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Hiccup (v.o.): As you fly through life it's always good to know who you can trust... and who you can't.

Hiccup: Nice catch, bud. A little close...

Hiccup (v.o.): I know I can always count on Toothless. And it's important for him to know... that no matter what... he can count on me.

Hiccup: It's your turn. Jump!

Fishlegs: I don't want to jump! I--!

Hiccup: You have to believe she's gonna catch you! It's a trust exercise.

Fishlegs: I like to do my trusting on the ground, thank you, very much!

Snotlout: Like this, chicken-legs. WHOO-HOO-HOO-HOO!

Tuffnut: So...should we mention something to Hookfang?

Ruffnut: Let me sleep on it.

Astrid: Hookfang! Get him!

Snotlout: Not feeling the trust!


[Snotlout and Hookfang crash through Mildew's roof.]

Snotlout: Mildew!

Mildew: You'll pay for this!

Hiccup: Oh, something tells me we're gonna hear about this...

Hiccup: Shingle again? Didn't we have roofing material for dinner last night?

Hiccup: It was an accident, Dad. I'm sure Mildew's making it sound worse than it is.

Stoick: A dragon and a huge, obnoxious boy crashed through his roof... twice!

Hiccup: Well, sure, it sounds bad if you're gonna... stick to the facts.

Stoick: Of all the houses on the island, a dragon had to crash through Mildew's! You know he hates dragons more than anyone else!

Hiccup: I know...You might wanna talk to him about his attitude.

Stoick: Listen to me, Hiccup. I gave you the responsibility of training those dragons. Everyone knows that! All eyes are upon you son.

Stoick: Whatever those beasts do reflects on you. And whatever you do reflects on me.

Hiccup: I'm sorry, Dad. You're right.

Stoick: You and your friends are gonna go back to Mildew's and fix that roof. Without your dragons!

Hiccup: Got a break there, bud.

Stoick: Ah! Not so fast! Aren't you forgetting something? It's boot night! They need to be aired out.

Hiccup: UGH! I think it's going to take more than air.

Fishlegs: Uck. I hate boot night!

Tuffnut: Why is his left foot always so much smellier than his right?

Snotlout: Oh, no...

Stoick: Where are my boots?

Stoick: Where are your boots?

Gobber: They've all been stolen! Every last one!

Bucket: Oh! That explains why me feet are so cold.

Mulch: Who could have done such a thing?

Mildew: All I know is that they left a mighty big footprint.

Fishlegs: Oh! Those are Hideous Zippleback tracks. You can tell by the half-moon shaped arches. That's Dragon 101 guys, I don't gotta fill you in on that.

Hiccup: So, a dragon walked through here - a Zippleback, according to my friend, Fishlegs. But that doesn't mean he took everyone's boots.

Mildew: Well, there's just one way to find out. Follow the footprints.

Hiccup: So there's a bunch of boots piled around a Zippleback. That doesn't mean-- Okay, fine, he took the boots.

Viking #1: How are we supposed to do any work in this weather without our boots?

Viking #2: This is outrageous!

Mildew: Now, how long before something's done about these creatures, Stoick? How much more can we stand?!

Gobber: Listen to yourselves. "My feet are cold!" You're Vikings! Everything is cold! I'll fix your boots for yeh. You'll be back to work in no time.

Stoick: You all heard Gobber. You'll be getting your boots back as good as new.

Mildew: That's it? No consequence for these dragons?

Stoick: They took our boots, Mildew. The world isn't coming to an end!

Mildew: Oh, don't be so sure. Dragons are wild beasts. There's no telling what else they'll do behind our sleeping backs.

Hiccup: They don't destroy things on purpose!

Mildew: Bah!

Hiccup: But you do have a point, Mildew.

Mildew: Uh-whuh?

Hiccup: They are wild animals. And they need us to keep an eye on them. And rest assured we will do just that! Will you get out of there?

Hiccup: We're going on night patrol.

Tuffnut: Night patrol! I love it! What is it?

Hiccup: It's where we patrol... at night. To keep an eye on the Dragons. Make sure they don't get blamed for anything else.

Fishlegs: Um, have you cleared this with our parents? Because some of us might not be allowed out after a certain hour.

Snotlout: Not allowed? Or afraaaaid?

Fishlegs: Hey! Things happen after dark.

Hiccup: Guys! We have to do this. You heard Mildew; he wants the Dragons banished.

Ruffnut: Permission to shoot first and ask questions later?

Tuffnut: Permission to skip the question?

Hiccup: We're just patrolling! No one is shooting anyone!

Tuffnut: I have a question. What's fun about that?!

Astrid: It's not supposed to be fun. It's a "Hiccup" idea.

Hiccup: Exactly. What?

Astrid: Hello, sir!

Astrid: Ah, umm, ah--ma'am. My name is Astrid, and I'm with the Dragon United Monitoring Brigade.

Woman: D.U.M.B?

Astrid: Yes. That is correct. Not my idea... But it is easy to remember. If you have any dragon-related problems, contact us. Just cup a hand on either side of your mouth and at the top of your lungs yell... D.U.M.B.

Snotlout: Halt! Who goes there?!

Gobber: Take a wild guess.

Snotlout: I don't think I like your attitude.

Gobber: Right back at yeh.

Snotlout: Yeah... but I'm the one with the sash.

Gobber: Let me take a closer look at that.

Gobber: 'D.U.M.B'? Well, that suits you.

Snotlout Okay, I think we're done here.

Fishlegs: Oh! What was that?

Tuffnut: Whoa...

Ruffnut: Whoa.

Both: Did you see me scare him?

Ruffnut: No, I scared him!

Tuffnut: No, I scared him!

Ruffnut: No me!

Tuffnut: No, no, no! Hey! Ugh!

Ruffnut: It was me! I did it!

Tuffnut: Clearly me!

Hiccup: Well, Mildew will be happy to know what dragons do at night: they sleep, like everyone else.

Stoick: Who could have done such a thing?

Fishlegs: Oh, it looks like a dragon to me!

Hiccup: We don't know for sure, Fishlegs...

Fishlegs: Sure, we do. Look at these claw marks. It was obviously a Monstrous Nightmare. The spacing of the talons is dead on.

Hiccup: (Sarcastic) Once again, thank you, Fishlegs!

Fishlegs: Oh, stop, it's just basic stuff.

Astrid: But how could this happen? We had every dragon accounted for at all times! Right, guys?

Snotlout: When you say, "at all times," and "every dragon," what exactly do you mean?

Hiccup: Okay, what happened, Snotlout?

Snotlout: Well, I was detaining a suspect who wasn't showing sufficient respect to the sash.

Gobber: I think I showed sufficient respect to a sash that says "D.U.M.B."

Astrid: We've got to change that name.

Snotlout: Anyways, as I was questioning said suspect, Hookfang may have -- and I'm not saying he did -- but it is possible he wandered off for a few...

Ruffnut: Seconds?

Tuffnut: Minutes?

Snotlout: Hours.

Tuffnut: Oh, that's way longer than minutes.

Mildew: Oh, no, it's true! The Great Hall! So many memories. My three weddings, their three funerals. Oh, the funerals!

Gobber: A dragon must have gone on a rampage. I hate to say it, Stoick, but you're going to have to--

Stoick: I know what has to be done, Gobber.

Mildew: So do I!

Stoick: Starting tonight, every night, I want all the dragons put in the Academy under lock and key.

Mildew: What? That's it? Look what they did!

Hiccup: This just doesn't make any sense! A dragon wouldn't just come in here and destroy the place! I mean, none of the food was even touched!

Stoick: I don't know why dragons do what they do, but I'm not going to let them do any more damage.

Gobber: You had to cage the Dragons, Stoick. You had no choice.

Stoick: I know. But to Hiccup, when I punish them, I'm punishing him.

Gobber: Yeah, that boy thinks the dragons can do no wrong.

Stoick: I just hope he understands that while a father does what's best for his son, a Chief must do what's best for the village.

Fishlegs: Sleep, little Meatlug in your bed, where yummy little boulders dance in your head.

Fishlegs: That usually works! Our whole bedtime routine is upset! She won't even lick my feet, thanks to--

Snotlout: Watch it, Fishlegs! At least my dragon doesn't need a lullaby and a blanky.

Ruffnut: Actually, it's your fault that all our dragons have to sleep in jail.

Tuffnut: Yeah. You don't see our dragon going on a rampage and wrecking stuff. Well, not any good stuff.

Hiccup: I don't think a dragon wrecked the Great Hall or stole the boots.

Astrid: None of us wants to believe it either, Hiccup, but you saw the proof.

Hiccup: What proof? You saw the footprints, too. They were supposed to be made by a Zippleback, but they were no deeper than mine. Look at these! I could lie down in them!

Fishlegs: Well, there could be a lot of explanations why a dragon made shallow footprints.

Ruffnut: Like, hello, he was trying to be sneaky?

Astrid: Alright. Well, how do you explain the Great Hall?

Hiccup: Snotlout, do something about him, please? We're trying to think over here.

Tuffnut: Yeah, I gave up thinking. Never been happier.

Hiccup: Snotlout!

Snotlout: I'm not the boss of him. He always does that when he gets angry!

Hiccup: Or goes on a rampage. That's how I can explain the Great Hall! I've got to tell my dad about this!

Hiccup: Just hear me out, Dad. When a Monstrous Nightmare gets mad, his whole body bursts into flames. Look at these walls! Not one single scorch mark.

Stoick: Hiccup, until I have solid proof that it was something else, the dragons stay where they are.

Crowd: Fire, fire!

Stoick: The armory! Grab some buckets! Toothless?

Viking Man: It was him! He set the armory on fire!

Viking Woman: How dare he?

Hiccup: Toothless?

Stoick: Every one of our weapons...gone!

Gobber: Prudence! My poor darling, I'm so sorry. You should've had a long, blood-letting life.

Mildew: She didn't have to die, Gobber. Hiccup's dragon left us utterly defenseless.

Hiccup: Dad, you know Toothless wouldn't do this.

Mildew: Sure, listen to your boy, Stoick. That's what got us into this mess! See what happens when you leave your Dragon all alone to wait outside?

Hiccup: What did you say?

Gobber: Cindy! Oh, I guess your throat-slicing days are over.

Stoick: These dragons have done too much damage. It's not longer safe to have them on Berk. I want them gone.

Hiccup: WHAT?!

Mildew: Finally!

Stoick: Round them up, and take them all to Dragon Island.

Stoick: By the end of the day tomorrow, there will be no more dragons on Berk!

Mildew: Oh, what a glorious day that will be. Party at my house!

Mildew: Don't forget, boy. Right after you drop off your dragon, you'll be fixing my roof.

Hiccup: This is wrong...

Astrid: I know, it's horrible. It's the worst day of my life...

Hiccup: No, Astrid. Something here doesn't add up.

Fishlegs: All I know is I'm losing my dragon.

Hiccup: For now, yeah. Okay, but I-I just need time to fix this.

Snotlout: What are you talking about? It's over.

Ruffnut: Forget it, it's over.

Tuffnut: Yeah, forget it.

Astrid: I'm gonna miss you...

Fishlegs: Okay, Meatlug. There's plenty of rocks if you get hungry... and don't eat any limestone. You know it doesn't agree with you.

Snotlout: Be strong, buddy. I know you're gonna miss me--

Snotlout: Okay. He's crying...he's crying on the inside!

Hiccup: I'll be back for you. I promise.

Hiccup: [On the verge of tears] No, bud! You've gotta stay here, and take care of the other dragons. It's gonna be okay, Toothless. Trust me...

Hiccup: There's something Mildew said that I can't stop thinking about....h-he said, "See what happens when you leave your dragon to wait outside?" He knew Toothless wasn't with me just before the armory fire.

Astrid: So...?

Hiccup:, he lives on the other side of the island. What was he doing in town? And how would he know where we were before the fire?

Astrid: You really think he set that fire?

Hiccup: I think he did all of it. And I think he did it so my dad would get rid of all the dragons.

Astrid: That's a pretty serious accusation. How are you gonna prove it?

Hiccup: Wife...wife...wife...

Hiccup: Hmm....well, Mildew definitely has a type. [shudders]

[Hiccup finds a pair of Zippleback foot markers and a Monstrous Nightmare claw]

Hiccup: What the...?

Mildew: I'm home, ladies!

Mildew: What's that you say...? Nothing? Perfect.

Mildew: Ah, these served us well, didn't they, Fungus? Shame we have to get rid of them.

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