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"Hildegard? Doesn't look like a Hildergard to me. Magnus it is!"
―Gobber naming the baby[src]

Hildegard is the baby daughter of two unnamed Viking parents. Her appearance is claimed by Tuffnut to look like sticks bundled up in bacon. She has made two appearances: first in Viking for Hire, and second in Gem of a Different Color. In both instances she is noted as being extremely ugly. Gobber wishes to name her Magnus instead of Hildegard because of her looks, and she actually causes Meatlug to vomit lava upon the first glimpse of her. She is a rather minor character.


  • Her face has not been shown yet. This is probably to keep the joke about her ugliness running.
  • In the episode Gem of a Different Color, Hildegard is stated to be the baby daughter of Mrs. Larson and a sister of Gustav Larson. This is incorret, however, as Hildegard's mother has been shown to be a completly different person from Mrs. Larson.