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"Then, almost delirious through lack of food, I smelled sulfur. Then followed the natural vent, all the way up to the Jotun Hot Springs"
Arngrim Dammen on one of his escapades[src]

      The Jotun Hot Springs is a location seen in the Dragons: Riders of Berk Comic, "The Ice Castle", and is located in the Northlands.


The Jotun Hot Springs are located near the volcano, Utgard-Loki, which is presumably the source of the springs' geothermal heat. These springs also contain alot of sulfur.


Dragons: Rise of Berk Comics

In "The Ice Castle", Arngrim Dammen mentions the Jotun Hot Springs when boasting about his escapades to the Hairy Hooligans.


  • The Jotunn are a god-like race of giants in Norse Mythology.

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