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Horrors are small, adorable but extremely lethal dragons seen in the Complete Book of Dragons: Guide To Dragon Species. They are intelligent and speak Dragonese, but aligned with Furious during the Dragon Rebellion, as did most Sea Dragons.

Traits and Abilities

These devious little dragons are very cute by human sensibilities, but can kill a human many different ways. They can produce electric shocks or lightning bolts (its unclear which), have acidic blood, create toxic gases that can render a human unconscious, and are poisonous. On top of that Horrors have X-ray vision, hypnotic powers, and are one of the very few dragons that can see into the future.

Horrors are shown to be bright yellowing-orange in color, possibly to indicate its poisonous nature.

Horrors are listed as Sea Dragons, so they are assumed to spend a large amount of time in or around the sea or ocean.


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