The Lead Stinger (also known as Lead Speed Stinger, the Alpha Stinger, Alpha Speed Stinger, or the Speed Stinger Chief) is the leader of the entire Speed Stinger pack.

Appearance and Personality

As the leader, he is slightly bigger than the rest of the pack. He has a red crest and red wings instead of a green one like his followers. While his followers are plain green, the Lead Stinger has dark red stripes on his body, limbs, and tail.

As the leader he stays in the front of the pack like most leaders will do. He was shown to be very aggressive when compared to his pack. He shows very little fear in the face of much larger flying dragons, his fighting abilities and speed are very impressive to try to take on Night Fury like Toothless.

When found sleeping in the cave in Frozen, the Lead Stinger slept curled around a stalagtite as if it were a place of honor. All the other stingers huddled on the cave floor and against the cave walls.

When Speedy stung three of his fellow pack members in defense of the Dragon Riders who nursed his injured leg in The Next Big Sting, he sent them to the ground, paralyzed. The Lead Singer appeared shocked and angry at the younger stinger's rebellion in attacking his own kind.

Abilities and Weapons

Like all Speed Stingers, the Lead Stinger is a very fast runner and can jump very high, being able to sting Snotlout, while he is in the air on Hookfang. Like all Speed Stingers, he can paralyze other creatures by stinging them with his tail. He shown his strength to get out of Hiccup's net easily. He commands the pack and they always follow is command(with the exception of Speedy). His leadership is shown to be very effective, as he managed to convince his pack to jump over the fire, even though they were afraid of it.

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