Krogan is a member of Drago Bludvist's army and a bounty hunter who attended Viggo Grimborn's Dragon Auction. He later captured Hiccup and took him to Ryker to collect a bounty placed by Viggo.

Physical Appearance

Krogan has dark, olive toned skin, black hair and goatee. He's rather thin for a Viking, but has a muscular upper body. He's usually partially hiding his face in the hood of his cloak.


Krogan is very quiet, and seems to prefer observing than joining in the commotion. Most of his actions are overly dramatized, suggesting he's well disciplined and might have a gift for performing. Although an antagonist, he also seems to be honest, and expects others to be so as well.

Abilities, Skills and Talents

  • Agility: Krogan can make high leaps to attack and evade enemy attack.
  • Combat: Krogan is a highly skilled combatant, able to use his axe and fists to fight and defeat Throk and multiple Dragon Hunters. He also uses a long chain to capture and restrain Hiccup.
  • Stealth: Krogan is able to escape the Dragon Riders unnoticed.


Participating in the Dragon Auction

In "Last Auction Heroes", Krogan is sent to buy dragons from the Dragon Hunters's Chieftain Viggo Grimborn's Dragon Auction. He came very close to buying Hiccup's Night Fury, Toothless, even handing Viggo a pouch of gold. However, he took back his gold and walked away in disgust without the Night Fury when Berk's dragon riders, along with Gobber, caused a panic by freeing the auction's dragons.

Hunting the Bounty

Krogan appears again in "Midnight Scrum", where he knocks out Throk with a blow dart after a difficult fight and captures Hiccup in an attempt to get the bounty placed on him by Viggo Grimborn. But upon bringing Hiccup to Ryker Grimborn on an island, he is betrayed and ambushed by several Dragon Hunters, whom he manages to defeat. Later, Krogan attacks Hiccup, who had escaped during the ambush, stating that he would take him to Viggo himself to get the bounty. During their fight, Hiccup removes his mask and recognizes him as the same man who attempted to buy Toothless at Viggo's Dragon Auction, much to Hiccup's anger. Eventually, they both end up hanging off the end of a cliff, and Krogan grabs onto Hiccup's prosthetic leg and begs Hiccup to pull him up. However, much to his shock, Hiccup, still angry at him for attempting to buy Toothless, instead unties his prosthetic leg and sends Krogan, and the prosthetic, falling to his apparent death.

However, after the Dragon Riders rescue Hiccup, Ryker attempts to throw a dagger at him, only for Krogan, who is revealed to have survived his fall, to throw Hiccup's prosthetic leg, hitting Ryker in the head and knocking him out. Choosing not to hassle with Hiccup and the Riders further, Krogan snickers, leaps from the edge of the same cliff, and escapes without a trace.


  • Krogan is the first of Hiccup's human enemies that he attempted to kill on purpose.
    • He is also the first character in the TV series that might work for a villain introduced in the films, Drago Bludvist.[citation needed]
  • Before his name was revealed, many fans believed that he was Eret's father due to the similarities between them.
  • The mark on his belt buckle and the shape of his pin is what identified him as a member of Drago's army, as it is one of the dragon weapon marks that are seen on some of the sails of his armada.


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