Leopold is a Terrible Terror owned by Harald Forkbeard. He is, so far, only seen in the expansion packs of School of Dragons, specifically "Battle for the Edge", "Return to Dragon Island", and "Rise of Stormheart".


Battle for the Edge

Return to Dragon Island

Rise of Stormheart

Though Leopold does not interact with the player in "Rise of Stormheart", Harald professes that Leopold is the only other creature that he cares for other than himself. This realization helps Harald decide to help the player and the Dragon Riders by telling them where Nikora Stormheart keeps her stash of Grimora venom. In exchange, he wants the player to make Leopold some armor to protect him.


Leopold appears similar to a normal Terrible Terror. He is purple in color with reddish-brown spines on his back and tail. He has two black horns on his head and his eyes are a bright orange in color.



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