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Featured Dragon - Triple Stryke
TS 5
"Vicious. Aggressive. Belligerent. These are only three of the words that describe the Triple Stryke in battle and the incredible fury it unleashes with its trio of braided tails. Displaying an ornery disposition from the beginning of their lives, Triple Strykes make the ideal champions in underground combat arenas. With their barbed hides that deflect attacks, their intense fire blasts that blind opponents, and their tail triad that braids into a single powerful weapon, a Triple Stryke wins most bouts on intimidation alone. But victory sometimes breeds vanity and exploiting this overconfidence is often the only way to defeat a Triple Stryke in battle."

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Featured Character - Dagur the Deranged
Dagur Race to the Edge
"Dagur is obsessed with Dragons and hates Hiccup.

After his defeat, Dagur the Deranged was imprisoned on Outcast Island for three years. But rather than rehabilitate his fractured mind, Dagur instead focused solely on his next attack on the Dragon Riders. Dagur packed on considerable muscle during his time in jail, making him an even more formidable fighter. He finally escaped from his cell and the archipelago, eventually finding a new fleet of ships. With a new armada now under his control, Dagur is ready to launch his final assault on Hiccup and Toothless, and he's going to use the mysterious Dragon Eye to do it."

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Featured Other - The Serpent's Heir
"Picking up just after the events in How to Train Your Dragon 2, Hiccup, Astrid, and company are called upon to assist the people of an earthquake-plagued island. But their lives are imperiled by a madman and an incredible new dragon who even Toothless—the alpha dragon—may not be able to control!"

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