For a variety of reasons, scenes are deleted from movies. Whatever that reason, the scene was good enough to advance from the writers to the actors to the cameras. At many times, these scenes give a more detailed exposition of a plot point. The following is a list of the deleted scenes from the movies and special:

How to Train Your Dragon

Axe To Grind

Takes place after Stoick tells him that he's not a dragon killer. It shows Hiccup working in Gobber's blacksmith shop, talking with Gobber about his relationship with his father then Gobber changes the subject and teases Hiccup about his crush on Astrid. Astrid then arrives to have her axe sharpened and Hiccup shows her some of his designs and ideas for weapons.

Goodbye At The Docks

Hiccup sees his father off prior to going to dragon training. Their mutual awkwardness lands Gobber as an interpreter.


Takes place before Stoick speaks with Gobber about Hiccup's new popularity. Stoick is worried that they won't have enough food for the winter and how two ships were lost in the fog.

Gift of the Night Fury

Alternate Yak Nog

The scene begins with Hiccup sitting on a bluff, mulling over how to help Toothless, who is unable to fly by himself. As he watches Toothless sit at the other side of the cliff, Astrid approaches him and cheers him up with a goblet of Yaknog. As he receives the goblet, Astrid sits down beside him. The former remarks that he should be blamed for rendering Toothless unable to fly. He takes a sip of Yaknog and is evidently alarmed. He holds the drink in his mouth, struggling to swallow it but out of courtesy, refuses to spit it out. Astrid yammers on, claiming that the other Riders were jealous and advises him to cheer Toothless up by giving him a gift. Hiccup considers it, glancing at his dragon who is still looking forlornly over the ocean. Astrid punches him lightly and leaves. Hiccup immediately spits the yak of out and wipes his tongue with a clump of grass. Toothless hops over and begins eating the leftover Yaknog on the ground, enjoying it. Hiccup groans in disgust, though his eyes wander to his dragon's tail.

Bad Dream

This sequence takes place in between the scene where Toothless leaves Hiccup and when Hiccup wakes up the next day. It starts with Toothless soaring solo with his new auto-tail fin, far off the borders of Berk. Hiccup watches him at a distance and with a shaky breath, calls out his name. Almost immediately, the dragon returns but as Hiccup reaches out, Toothless disintegrates into a wisp of air. Hiccup looks down at the ground, only to realise that it is hovering over the ocean and is about to fall. Instantly, Hiccup wakes up from his bad dream.

This scene was cut out due to time.

Missing Toe

The scene begins with Hiccup walking through the village, when Astrid suddenly steps up and punches him. She remarks that he had stepped under the "missing toe" (mistletoe). She reveals a severed toe dangling by a string above him. Snotlout and the twins arrive, the former remarking that it was a stupid new tradition Astrid had came up with. The twins, sporting black eyes and bruises from Astrid's punches, explain the rules -- step under the missing toe and get punched in the face. Bitterly, Hiccup mutters that it isn't a 'classic tradition', while Snotlout claims it's better than Yaknog. And Astrid asks if they wanted more. Hiccup quickly leaves, and the scene continues with the present one where he bumps into Fishlegs.

Letting Go

Gobber approaches Stoick, who is busy clearing a flock of sheep by tossing them back into their pen. The chief cheerfully asks if Gobber wanted to lend him a 'hand', seemingly pleased at his pun. The other Viking simply shrugs it off, remarking that he probably spent the whole day thinking about that joke and that Stoick was lucky that he could spare his one hand to help. Gobber then casually recounts that Hiccup had nearly lost the former's good arm on a bucking Gronckle and had taken off.

Enraged, Stoick yells that he had disobeyed his orders not to go after the dragons. Gobber questions if he was really upset merely because of Hiccup's little rebellion or if there was something deeper. The other Viking insists otherwise. With his well-known parenting advice, Gobber reminds Stoick that even though Hiccup was becoming his own man, it does not mean that he was no longer his son. Stoick tosses the last of his sheep and hesitates, before confessing that he hoped that running the village was something they could do together.

How to Train Your Dragon 2


Takes place before the beginning of the film. It shows Valka, Cloudjumper, and her Bewilderbeast rescuing dragons from Eret, Son of Eret's fort. It shows the attack in which Hiccup and Astrid investigate later on.

The Outhouse Scene

This scene shows Fishlegs and Snotlout presenting Ruffnut gifts such as a Terrible Terror and commenting on her sixth toe, much to Tuffnut's amusement.

Eret vs. Hiccup

Hiccup attempts to show Eret how he will convince Drago and change his mind about dragons. Takes place before Hiccup is "rescued" by Snotlout and Hookfang.

Extended 'Itchy Armpit'

In the extended version of 'Itchy Armpit', Astrid hugs Hiccup from behind and they cuddle.

Alternate Impersonation 

An alternate version of the 'Itchy Armpit' scene animated by Jacob Jensen. 

Momma's Boy

An extended version of Hiccup training with Valka, where there is a scene in which Valka tries using Stormcutter (Cloudjumper's) saliva to power his dragon blade, which proved to be a little too powerful for Hiccup's taste.

Stoick's Funeral

An extended version of Stoick's funeral where Astrid comforts Hiccup.