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      The Isle of Night is the name given to an island that was supposedly filled with Night Fury dragons. Unfortunately, the island was actually a trap set by Alvin the Treacherous and Mildew. Though an island does exist, it seems to have no special properties, and there are no Night Furies on the island. All the stories of Night Furies on the island were fabricated.

Official Description

"There are no Night Furies living on this isle, it gets its name from the dark rocks and tall cliffs that keep it shrouded in perpetual darkness."
Dragons: Rise of Berk


The Isle of Night is a very barren, rocky place. Few, if any, plants grow on the island, and very few dragons are seen on it as well. It has several tall cliffs, which keep the island perpetually dark in their shadow, which is aided with the many dark rocks all over the island.


DreamWorks Dragons: The Series

Dragons: Riders of Berk

Mildew placed false notes into Bork the Bold's journal. Hiccup finds them and decides to look for this island that is supposedly full of Night Furies. Mildew also puts in information that claims that the Night Furies are very hostile and will attack other species. This convinces Hiccup to go to the island alone.

Once he arrives, he discovers that the island not only has no Night Furies, but it is also a trap set by Alvin the Treacherous.[1]

Stoick, Gobber, and the other riders then went there where they learned that it was all a trap.[2]

Dragons: Rise of Berk



Notes and References

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