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Jorgern Barnstat was a villain mentioned in When Lightning Strikes.

DreamWorks Dragons: The Series

Dragons: Riders of Berk

When Lightning Strikes

He was a drifter who sailed into town. He stole from widows and old men. His helmet was struck by lightning while he was fixing the mast on his ship for his escape, as punishment from Thor. The lightning bolt set the Berk Fleet on fire. He was sent out to sea, and the village hadn't been struck by lightning again until Gobber and Stoick mentioned him again. Thinking Thor was mad at Berk for housing Toothless, Mildew and much of the village attempted to ship Hiccup's dragon off in the same major they had Jorgern.


  • The words 'shipped him out to sea' are used.
    • This means that either they sent his corpse adrift or that he had survived the accident and was exiled from Berk.
      • This vagueness makes it impossible to know whether he is alive or dead.

Notes and References

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