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      The Isle of Berk or just Berk is the wild and windy home of the Hairy Hooligan Tribe and a myriad of different dragons. It is the setting for most of the How to Train Your Dragon book series. In the last couple of books it is uninhabited, having been razed by the fiery breath of the dragon Furious. Though the Hooligans returned at the end of How to Fight a Dragon's Fury, and it is presumed they rebuilt Berk.


Berk is one of the smallest islands in the Barbaric Archipelago. Although in maps it is usually drawn as quite large, this is likely the result of mapmakers exaggerating its size because of the political importance of the Hooligans. It is located very near to the center of the Archipelago, its nearest major neighbors being the Meathead Islands and the Isle of the Skullions.


Berk is known to be extremely cold and, above all, wet. Most of the isle is low lying and boggy, and it rains almost continuously, with the result that when on the isle one is waist deep in water more often than not. The storms are such that they have cast dolphin bones and lost ships even up onto the Highest Point.

Notable places

Death's Head Headland

This is where Hiccup and the rest of the young Vikings of both the Hooligan and Meathead tribes fight the Green Death and the Purple Death.

Unlandable Cove

Caliban Caves

The Caliban Caves are said to be huge and complex, with the deepest cave being so dark underground it usually takes months to reach with dragons. Hiccup, Fishlegs, Alvin the Treacherous, and Toothless end up in the deepest cavern of the Caliban Caves after the battle of the Lucky Thirteen. It is here that Toothless sniffs out the Treasure of Grimbeard the Ghastly inside a corridor in the cavern. Hiccup and Alvin have a swordfight until the Monstrous Strangulator (the guardian of the treasure) shows up and eats Alvin before Hiccup tricks it into killing itself.

Wild Dragon Cliff

Many wild dragons live here. So many, that this is where young Hooligan boys in the Initiation progarm go to capture wild dragons to be their hunting dragons.

Long Beach

During one night, three Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus show up on the long beach, the Green Death, the Purple Death, and one unnamed Sea-Dragon.

Hooligan Village

This is noted as the place where Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III grew up before the village was burned by the dragon Furious and the Dragon Rebellion.

Madman's Gully

Black Heart Bay

Hooligan Harbor

Little Isles

Huge Hill

Highest Point

Cowrie Beach

Puffin Point


Isle of Berk Under the Stars

Hooligans have lived on Berk ever since the day when the Great Hairybottom landed on its shores and lost his boot in the bog, declaring that there will be barbarians in the archipelago as long as his boot remains in the bog. The Hooligan National Anthem commemorates that event.

The Hooligans run a Pirate Training Program and a shorter Dragon Initiation Program on the Isle, to teach the Tribe's children topics ranging from Badd Sppeling to Frightening Foreigners. It is unclear what the Hooligans actually do for a living apart from fighting, but the abundance of fish in Hiccup's diet suggests an economic base.

Political System

Berk is an absolute monarchy, led by a chief. It is worth noting, however, that although the chief has no legal checks on his power, Hooligans are unlikely to carry out unpopular orders. The current chief was Stoick the Vast who lived in the Hooligan Village with his son, Hiccup, and his wife, Valhallarama, until the little isle's population was enslaved and removed. But after the second dragon war, Stoick and the rest of the Hooligans returned to Berk to rebuild.

Dragon Species

The Isle of Berk has quite a bit of dragon species. These include, the Common or Garden, the Basic Brown, the Deadly Nadder, the Gronckle, the Monstrous Nightmare, and the Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus.


The Berk Bog-Rose, described in How to Break a Dragon's Heart, stings like a stinging nettle and has the scent like a cowpat. Despite its less then pleasant qualities, is became one of the symbols of the Hooligan Tribe due to the fact that it grows nowhere but Berk.



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