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The Hobgobbler is a small Mystery and Stoker Class[1] dragon that first appeared in How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.

Official Description

Pug-nosed, wide-eyed and drooling, Hobgobblers would be cute — if they weren't so destructive! They love to devour everything in their paths like airborne piranhas.


The Hobgobbler's name was revealed at the 2018 Annecy Film Festival preview of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.[2] They were pictured and mentioned again by Dean DeBlois on a Twitter post.[3] According to Dragonpedia, the Hobgobbler's ability to eat anything while in a feeding frenzy is based off a piranha.

Physical Appearance

Hatchling to Adult

Hobgobblers are small, plump dragons with a rounded appearance. They possess a single nasal horn, short legs, small spines on their back, and a mouth that takes up a large amount of their physical size. Their coloration is mainly purple with darker stripes and yellow undersides. Dean DeBlois describes them as looking like "a beachball" and "little round dragon that's sort of a cross between a bullfrog and a French bulldog".[2]

Behavior and Personality

As their name suggests, Hobgobblers possess a huge appetite, and they tend to devour almost anything they see. Hobgobblers also seem to be rather mischievous, which is indicated when an individual is seen bathing in a cauldron of soup. Dean DeBlois also stated that Gobber the Belch, a seasoned Viking warrior, is "terrified" of the Hobgobbler, lending credence to possible mischievous antics.[4]


Incendiary Slobber

The slobber of the Hobgobblers possess incendiary properties that can burst into flames.

Feeding Frenzy

When Hobgobblers are hungry, they will enter a state of frenzy and will devour almost anything in their path. A flock of Hobgobblers is capable of munching down an entire ship into nothing within a short period of time.

Jaw Strength

Hobgobblers possess a powerful set of jaws that enables them to chew and devour almost anything.


How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

The Dragon Riders rescue a trapped Hobgobbler on one of their missions and bring it back to Berk.[4]

Later on, the Hobgobbler somehow ends up swimming in a cauldron of soup that has been placed within the Great Hall, and a startled Gobber deems its behavior "unsanitary". Toothless then comes and imposes his authority to the small dragon, which quickly gets out of the cauldron and runs away.

Gobber is terrified of the creatures, believing that they bring bad luck. His opinion about the Hobgobblers change when a flock of them rescue him from Ragnar the Rock.


  • According to the Urban Dictionary, the Hob Gobbler is a creature from Appalachia folklore that grants wishes as well as plays tricks on humans. It also can turn into a turkey.
  • The name "Hobgobbler" may also be derived from a type of fairy or goblin from the folklore of the British Isles called a Hobgoblin. This spirit or creature resided in homes and was helpful to the resident family, but could also wreak havoc if they were offended. Though the Hobgoblin is not specifically mentioned, elves and fairyfolk and other such beings do figure in Norse Mythology.
  • The Hobgobbler is the second dragon to be categorized into two classes, with the first being the Submaripper.


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