Major Rules

If broken, there will be severe consequences.

1. No Vandalism: The destruction and/or defacing of any Articles, Galleries, User:Pages, User:Blogs or Talk:Pages will result in a warning/block.

2. No spamming: This includes the following, inserting gibberish and/or nonsense into any of the following; Articles, Galleries, User:Pages, User:Blogs or Talk:Pages. Spamming also includes the act of creating an excess amount of Article stubs dedicated to the act of spamming it's self. The act of spamming will result in a permanent ban/block from the How To Train Your Dragon Wiki.

3. No racism, sexism, or other “hate”: Other forms of Hate include; Hate towards religions, sexual preferences, or mental health. It's fine if a user is against a particular concept or another or whatever, but respect must still be given, both giving and receiving.

4. No Sexually explicit Content: Uploading and/or creating any sexually explicit content and/or uploading pornographic or sexually explicit photos is strictly prohibited.

5. Do not evade a Ban/Block: The act of evading a ban/block will result in extending the ban/block of the original account if done continuously.

6. Do not post fanfiction: This is a canon-only wiki. Fanfiction can be posted at the Fanfiction Wiki instead.

7. Follow all policies in the Manual of Style: These policies have been created for the purpose of betterin this wiki, so please follow them.

Moderate Rules

If broken, there will be consequences.

7. Respect other Users: The act of harassing and/or bullying other users is not allowed. Everyone's opinions are to be respected, even if they're not a popular opinion.

8. Respect the Administrators: Administrators have the final say in all matters, whether it causes users dismay or not.

9. Adequate spelling and grammar: As a wiki, we pride in being professional and being creative. If a user's spelling and/or grammar is not adequate enough, said user will be warned and/or blocked, depending on the severity of the offense.

10. Minor cussing: Only use the words "damn," "crap," and "hell" as swear words, more extreme words than those can not be used, unless it's on chat.

  1. Use common sense.
  2. If a fight happens on chat and an admin or chat moderator is not present, please take a screenshot of it and send it to an admin.
  3. KEEP IT CLEAN! Meaning: no sexual stuff. Swearing is allowed, but nothing farther than that.

The Administrators and Bureaucrats reserve the right to:

  1. Add new rules as well as change pre-existing rules.
  2. Warp Rules as need be, so all wrongful acts are punishable.
  3. Change lengths of blocks/bans.

By editing this wiki, you agree to follow all of the rules listed and to behave in a reasonable and respectful manner.

Please report any rule breakers to the bureaucrats or admins.