The Lesser-Spotted Squirrelserpent appeared twice in A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons — both times as a distraction, once to Hiccup and once to a Stealth Dragon.

Physical Appearance

No description or picture is given of the Lesser-Spotted Squirrelserpent. Instead the Book details the Shortwing Squirrelserpent. We might assume that these two Squirrelserpents are similar in appearance, except perhaps the Lesser-Spotted Squirrelserpents is a tad smaller ("lesser") and spotted.

Because the Shortwing Squirrelserpent is classified as a Tree Dragon, and because of the 'Squirrel' portion of its name, we might assume the Lesser-Spotted Squirrelserpent is also a Tree Dragon.


A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons

"The Lesser-spotted Squirrelserpent" Hiccup said to himself. . . . Hiccup was so busy with this thought and with watching the Lesser-Spotted Squirrelserpent wheeling through the air in a lazy arc, that he lost his concentration, and his foot slipped on the crumbly edge of the window.
  A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons  

In turn, the Stealth Dragon who was supposed to get Hiccup from the window was likewise distracted by the same Squirrelserpent.

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