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      The Isle of the Skullions is a small island located in the Barbaric Archipelago.

Official Description

"The Isle of the Skullions was a small island off the west coast of Berk that formed the shape of a skull and crossbones. It was this shape that Grimbeard had adopted for his flag and, most famously, his helmet."
Book 2
"The black cliffs in their odd pillar-like formations and the bloody bright-red earth seemed to whisper the word "Death".
All around there were crazy towers of limpet shells stacked up in piles perilously high, like so many fantastic sculptures. ...
There was no sign of life anywhere. ... There
were, however, worryingly enormous holes dotted all over the landscape"
―Book 2


The Isle of the Skullions is made up of one larger island, and one smaller island. When viewed from above, these two islands form a crude skull and crossbones shape. The soil and sand are red, giving the effect of blood.

The only dragon species that lives on the Isle of the Skullions is the blind and deaf, Skullion. It was stated that there were many small reptiles, mammals, and birds that lived on the island before the Skullions arrived. Unnable to swim, the Skullions devoured them all. Currently the island is devoid of life other than Skullions and limpets. There are, however, common plants growing on the island - ferns and heather.


How to Be a Pirate

As shown in Book 2, the Hooligans and Alvin-the-poor-but-honest-farmer traveled to the Isle of the Skullions after getting clues from the latter that Grimbeard the Ghastly's treasure was buried here. Hiccup and Fishlegs used their hunting dragons, Toothless and Horrorcow respectively to hunt for the treasure, to no avail. Toothless only found a gigantic limpet shell, while Snotlout's hunting dragon, Fireworm, found the treasure chest.

The Hooligans opened the treasure chest, and found that it was booby trapped with the chest releasing a strong scent that woke the sleeping Skullions. They then had to battle the Skullions to get off the island.

How to Break a Dragon's Heart

As mentioned in Book 8, one hundred years before the events of the How to Train Your Dragon book series, the Kingdom of the Wilderwest fell after the murder of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock II. This led to a sequence of events which included, King Grimbeard the Ghastly supposedly burying his treasure here.

How to Fight a Dragon's Fury


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