have listened to him, and states, "You are our leader. Our relationship can't get in the way of that. It won't happen again." Hiccup then tells her not to hold back on her feelings. He relies on her and that's what makes them a team. Astrid agrees and pulls Hiccup into a kiss which he returns. This affectionate gesture ends up being witnessed by the rest of the riders who appear to be happy for the couple. Hiccup and Astrid end up leaving on their dragons with intertwined hands.


Hiccup and Astrid's relationship in HTTYD 2.

By the time of the sequel, Astrid and Hiccup are an official couple, boyfriend/girlfriend or possibly betrothed. She even teases him in an affectionate manner by playfully punching his calibrator for the flight suit, and calls him babe when they are fighting Drago's army. They are comfortable sitting very close to each other, as opposed to in Animal House when they nervously moved away from each other. They are even so close that Astrid casually braids Hiccup's hair. Astrid is the only one Hiccup confides in about his doubts about becoming Chief of Berk and is often talking to her about how his father keeps on pressuring him to take his place. Although she excited for him at first, claiming it is the highest honor e could ever receive, she understands her boyfriend's concern, comforting him about his doubts and says what he's searching for isn't in the places he explores but what's inside him.

Hiccup and Astrid both make the discovery of the destroyed base of Eret, Son of Eret and Hiccup saves Astrid after she falls off of Stormfly (who was caught in a net by Eret's men). After they land, he stands protectively in front of her when they confront Eret. When Hiccup decides to go back out to the ship despite his father's orders, she is quick to follow even though she is performing mutiny against Stoick and heads off towards Eret's ship with him so that he can take them to Drago to change his mind about dragons. During that time, he jokingly throws a net over Astrid and leads her tenderly yet sternly towards the cell on the ship so that she wouldn't harm anyone on the ship with her axe. Astrid later tries to follow him when he goes off to search for Drago himself, but is stopped by Stoick and is ordered to lead the others back to Berk since he had had enough mutiny for one day.

Later, when Hiccup and Stoick fail to show up, Astrid leads the other Dragon Riders on a hunt to find them, Astrid being the most concerned. After they are captured by Drago Bludvist, Astrid says that Hiccup will come and rescue them, bragging about Hiccup's role as the Dragon Master and of Toothless, not realizing that Drago is now going to go after Berk as well. When Astrid finally reunites with Hiccup on the back of Stormfly with Eret, she get's introduced to Valka and is surprised that she's alive and Hiccup jokes to her about how that's where he got his dramatic flair. After Stoick is killed, Astrid rushes to Hiccup's side and holds him tenderly in her arms as they mourn the loss of his father and the Chief of Berk. Hiccup later on leads the shooting of the flaming arrows during Stoick's Viking funeral and Astrid, along with the other Dragon Riders, Valka, Eret, and Gobber all follow his lead.

Astrid and Hiccup kissing HTTYD2

Hiccup kisses Astrid.

Astrid is later looking at Hiccup proudly as he takes on his new role as Chief of Berk and follows his lead back to Berk on the backs of the baby dragons. After Hiccup and Toothless defeat the evil Alpha Bewilderbeast and Drago, Astrid teasingly pokes at his flight suit calibrator and says that he found what he was searching for, making both of them laugh and Hiccup kisses Astrid, pulling her close and gazing at her affectionately after they break apart from their embrace. Astrid later celebrates Hiccup's coronation as Chief of Berk and is seen by his side smiling proudly as the whole isle of Berk celebrates Hiccup's role as Chief. At the end of the sequel, Astrid is seen in the Dragon Races competing against the other Riders. She playfully almost runs into him as she flies by him while he is making repairs, to which he smiles mischievously and shakes his head at her, leaving the repairs to intervene the race by taking the Black Sheep at the last second and throwing it into her basket for her.

An act that was seen performed by Snotlout and Fishlegs while they competed for Ruffnut's affection, so it shows that Hiccup simply stepped in to help out his lady against the other Riders as well. By the end of the film near the credits, Astrid and Stormfly are seen right next to Hiccup and Toothless as they stand on the pedestal overlooking the concluded games and Astrid's victory. He seems to make Astrid smile in the end no matter how many fights or misunderstandings they get in.

In the How To Train Your Dragon 3 cast listing she is referred to as "Hiccup's girlfriend and future wife" hinting a possible wedding in the third film (though this was also hinted at by Stoick in the second film).


"All this time, you took after me. And where was I? I'm so sorry, Hiccup. Can we start over? Will you give me another chance?"
―Valka, eager to reconnect with Hiccup[src]
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Valka hugging Hiccup.

Valka is Hiccup's mother. She was believed to be dead for twenty years and that she was taken and eaten by dragons. She was taken when Hiccup was just a baby, so he hardly knew anything about her. In the first film, Hiccup was given a helmet made from her old armor. Although he found it awkward at first, it is very important to him, as seen in Gift of the Night Fury. In Breakneck Bog, Hiccup is willing to face extreme danger, and a possible Fog Monster, to retrieve a lost gift from his mother. In How to Train Your Dragon 2, Hiccup not only reunites with his mother, but learns she has been living with, and rescuing dragons. Throughout the second film, she helped him discovering his identity as a Viking who turned away from fighting dragons like her, and a leader. In the end, Valka stays with him on Berk and celebrated along with Gobber, Astrid and the rest of the villagers her son's coronation as Chief of Berk. Like his father, Hiccup is shown to love his mother very much and is happy to have her in his life again. Valka is willingly to sacrifice her happiness for the sake of his.


Hiccup and Cloudjumper met each other when Hiccup was a baby.

During the dragon raids on Berk, Cloudjumper broke into their house. His mother, Valka, saw this and tried to save him, but Cloudjumper was not harming him, in fact playing with him. However, he accidentally scratched Hiccup and attacked his father. As a result, Valka was taken by him, leaving Hiccup motherless for 20 years, while Valka on the other hand decided to stay with Cloudjumper fearing that she might harm Hiccup and Stoick or worse. Years later, they meet again along with his mother. Although they do not recognize each other, they do become close by their mutual love for Valka and Hiccup does not hold a grudge against him, At the end of the movie, Cloudjumper, along with the other dragons from the den celebrated Hiccup's coronation as Chief of Berk.

Gobber the Belch

Gobber is the blacksmith of the village, as well as a mentor, honorary uncle, and secondary father figure to Hiccup. Despite acting like all of his other students are expendable or simply paying little attention to their well-being, Gobber seems to have a soft spot for Hiccup. This is obscured, however, by the methods by which he goes about expressing his fondness of the boy. Though his intentions are good, Gobber often gives out comically bad advice that somehow just makes Hiccup feel worse. Most importantly, however, Gobber acts as the bridge of communication between Stoick and Hiccup, since the two seem to be unable to listen to one another otherwise. In fact, Gobber is the one who convinced Stoick to allow Hiccup to enroll in the Dragon Training classes, reminding the latter that he could not always hope to protect Hiccup; the best he could do was prepare him. At the end of the film, Gobber is the one who constructs a new prosthetic tail for Toothless and Hiccup's prosthetic leg.

The other important role Gobber filled was training Hiccup in leatherworking and as a blacksmith, which gave the imaginative teen an outlet for his mind along with practical design and fabrication skills. If an invention of Hiccup's fails, it's only because inexperience affected the design, never because of faulty parts, or that the parts were poorly crafted. Hiccup's innovation, improvement and engineering of his society's technology for his creations is often nothing short of sheer genius. At the end of How to Train Your Dragon 2, Gobber celebrated his coronation as Chief of Berk along with the other villagers.

Secondary Relationships

Snotlout Jorgenson

"You crushed it today, Snotlout. You really did. This was all you."
―Hiccup proud of Snotlout in Crash Course[src]
Tumblr o9gdzgCkgO1ub5mbwo4 1280

Hiccup and Snotlout are cousins in the books, though there are currently no indications of any familial relation in the movies. Snotlout's arrogance and bullying attitude makes Hiccup initially dislike him. Snotlout openly mocks Hiccup's claims and is always boosting up his own image by downplaying Hiccup's. When Hiccup grows more confident in their dragon training sessions, Snotlout begins to look up to him. He willingly aids Hiccup in the battle with the Red Death and wipes a tear of relief when discovering Hiccup is alive. Snotlout is also the first person Hiccup teaches to bond with a dragon.

Throughout the franchise, Snotlout preserves a cocky and obnoxious demeanor which Hiccup's finds unappealing but tolerates. While their rivalry is still ongoing, Snotlout grows to respect and care for Hiccup. He recognizes Hiccup as the leader and usually follows his directions, although he may make complaints and act obtuse on purpose. In Cast Out, Part 2, Hiccup also acknowledges Snotlout's efforts, and the two of them officially become friends. By the time of Race to the Edge, they have forged a close and easygoing relationship. In The Zippleback Experience Snotlout provokes Hiccup into punching him but it's good intentioned as he is trying to help Hiccup rid of Barf and Belch in his own way.

Another defining moment is at the end of Crash Course when Hiccup tells Snotlout he is proud of him. It shows that the respect between them is mutual.

In How to Train Your Dragon 2, Snotlout celebrates Hiccup's coronation as Chief of Berk along with the other villagers.

Fishlegs Ingerman

"Hiccup's my best friend. Whenever I've needed him, he's been there for me. And now he needs me!"
―Fishlegs about Hiccup in Race to the Edge: Season 4

Overall, Fishlegs gets along fairly well with Hiccup and shares his passion for dragons and dragon knowledge. He is Hiccup's closest and most important friend in the books, although not nearly as close to him in the franchise.

Fishlegs starts out as a mere acquaintance of Hiccup in the first movie. Being the odd ones out, they are often partnered up together during dragon training but are rather indifferent toward one another. While Fishlegs never speaks ill of Hiccup or expresses any direct dislike toward him, he appears to be someone that goes along with the flow. In the beginning, he is seen laughing at Hiccup being ridiculed by Snotlout and the twins, and later on after Hiccup gains popularity, Fishlegs starts to support him along with everyone else. Their friendship grows less superficial with time, and both show great care and support for each other especially during shortcomings and victories. While they never become as close as they were in the books, Fishlegs begins to consider Hiccup his best friend. He eventually realizes he needs to be there for Hiccup the way Hiccup has always been there for him.

Hiccup in return admires Fishlegs' love for knowledge and often looks to him for facts and information on new dragons. He is also appreciative of his ability to apply logic to foreign situations and views him as one of the most sensible in their friend gang. Whenever Fishlegs is acting overly emotional or feeling particularly vulnerable, Hiccup is quick to offer comfort and kind words. He is even slightly teasing towards Fishlegs when he is stuck in a tree and blames the crash on either a flaming squirrel or a flaming chipmunk. There are a few, rare instances such as in Quake, Rattle and Roll and Shock and Awe where Fishlegs and Hiccup clash and disagree. Fishlegs might also spurt out information in a very unhelpful or annoying way which will cause Hiccup to be openly frustrated with him. They usually are able to cooperate and settle their differences.

In Follow the Leader, it is revealed that Fishlegs highly regards Hiccup as a leader, and he really hates the idea of disappointing him.

At the end of How to Train Your Dragon 2, Fishlegs celebrated his coronation as Chief of Berk along with the other villagers.

Ruffnut and Tuffnut Thorston

Tuffnut: "First that lunatic flight suit, now this. Could it be...?"
Ruffnut: "Is Hiccup coming over to OUR side?"
Tuffnut: "Oh, Loki, please let it be so! We will welcome him with open arms, teach him the ways of the truly DISTURBED!"
―The Twins on Hiccup's flightsuit

Hiccup and The Twins.

Hiccup starts off at odds with Ruffnut and Tuffnut but manages to gain their respect over the course of the franchise. They show very little empathy to him in the beginning, even joining in on Snotlout's ridiculing. When Hiccup appears to be excelling in Dragon Training, however, they start to appreciate him. Ruffnut even develops a one-sided crush on him. As Hiccup sets off to fight the Red Death, they are quick to tag along, and in the aftermath of the battle, they are just as relieved as everyone else to see him making it out alive.

In the earlier seasons of the show, Hiccup often finds himself annoyed by the twins' antics and love for destruction and chaos. It takes some while, but their reckless and erratic way of thinking gradually begins to align with Hiccup's as they grow older. He slowly starts to see their benefit and acknowledges them as valuable members of the team. Hiccup has, however, always cared for Ruffnut and Tuffnut as individuals. There are even times he acts as their parent and goes to great lengths to ensure their safety such as in A View to a Skrill, Part 2 when he spent all night searching for them.

Hiccup's dynamic with the twins shifts and changes by the time of Race to the Edge. Ruffnut and Tuffnut start to regard him with deep respect, viewing him as their ultimate leader and as someone personally important to them. They also grow very touchy-feely with Hiccup, treating him in the same manner as they usually act toward one another. In A Time to Skrill, Tuffnut mentions that he has a painting of Hiccup hanging above his bed.

Their interactions with Hiccup are limited in the sequel, but they were shown to be celebrating Hiccup's coronation as Chief of Berk along with the other villagers.


Sharpshot is a Terrible Terror Hiccup trained in the episode Worst in Show. He is considered to be the second dragon that Hiccup has officially trained in the series.

Eret, Son of Eret

"That was some pretty fine dragon wrangling back there. You'd make a good trapper."
―Eret's remarks to Hiccup subsequent to the battle with the Bewilderbeast.[src]

Eret made his first appearance in How To Train Your Dragon 2. He and Hiccup were initially in conflict as Eret attempted to trap dragons for Drago Bludvist as opposed to Hiccup's respect for them. However, once Eret realized the true nature of dragons, partly thanks to bonding with Stormfly, he switched sides. He helped the Dragon Riders escape and took part in Hiccup's battle against Drago, proving himself to be a trustworthy and reliable ally. Unlike Hiccup's other opponents, Eret also seemed to respect him from the get-go. He never once mocked or underestimated Hiccup because of his untraditional appearance.

Following Drago's demise, Hiccup offered Eret a place among the riders by giving him Stoick's dragon Skullcrusher. Along with Valka, Gobber, Astrid and the rest of the village, Eret celebrated Hiccup's coronation as Chief of Berk.

In The Serpent's Heir, Eret already began showing his loyalty to his Chief by standing up for Hiccup and later on taking initiative to help him and the other riders escape when they were being held captive by Calder on Nepenthe. After returning back to Berk, Hiccup assigned Eret on a special project assigned to his particular skills and passions.


"Heather, you're one of us now. A Dragon Rider."
―Hiccup in To Heather or Not to Heather.[src]

Hiccup is welcoming and friendly toward Heather on Riders of Berk and initially discards Astrid's suspicions. After realizing Heather has stolen the Book of Dragons and Stormfly, he feels regretful for trusting a stranger over his close friend. He and the other riders are back on good terms with Heather again once she reasons her actions and helps them defeat Alvin. In Have Dragon Will Travel, Part 1, unlike the rest of the riders, Hiccup is put off by Heather's dramatic change. He attempts to question her on her attacks but Heather is adamant to stay mum. Hiccup eventually learns of her intentions from Trader Johann and after saving her from Dagur, voices his sympathies for her loss.

When getting a closer look at Heather's horn, Hiccup recognizes Stoick's seal on it, and briefly wonders if Heather is his sister. He confronts his father about it, and learns that the horn was a gift to Oswald the Agreeable for his newborn daughter, making Heather Dagur's sister.

When it appears Heather has betrayed them again, Hiccup is willing to take her down as well. However, Astrid reveals that Heather is actually spying on the Hunters. In Maces and Talons, Part 2, Hiccup ends up feeling somewhat responsible for her capture and attempts to prevent her execution.

In To Heather or Not to Heather, Hiccup tries helping Heather train Windshear after she joins them on the Edge but it proves to be unsuccessful. Though thanks to Fishlegs, they eventually manage to integrate Windshear. In Family on the Edge and Saving Shattermaster Hiccup tries to reason with Heather about Dagur's change.

In Dagur's letter to Heather, Hiccup is referred to as Dagur and Heather's little brother. This implies that Heather is older than Hiccup.


"You are a mystery, Hiccup Haddock."

Hiccup quickly managed to win over Queen Mala's loyalty and forged an alliance with her tribe.

In Out of the Frying Pan Mala sought help from Hiccup and the dragon riders.


In Midnight Scrum Throk came to Hiccup's rescue on Queen Mala's orders and managed to save him from Savage. Although he ended up losing Hiccup to Krogan later on.

Enemies​; old and new

Turned Good

Alvin the Treacherous

Alvin hiccup you're bluffing

Hiccup and Alvin.

In the series, Alvin clearly has some sort of history with Hiccup's father, and recognizes Hiccup as "Stoick's little embarrassment" and "Stoick's little runt". Hiccup at first outsmarts Alvin into taking him to Dragon Island. It is there that Alvin realizes that Hiccup is a Master Dragon Trainer. Alvin then begins to try to train dragons of his own, but he fully realizes that to do so, he will need Hiccup. He abducts him several times throughout the series. Hiccup is usually sarcastic around Alvin which annoys the Outcast Chief considerably. This sarcasm displays an amount of contempt for the bloodthirsty Chief. Hiccup and Alvin both clearly underestimate each other. Hiccup was completely fooled by Alvin's plot to lure him to the Isle of Night, and Alvin has many times watched helplessly as the "90-pound boy repeatedly defeats an army of blood-thirsty savages."

Alvin is Hiccup's main enemy in the television series, and he is one of the few characters that Hiccup has openly ordered Toothless to finish off. The animosity between the two of them has grown and grown as Hiccup has escaped Alvin and Alvin has nearly destroyed things that Hiccup cares deeply about. Alvin has notably targeted Astrid, and this has served to fuel the fire of the rivalry. Then Alvin discovered he could use Hiccup's love for Toothless to get at him, and this seemed to be the final straw. When Hiccup finally escaped, he and Toothless made a diving attack at Alvin and would have most likely killed him if they had not been downed by bolas. It is rare for Hiccup to be so determined to kill an enemy, but Alvin has given him good reasons to reach such decisions. In Defenders Of Berk, by the end of the season, in Cast Out, Part 1, Alvin claims that he is trying to change and in Cast Out, Part 2 helped Hiccup to defeat Dagur and rescue Stoick from Outcast Island. Hiccup and Alvin become allies at the end of the season.



Mildew and Hiccup vie for Stoick's support.

Mildew and Hiccup are certainly not on any sort of good terms in the series. Mildew kicks off their rivalry by intentionally trying to get rid of the dragons. Mildew highly dislikes Hiccup because Hiccup has changed Berk, and because of this Mildew's animosity towards the dragons has stretched out to incorporate Hiccup as well. He intentionally makes Hiccup look as bad as possible in the eyes of the villagers and often attacks Hiccup's emotions through cruel guilt trips and accusations. This has lead to Hiccup highly disliking the old man. He never necessarily wishes harm upon the cantankerous old man, but when Mildew does get what is coming to him, Hiccup does seem to slightly enjoy it. Mildew tricks Hiccup into going into an Outcast trap, and this makes Hiccup even more angry with the old man.

However, Hiccup does eventually pity Mildew when he sees him imprisoned, and Mildew convinces Hiccup to let him out of an Outcast cell. Hiccup is then fully willing to help the old man, and even tries to get him to bond with the dragons with some success. Unfortunately, it is all a trick, and Mildew winds up betraying Hiccup once again. Hiccup is unaware of this final betrayal, so he does try and rescue Mildew, but his father tells him that there is no way to help him. Hiccup currently does not necessarily like Mildew's company, but due his ignorance of Mildew's second betrayal, Hiccup has forgiven him. It appears in Worst in Show that Hiccup appears to know of Mildew's betrayal as he probably ordered Ruff and Tuff to send Butt and Head to head-butt Mildew. Hiccup also called Mildew a traitor in Cast Out, Part 2, further proving this point but in the end, Mildew helped Alvin save Hiccup, Toothless, and Stoick from Dagur and got the Berserkers off. It is possible Mildew has returned to Berk and became an ally.

Dagur the Deranged

"When the chips were down and I thought the Hunters had me for sure, Toothless let Dagur ride him to save me. Now if Toothless trusts him, then I have to try to trust him too."
Tumblr muc49bwxLC1qj3q7ro1 1280

Hiccup and Dagur.

Hiccup and Dagur have known each other for a long time, usually meeting with their tribes' treaty signing. Dagur often acts like a pesky older brother, using Hiccup as a knife throwing target or trying to drown him. Hiccup describes him as a "lunatic kid" and was not happy to learn he was the new Berserker Chief. Dagur confronted Hiccup about the Red Death and trained dragon rumors he heard about, only for Hiccup to deny them. The Dragon Trainers staged a dragon attack to save Barf and Belch, and the Berserkers retreated. Hiccup later met up with Dagur again in The Night and the Fury on Dragon Island. Dagur was happy to see Hiccup alive after the "attack" and kept going on about how he faced a Night Fury. Dagur then decides the two of them will hunt down the dragon together. He even starts calling Hiccup "brother," which he finds awkward. Dagur points out he and Hiccup are a lot alike: both are born leaders, sons of chiefs, and have fathers that had to be eliminated; the last one Hiccup quickly disagrees with. When Dagur learns that the truth about Berk's dragons, he feels betrayed and attacks Hiccup and Toothless. Hiccup beats Dagur, and he and he others head back to Berk, as they need to be ready when Dagur returns. After being defeated and telling the Berserker armada, Dagur tells them no one is to hurt Hiccup, except him, after he gets his dragon. Throughout the whole season, Dagur has constantly been trying to capture Hiccup and Toothless. Hiccup hated Dagur even more than he did before when he took his father, Stoick as hostage to trade for Toothless. In the end, Dagur was put in jail until he escaped three years later, and Dagur continued his quest for revenge on Hiccup and Toothless.

Despite Hiccup's own animosity for Dagur, he did not let Heather kill him when he found out the Berserker was her brother.

Hiccup's relationship with Dagur took a new turn after the first ordeal with Viggo Grimborn. In Enemy of My Enemy, he was surprised that Dagur was trying to help him and Toothless escape the Dragon Hunters, but he still didn't trust him. With no choice, Hiccup worked with Dagur to collect the ingredients needed to cure Toothless who had been hit by the Hunters arrows. When the potion caused Toothless to spasm and collapse, Hiccup attacked Dagur and even threatened to kill him. The two were soon captured by the Hunters, and while Dagur managed to escape he left Hiccup behind. This left Hiccup shouting that he hated the Berserker. However, Dagur came back with Toothless and saved him. This left Hiccup wondering if Dagur really wanted to change.

Dagur showed up in Hiccup's hut asking him to teach him to ride a dragons he could find his sister. Hiccup agreed, hoping to get rid of him since Heather was on Dragon's Edge. Before that, he spoke to the Riders about the possibility Dagur was trying to change, though none of them were convinced, especially Heather. In Family on the Edge, Hiccup began to teach Dagur to ride a Gronckle, though it was still a trial. When the others found Dagur, Hiccup explained how Dagur had saved him. He admitted to Astrid he was still unsure about him, but Toothless let Dagur ride him. When Dagur found out about the Riders' plan to attack Viggo's fleet, he told them it was a trap. But the others' beliefs led Hiccup to trust his friends over Dagur and had him and his dragon locked up. Dagur managed to escape and proved it was a trap. Dagur was nowhere to be found after the battle, and presumed dead.

After Dagur's supposed death, Hiccup felt guilty for not believing him. However, Dagur was later revealed to have survived.

Still Evil

Drago Bludvist

"You surely are hard to get rid of, I'll say that."
―Drago to Hiccup.[src]
Tumblr njrogeFHU11r3741jo3 1280

Drago and Hiccup conversing during their first meeting.

Drago Bludvist has an army of dragons and wants to rule the world, which means that this character will probably be the worst enemy Hiccup will ever meet. They are alike and different in many ways. Like Hiccup, he lost his left arm to a dragon, grew up fearing them but proved to have a talent for controlling them, and also possessed a great deal of mechanical inventive genius (as evidenced by his dragon traps). Unlike Hiccup, his fear transformed not into understanding but an obsessive need to dominate everything around him so he would never feel powerless again, and dragons were the ideal tool to do this with once he realized he could dominate them with sheer will and intimidation. The comparison goes further with their specific amputations and methods of how they each tame dragons. Hiccup lost his leg, and his method of taming a dragon involves calmly and peacefully placing his hand on the dragon's face. Drago on the other hand lost his arm, and his method involves shouting wildly and stepping cruelly upon on a dragon's snout. In the end, Drago was defeated and Hiccup finally got his revenge on his father's true murderer.

Viggo Grimborn

"Are you really going to sacrifice your future, all the wonderful years you have ahead of you for that [the Dragon Eye]?"
―Viggo telling Hiccup to choose between Astrid and the Dragon Eye.

Viggo is one of the few people capable of outsmarting Hiccup. In Maces and Talons, Part 1, when the Dragon Riders first planned to take down the Dragon Hunters, and failed, Hiccup realized right away that Viggo was able to manipulate them to his advantage, even giving the Hunters time to search the Edge for the Dragon Eye. When Viggo planted the game Maces and Talons on his ship, Hiccup decided to play by Viggo's rules. In Maces and Talons, Part 2, the two finally met Hiccup face to face. After Viggo managed retrieve the Dragon Eye, Hiccup was left extremely frustrated, screaming from the loss.

After this, Hiccup's personality took a more serious turn as he was determined to find Viggo and get the Dragon Eye back. The other Riders noticed this obsession as well, which included recon flights alone (Enemy of My Enemy) and overworking the dragons for defenses (A Grim Retreat). Hiccup began to realize this and tried to take it easy. In Buffalord Soldier, when the two met up again, Hiccup only cared about finding Astrid a cure and he was even willing to give up the Buffalord to Viggo for Astrid's sake.

In Shell Shocked, Part 1 and 2 Viggo tried yet again to outsmart Hiccup by playing mind-games with him. He even attempted to get inside Hiccup's brain through digs at his relationship with Astrid. Hiccup didn't let this deter him however. At the end of the two-parter, Viggo asked Hiccup to choose between the Dragon Eye and Astrid . Hiccup does not hesitant in making his decision and to Viggo's great horror, he threw the Dragon Eye directly into the volcano. While not a part of Hiccup's intention, Viggo ended falling into the volcano as well as a result.

Ryker Grimborn

Hiccup first learned about Ryker through Astrid after Stormfly was taken away by dragon hunters in Night of the Hunters, Part 1.

Hiccup originally believed Ryker was the head of the Dragon Hunters. While Hiccup first met Ryker face to face in The Zippleback Experience, the two confronted each other. It was later in that episode Hiccup found out it was Viggo who was the real leader. Hiccup's tactics usually stops Ryker's plots to get the Dragon Eye.




  • Hiccup seems to have gotten his name from the fact that he was born early, so he was smaller and weaker than the other babies.
  • Though all official sources officiate Hiccup's age to be 15 in the first film, it's suggested by the film maker's commentary that he's actually 14, leading many to believe that his 15th birthday passed during or shortly after the events of the first film.
  • Hiccup is left-handed, although he could be ambidextrous, as seen on the posters for How to Train Your Dragon 2, Hiccup is seen with his flaming sword, Inferno, in both his right and left hands showing that he can wield it in either hands. Also, his shield alternates between his hands throughout Defenders of Berk.
  • Hiccup is a rather bad liar and seems to be pressured by guilt into admitting things easily.
  • Hiccup is the smartest member of the Berk Dragon Training Academy.
  • Hiccup and Astrid are the second Dragon Riders that are in a relationship, the first being Heather and Fishlegs.
  • As of How to Train Your Dragon 2, Hiccup and Astrid seem to be the only Dragon Riders that are in a relationship.
  • Hiccup is the shortest among the gang in the first movie but is the tallest in the sequel.
  • Hiccup and Fishlegs are the only Dragon Riders who don't have blue eyes.
  • In the first film, Hiccup almost died when he fell into the inferno of the Red Death's exploding body, which Toothless protected him from. In the second film, he almost died in a completely opposite way, when Drago's Bewilderbeast shot him with an icy blast, which Toothless also protected him from.
  • Hiccup is the second person to train a dragon throughout the entire franchise. The first was Valka and the third as Drago. It is also possible that Drago "trained" his Bewilderbeast before Hiccup had trained Toothless.
  • In the 2nd movie, this is the first time we see Hiccup kissing Astrid instead of the other way around.
  • Both the movies shows Hiccup impersonating his father, Stoick. He has gotten much better in impersonation during the second movie.
  • As noted by the twins, Hiccup is a bad actor.
  • In Dragons: Race to the Edge, Hiccup seems to already have two small braided sections of his hair. But as shown in the second movie, Hiccup's hair is braided by Astrid when they're officially a couple. As Race to the Edge takes place before the second movie, Hiccup's hair should not have those two braids.
  • Fishlegs states that Hiccup loves his mother's crabcakes.
  • The dragons understand Hiccup's leadership. In Race to the Edge, when Fishlegs was "kidnapped" by a flock of aggressive albino Night Terrors and Astrid contracted The Scourge of Odin, Meatlug (Fishleg's dragon) and Stormfly (Astrid's dragon) went to Hiccup for help.
  • By the time of the sequel, Hiccup was ranked first in the Dragon Races with 15 wins.
  • Hiccup has inherited his mother's connection with dragons and her dramatic flair and her crafting skills, and his father's stubbornness and leadership skills.

Memorable Quotes

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