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Kessler was a little boy with bright red hair and pitch black eyes, mentioned in Bad Moon Rising.

Physical Appearance

As a human, Kessler was described to have red hair and extremely black eyes. According to legend, he became a red dragon that had black eyes, a splitting image of himself as a dragon.


Some time before the dragon riders were formed, there was a boy named Kessler. He was described to be extremely mischievous. One night, he disobeyed his parents and headed out to the forest. He could not be found after many days, only a scream could be heard from the forest. He never returned. However, every year, on his birthday, a dragon that resembled him would steal livestock from his parent's house. They believed that this dragon was indeed Kessler, who morphed into a dragon after being bitten by a Lycanwing. This gave rise to the myth about the Lycanwing.


  • Bad Moon Rising (mentioned)

Dragons: Race to the Edge

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 2

Bad Moon Rising

"His name . . . was KESSLER! He was a weird kid. Bright red hair. Eyes as black as night. And naughty as a Nadder in a chicken coop. One night, little Kessler, against his parents' wishes, went exploring in the forest. Days went by, no sign of him, only a far away scream coming from the woods. The little bugger never returned . . . or did he?!? Every year from then on, when little Kessler's birthday rolled around, a red, black eyed dragon would fly over his parent's house, and pluck one of their sheep right out of the paddock. It would look back, taunting them."
Gobber the Belch[src]

Kessler was mentioned in the episode Bad Moon Rising by Gobber when he recounted his story to Tuffnut, who suspected that he was bitten by a Lycanwing.

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