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Hoark the Haggard is a viking living on the Isle of Berk. He does not appear in the books, but he does have very brief appearances and is mentioned once in the film How to Train Your Dragon and Legend of the BoneKnapper Dragon. He also makes an appearance in How to Train Your Dragon 2. He is voiced by Kieron Elliott.

Other than the movies, Hoark the Haggard has also appeared in the Dreamworks Press: Dragons app, exclusive for mobile apple devices. In this app Hoark is the voice that narrates the story.[1]

The only line said by Hoark during the first movie is to Hiccup, asking "What are you doing out!?".

During the Dragon Raid, a viking mentioned Hoark when he said to Stoick; "Gronckles. Nadders. Zipplebacks. Oh, and Hoark saw a Monstrous Nightmare."




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